Why Women’s Bathrooms Should Have a Feminine Hygiene Bin

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The growing number of women in male-dominated workplaces has increased the call for thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to unique feminine needs. This call includes public and office bathrooms, which must offer safety and privacy, especially when women need comfort and support the most: during their menstrual cycle. This is where the inevitable role of the feminine hygiene bin comes in.

Feminine hygiene pods in office bathrooms are an emerging trend that every organisation should hop aboard. Current guidelines in bathroom regulations often prioritise only the familiar and most common washroom items and amenities, such as toilet rolls and dispensers, soap dispensers, quality air ventilation systems, and hand drying equipment. 

These provisions are compliant with waste disposal regulations, which differ according to regional laws. Organisations are encouraged to provide suitable waste disposal systems in bathrooms. Whilst companies rarely fail to follow these common practices, many set aside the idea of feminine sanitary bins and just treat them as extra, unnecessary costs.

One of the reasons that companies underestimate the importance of feminine hygiene bins is the lack of education. With the lack of knowledge about their unique features and functions, organisations tend to dismiss them as extraneous wants rather than essential needs. 

This article will try to change that by exploring the definition, uses, and benefits of installing feminine hygiene disposal pods in washrooms.

What is a feminine hygiene bin and what makes it different from a regular trash can?

Feminine hygiene bins are specialised receptacles that provide women with a hygienic and discreet way to dispose of their sanitary waste. These include the disposal of feminine pads, tampons, and other used hygiene units. 

Their design makes them a better alternative to traditional trash bins because they feature antibacterial technologies and motion sensors for a convenient and no-touch solution.

Additionally, these sealed containers prevent the spread of unpleasant odours and disease-causing pathogens.

What are the benefits of having a feminine hygiene bin in workplace bathrooms?

Why should your organisation invest in and install feminine sanitary bins in workplace washrooms? The benefits of these specialised trash bins can answer this question.

Feminine hygiene bins are designed to be simple, compact, and convenient.

As an alternative to traditional trash bins, feminine hygiene bins can fit in modern bathrooms easily. They also provide a cleaner and easy-to-use method of safely disposing of sanitary dressings and feminine pads. 

These compact and portable pods are wall mounted. Their portability allows strategic placement in areas where they are needed the most. Regardless of layout or space, you can incorporate them in any bathroom size, style, or shape.

Sanitary hygiene bins are designed using the latest in motion-sensing technology.

These bathroom bins are not your regular trash bins; they feature the latest technology, including sensors that enable a touch-free operation. Gone are the days when you must manually open a trash lid and risk contact with dirty and pathogen-filled wastes. These modern bins for women’s bathrooms automatically open and close as soon as the lid detects motion.

Feminine hygiene receptacles are designed with a unique opening.

The lids are unlike any other bin lid. Rather than a lid that lifts and covers, feminine hygiene receptacles have covers that slide up and down to seal the bin content. 

This design prevents the exposure of unsightly surfaces, especially for almost-full sanitary waste bins. This mechanism prevents the possibility of overflowing and improper waste stacking. The sealing feature also ensures that odours and nasty smells won’t escape.

Using feminine sanitary bins eliminates plumbing issues caused by blockages.

The unavailability of proper disposable bins sometimes drives women to do the unacceptable: flush their sanitary dressing or feminine pads down the toilet. Pads, tampons, and other feminine dressings won’t decompose and will likely get stuck in the plumbing. The resulting collection of these blockages can cause problems in the long run. 

Aside from the expensive cost of plumbing callouts, the temporary closure of women’s bathrooms can indirectly affect your company’s everyday operations.

Feminine sanitary bins are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Leading feminine sanitary bin providers use environmentally friendly materials when manufacturing their hygiene bins. They use durable and fully recyclable materials, especially when it comes to their biodegradable liners. 

Installing sanitary bins helps you hit two objectives in one go: champion sustainability in the workplace and provide safe and clean private spaces for women employees. 

Feminine disposal units provide companies with effective waste disposal management.

You can incorporate feminine disposal units as an addition to a more effective waste disposal management practice. You will also save money as these bins won’t require you to hire third-party companies for hygiene management.

Your existing cleaning team can operate, empty, and clean the bins easily without the risks of contact with bacteria-rich waste

Sanitary bins can be personalised according to your brand.

Sanitary bin pods can easily be personalised. You can incorporate these items into your brand. Sanitary pods offered by SaniPod, for instance, are known for accommodating features and customisable designs.

The freedom to style sanitary bins allows a good branding opportunity for emerging start-ups and established businesses. These options include adding decals, custom images, text, and icons, to name a few.

Providing female hygiene bins shows employees that their company cares about their well-being.

Establishing a nurturing work culture also includes providing employees with an environment where they feel valued. Actions companies can take to achieve this include investing in resources, such as the much-needed female hygiene bin in all women’s restrooms or unisex restrooms in your building. 

The effort will make workers feel that the company values them and listens to their needs. 

These actions can make a happy and content member of the organisation, who can be productive and motivated to be at their best, knowing that they are supported. 

Clean women’s washrooms reflect your company’s management practices

Clean workplace bathrooms are an indication of a company’s management practices. How clean, organised, and well-maintained these spaces are, directly reflects the attitude and attention of employers towards the growth and well-being of their employees. 

The same actions can also promote awareness to encourage them to extend the same practices outside work.

Clean washrooms for women are more than just a place where they can freshen up and relax. These clean, warmly lit, and fresh-smelling areas also serve as safe spaces where they can be vulnerable, knowing they have the privacy and warmth that these places provide. 

Good waste disposal management ensures that they can keep these spaces safe, clean, and comfortable.

On the other hand, poor waste disposal management creates risks for women employees every day. Studies have proven that billions of bacteria are present in a single gram of untreated waste items. Infectious diseases are potentially lurking in untreated trash bins. 

Proper management and specialised feminine hygiene bins that feature disinfecting liners and antibacterial materials can reduce, or even eliminate, the presence of these harmful pathogens.

Take that first step towards responsible waste management in the workplace today!

Given the benefits of installing feminine hygiene bins in your workplace, there’s no denying that these receptacles will transform your waste disposal management practices, creating a good impression for guests and clients and expressing your care toward female employees. 

Incorporating more responsible and sustainable waste management practices, especially regarding feminine sanitary waste disposal, is a must for every organisation. 

You can start today by finding reliable feminine hygiene bins and services in line with your vision and company culture.


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