Why do you have a bobblehead doll?


There are many reasons why customers buy bobblehead dolls themselves. So don’t worry too much about asking the question of how to get it. We don’t think you’re weird or weird. In fact, we think you are great. Because we need to evaluate the products we spend the entire life of our work creating. Obtaining a custom bobblehead doll is very easy and anyone can do it by following the step-by-step guide below. Don’t worry if you run into or worry about obstacles. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the entire process if you get stuck.

Why do you have a bobblehead doll?

People order their own custom bobblehead dolls as it is a fun product that will surely bring a smile. Perfect for amateur sports teams who want to celebrate the success of the season, and for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to enjoy the office. Some people decide to get a bobblehead doll for hundreds of other reasons. The items are designed to last a long time and will look great over the years to come.

How to get a bobblehead doll?

If you want to get a personalized bobblehead doll for yourself or someone else from our website. You need to follow the steps described below.

Design the head

Before doing anything else; you need to click on the corresponding page on our website to start making some choices. First of all, you can choose your body shape from the abundant galleries. Next, before uploading the three images, you need to select hair, complexion, eyes, or other options on the order form (some people may call them mugshots). You need a profile picture of your face with your head facing left from the front. , Then on the right side. The bobblehead doll will start working as soon as it is removed. It doesn’t take long to complete the article.

If you would like to know more about our designs and the results we can achieve, please visit some of the products currently posted on our website.

Pass the test

We are 100% committed to making sure you are satisfied with the custom bobblehead dolls we create. We also know that if you are using for the first time, you may make a mistake in selecting an option. Therefore, we will not send your design to production until you are satisfied with the green light. We will contact you approximately 9 days after your order and provide you with a link to the interactive dashboard. You can see evidence of the design and contact our team if you want to make changes or corrections before proceeding.

Manufacturing and shipping

Once you approve the proof you sent (in some cases, we may want you to make changes that may increase production time), we will start making bobblehead dolls. You will provide us with shipping details, and we will ship the item to your address in secure packaging. Normal shipping takes 3-4 weeks, but don’t feel stressed. There are also some express delivery options for those who need the product quickly. In some cases, we may be able to ship the item within 5 days.

We use only the best and most reliable courier services to ensure that your custom bobblehead doll can move from A to B in perfect condition, and you will always get satisfactory results. At the moment I am using DHL / FedEx. This means that the customer must receive the order 3-5 days after the package is shipped. You get a tracking number from us so you can track the progress of your delivery and make sure someone is at home to accept it when the driver arrives. We can deliver to your home, work, or anywhere else. please let me know!


After reading all the information and tips on this page; now you need to understand how easy it is to get a custom bobblehead doll like personalized graduation bobblehead for yourself and your friends. If you want to know more about our design and quality of work, take a look at some of the product listings on this website. It also takes time to post customer feedback. The link is at the top of the home page. If you have any concerns, read some of those reviews. You will be satisfied with the result.


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