5 Great Ways To Support Your Staff At Work


In recent years, employee health and wellbeing has come to the forefront of HR topics — and it is easy to see why. Studies show that a supported, healthy workforce is more effective, productive, and fulfilled in their role.

Employee happiness and satisfaction is not only an important issue in terms of their own wellbeing, it is also an investment in your business; this is because happy and healthy staff are more likely to be retained in their role and perform well at their jobs.

But what is the best way to support them? If you are a business owner or manager keen to ensure that those under your guidance are happy, healthy, and supported then you are at the right place.

We have compiled a list of five simple but highly effective tips on how best to support your staff in the workplace.


  1. Invest In Education

A great way to ensure that you have a competent and effective workforce is to invest in their education; identify any training that is relevant and helpful and invest in their receiving it. This will not only greatly improve performance and effectiveness, but it can also have a powerful, positive impact on the employee themselves.

Education and training improves confidence, self-esteem, and even company loyalty. If your employees can see you are investing in their success and wellbeing, they will in turn return the favour to your company!


  1. Start With The ‘Why’

Studies show that a lack of purpose can be hugely detrimental to job satisfaction and overall wellbeing. Tasks that feel meaningless or have no clear direction can be exhausting because it becomes impossible to motivate oneself or to see how it benefits the bigger picture.

A great way to combat this — and supercharge your workforce’s productivity — is to start with ‘why’. Why have they been set a certain task and how will it be beneficial? You may also wish to articulate what might be the drawbacks of the company not achieving certain goals or targets.

Employees are far more willing to undertake a task — even those that are tedious, complex, or time-consuming — if they know why they are doing it and how it will help.

Involving your team in your goals and aims also creates a more equal and collaborative atmosphere, which is beneficial to employee wellbeing.


  1. Offer Challenges And Opportunities

Challenges and opportunities can be key in creating a work environment that feels both exciting and rewarding. Committed employees need to feel both challenged and acknowledged for their contribution. Create constant opportunities for this and watch employee engagement soar as a result.

Also consider ways that you can reward excellent performance and continue to praise, support, and acknowledge the contributions of your team members.


  1. Make Safety Paramount

There has been an increase in the emphasis on workplace safety in recent years. It now extends beyond the purely physical and into the psychological and emotional too. A safe workplace helps your team to feel valued, supported, and secure. This minimises distractions and allows them to focus on more important and creative tasks.

Consider the ways that you can make your workplace safer — both physically and emotionally. Ensure, for example, that team members are trained in first aid including mental health first aid, and that there are safe opportunities to raise their questions and concerns.

For more tangible safety concerns, consider hiring a compliance expert to ensure that you are fully up to code with all the procedures and protocols that are relevant to your industry.

Additionally, employment law is changing in 2022, and it is important to remain up to date.


  1. Create An Open Dialogue

The most satisfied and productive employees need to feel both seen and heard. It is important to ensure that there are procedures in place to support this.

Regular check-ins with staff members to discuss employee goals and progress, as well as opportunities to raise any questions or concerns, are a must.

You may also wish to put in place a way for employees to share concerns and ideas anonymously so that they can feel safe to be completely honest.

Always try to listen to employee feedback and make sensible adjustments that you feel will support them. The business will benefit from employees who feel satisfied, valued, and supported.


BONUS TIP: Emphasise Work-Life Balance

It is natural for employers to want their team to perform well and invest energy in their business — but it is important that this never overshadows their work-life balance. Ensure that your team can rest, unwind, and reconnect with their home lives on a regular basis.

As a result, they will return to work feeling positive, refreshed, and productive!


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