Why Should You Install A Mobile Patrol Application?


There is always a risk of theft, burglary, break-in, or security breach at the worksite or residential area or any other place like airport, hotels, or industrial area. Security guards are employed at these spots but there can be carelessness on their part leading to violation of security. That’s why many companies have started using mobile patrol app for additional protection.

A mobile patrol app is a security application wherein you can check the security of your workplace or home or other important places. It helps to detect the position and trail of a security guard and if there is any alert set off by the guard, then you will know the exact place where there is a security breach and send the help for the same. You can get a mobile patrol app for iPhone which will help you detect any suspicious activity at the site. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of installing a mobile patrol application.

  1. Gives more security

Security guards can cover only a limited area of the site they are guarding. They cannot look for every spot as some places will remain unguarded when the guard is patrolling at other spots. In this case, a mobile patrol app comes to the rescue. It provides more security because if a guard finds something suspicious or any breach in security then he/she can immediately send the alert and the owner can take proper action to remedy the breach.

  1. Instant response

If there is any security violation at the site, then it may take time for the guard to inform the authorities. Sometimes, the guard can be in danger too. The mobile patrol app helps in taking instant action for the breach. The guard sends the alert via the app and can report the incidents through pictures or text messages. This helps the authorities to take necessary action. Also, if the guard’s movement or position seems doubtful, you can take the required steps for the same. There is no wastage of time and proper action is taken quickly.

  1. Cost-effective

Mobile patrol app can be downloaded for free from the app store or play store. You do not need to invest hugely in the top and advanced security systems. The mobile patrol app is equally efficient. The GPS tracking system tracks the route of the security guard and if something suspicious happens, necessary action can be taken. Therefore, it saves you huge costs.

  1. Training and attendance

The patrol apps also help to keep records of security guard’s attendance. The check-in and check-out time is recorded with help of the app. This helps in processing accurate payroll for the guards. The reports can be generated and acts as proof. If a guard misses the checkpoints and is taking the wrong trail, then these issues can be addressed, and additional training can be provided to the guards.

You can download a mobile patrol free app from the internet or application store. These apps are quite useful in keeping surveillance on residential buildings, hospitals, airports, government sites, or hotels. The quick and efficient response of these security apps helps to keep your area or site protected and secure.


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