Why Your Blog Needs Marketing On YouTube?


Bloggers spend a lot of time to create content on their blog, when it comes to marketing, we concentrate more on social media marketing, blogger communities, forums and blog commenting, I don’t deny these are not important.

But 90 % of the bloggers are depended on above platforms to get traffic, here competition is very high, if you want to bypass all these 90% bloggers then your blog needs marketing on YouTube, along with your regular marketing strategy.

Have you ever observed how many bloggers are using YouTube for marketing their blog?

Don’t know, I too,

Recently I started counting those bloggers who are actively promoting their blog on YouTube; interestingly some bloggers are using YouTube effectively.

For Example

Mrs. Ileane smith
Mr.Harsh Agarwal
Mr. Amith Agarwal
Mr Pat Flynn

All the above bloggers main focus is on blogging not on Vlogging, but they use YouTube effectively to promote their blog.

Today I am going to share why our blog needs YouTube Presence.

Why Your Blog Needs Marketing On YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine used by a lot of users after Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines occupies the next place after YouTube.

Daily one billion users’ watch YouTube, 4 billion views per day and 1 billion views from mobile, these are rough statistics as on March 2015.

After looking at this statistics, we can imagine the potentiality of the YouTube and what we are missing if we ignore our blog marketing on YouTube.

Here I am going to share some other advantages with YouTube.

Website Traffic

Getting ranked on first page of Google search engine takes time because here a lot of factors are involved to reach first page, if you are able to make a YouTube video about some keyword then getting ranked is very easy on YouTube.

We can add our blog post link in the description of the videos to get referral traffic from YouTube; we can even ask our viewers to visit our blog for more information.

YouTube allows you to associate a website with your channel and gives some privileges to add annotations and cards (call to action info) to promote our blog.

If we use all these features effectively then we can get some decent traffic to our blog from YouTube.

Here is a social media examiner article about 3 Ways to Use YouTube To Drive Traffic

YouTube Is Google Search Engine Friendly

We all know YouTube is owned by Google, whenever we upload a video on YouTube it is immediately indexed in Google Search Engine, here having a support video to our blog post will increase its weight on search engine rankings.

Google couple of months back dropped its authorship advantage in search engine results, because of this reason; now web search engine results are not showing any YouTube video in search results, previously we use to get min 2 suggested YouTube videos on web search results.

We can’t imagine what happens in future, but having a channel on YouTube really improves our visibility on Google search engine rankings.

Improves Brand Reputation & Trust

Visibility improves trust, when a reader comes to our blog they read our article and go, here we cannot establish our brand reputation immediately, if the same visitor comes to our YouTube channel and watches one or two videos then he can easily remember our brand.

A video is more powerful medium than text if we want increase our brand reputation and trust then it is mandatory to have a presence on YouTube.

People Love Explanatory and How To Videos

As a blogger sometimes we come across writing explanatory or how to information on particular subjects.

For Example

How to configure SEO Yoast plug-in on WordPress?

Writing an article on this topic and adding explanatory video will help visitors to understand better about the subject.

Coming to me, if I want to add anything to my WordPress blog, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube before implementing it on my blog; these videos will help a lot to understand things very easily.

Like me, there are so many people who like to watch explanatory or how to videos.

So, whenever you get a chance to write an explanatory article, then don’t forget to add a video to it.

YouTube Allows Monetization

Another great advantage to bloggers, all our hard work to make videos will add extra income to our Adsense account.

If you have an approved Adsense account then we can easily assign that account to our YouTube channel to earn money from our videos.

Once you accumulate some good number of videos then we can easily generate decent money from our YouTube videos, a lot of Vloggers are earning money through their videos.

Treat YouTube As Social Media

We should consider YouTube as social media; here we can implement same social media strategy to improve our subscriptions, and views.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook users are engaging more with video content, associating with other YouTube channel people will improve our audience across the globe. You can also buy youtube accounts in bulk for video marketing.

Once we start taking initiative considering YouTube as social media then we can change our perspective towards this platform.


I hope this article on “why our blog needs marketing on YouTube” has given required information to you, if you want to share your thoughts and opinions then don’t forget to drop your comments.


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