Why Laravel PoS System is Necessary for Merchant?

PoS System

Laravel Point of sale or PoS system is not just for the calculation of the amount to be paid by customers to the seller in terms of exchanging any product or services, even its more than that. Point of sale facilitates the seller to properly manage their online store as well as a physical store at the same time.

The assigned store agent on an outlet will have a POS front-end management system through which they can easily manage the daily sales along with their respective customer in an appropriate way.

Laravel POS extension can work on both the basis online and offline with the feature to synchronize all the daily sales and customer data of the offline store with the online store whenever going online.

Point of sale terminal software also includes most important features like inventory management, daily sales tracking, ease of payment, physical store management, and CRM.

Growth Rate of Point of Sale

The increase in technology for providing a secured payment solution is due to rising market demand for mobile POS and wireless technologies.

A report by Grand View Research shows that the global POS System market size is predicted to be $116.06 billion by 2025, demonstrating a 9.9% CAGR for the study period.

A good Point of Sale system includes a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, and a barcode scanner and debit/credit card, reader.

For successfully achieving your goal it’s necessary to choose the best programming language which fulfils your requirements of Point of Sale. POS system is everything for any retail business, it will help in increase in the sales. Also, cut down your cost and make your business more efficient by generating revenue.

Technologies Used to build in Point of Sale

Magento POS although it’s a well designed platform, for those who are new to eCommerce and need an easy to use the platform somehow it’s difficult. It takes a long time of the user to understand how to use that. Even it’s costlier than the other Point of Sale system available in Market.

WooCommerce POS is one of the good POS systems. But it is tightly linked with WordPress and cannot be used without it.

All of the above platforms are outstanding e-commerce options that offer similar options. Your choice will depend on what you want out of your POS system.

Why should we use Laravel?

Laravel is always the best choice whenever we are talking about any eCommerce and of course, it’s an open source framework based on PHP used for constructing Laravel mobile app or web app and is famous for its impressive accessibility and robust features.

It has a built-in tool which is as called Artisan, which allows the user to perform lengthy programming tasks always really quickly.

benefits of using laravel

Laravel eCommerce Point of Sale

Some exceptional features of Laravel like durability, convenient, and reliable support which attracts many industries and developers towards Laravel.

Built on MVC architecture, Laravel offers integrity to make every light concept automated in any project. It has also paved the way in the creation of true Laravel eCommerce framework like Bagisto

Bagisto is an eCommerce platform built on top of Laravel and Vue.js by Webkul. Its an ecosystem designed for all to build and scale your business. It’s a free and open-source framework has an important feature like multi-store Inventory.

Inventory split is one of the key feature of Point Of Sale system.

A Point of Sale (POS) is a place where the consumer completes the payment for products and services. It is the spot where the retail transaction concludes.

According to the survey, 46% of companies spend less than $1500 per year. POS Terminals Market will reach Worth $116.06 Billion By 2025.

Some Point of Sale system is often called the “Retail Management System”. Point of Sale comes with functionality such as inventory management, supplier record, and issue of sale orders.

Although it is known as, “POS system” rather than “Retail Management System”.

Why it’s Important to move Towards Point of Sale System?

Choosing of POS system for your business plays an important role. The data you will get from your POS about your inventory, your sale, your customers these all can help you in making business decisions. Once your sales are computerized, that will leads your business more organized and accurate.

One of the typical work for any retail and hospitality business to properly maintain your cash register. Every sale transaction is important for any business and if you have a lot of cash transaction it’s very difficult to maintain it.

Now you can replace your old register with POS that will save your money, your time and will give you accurate data about your daily sales. The POS system is computer software connected with hardware.


It’s not necessary that the sales guy always remember each item cost and punching the exact numbers, scanning of an item will give the more accuracy.


POS system will help the sales guy not to do a recheck of inventory physically and other repetitive paperwork. POS system will give all the data related to inventory in a system which leads an increase in the efficiency of your staff.

Customer Satisfaction

POS system reduces the time and speeds up the checkout process with the barcode scanner. Sales guy can complete their order easily and quickly. POS system will collect your customer data, seller can use this data to recognize your best customers and give them extra benefits.


POS system will give all the data about the inventory, sale, customer, and cash or card transaction. This will help you to easily analyze the growth of your business and you can take strategic business decisions.

What are the key factors for Laravel POS?

At the Point of Sale (POS), customer purchases the goods and services. Later on, the retailer prepares an invoice for the purchase and provides an option to make the payment.

After the complete transaction, the retailer provides the receipt to the consumer for the purchased goods.

Nowadays, we can see the different example of Point of Sale (POS) around us. A POS is the combination of the POS software and a POS terminal that provides services like handling transactions, inventory management, and customer loyalty programs.

Point of Sale terminal is also relevant for the offline retail shops which handle all the retail transaction. We can see a different example of POS near us.

Retail POS:

A Retail POS system includes a computer monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and debit/credit card reader to manage the cash register. In a retail business, the POS system handles sales.

The retail point of sale System handles other functions like inventory control, purchasing, receiving and transferring products from other locations.

Restaurant POS:

A Restaurant POS system basically helps the operators to prepare the orders and maintain the payment control for his business. Restaurant POS manages stock control, reporting & analytics, and customer relationship management.

Grocery POS:

Grocery store POS system helps the merchants to maintain the record of the goods, payments, and keep the employee record.

It includes the computer system and software that tracks transactions, credit/debit card readers, and other peripheral devices like a cash drawer.

With it, a retailer can track and manage all records of the customer including the goods as purchased by him.

Fashion POS:

Fashion store POS helps the retailers to hold down the inventories, customers, order, and payment. A fashion POS provides the convenience to integrate the online payment, E-wallets, and credit/ debit card.

A retailer can manage employee record, product record and can update the products.

Salon POS:

A Salon POS system assists the shopkeepers to manage the appointment, inventory, buying beauty products, online booking & payroll, and commission management.

Offline POS:

Nowadays eCommerce is not limited to online selling only. It also covers offline selling as well. In this scenario, POS plays a very crucial role.

The Offline POS machine works on the offline cache. An Offline POS facilitate cross-channel purchase, promotions, returns, and marketing.

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