Why Choose a Solar Water Heater?

Why Choose a Solar Water Heater

With the increasing demand for energy, we are now facing a crisis with traditional sources. Energy is a crucial part of every manufacturing process and the demands are reaching sky high with the increasing industrialization. The traditional sources of power production are limited and it is hard to meet the current requirements with a sustainable use of natural resources. 

To counter the crisis, the world is looking for alternate sources of energy that can be used without limit. One such widely used renewable source of energy is solar energy. Solar energy is unlimited and using it for energy production does not affect the environment in any way. 

One major innovation linked to solar energy is a solar power heater. Solar power heaters work on various technologies to capture the heat from sun rays and use it for energy production that helps warm water. One of the most revolutionary things about solar water heaters is that they do work really well even in colder regions. Solar water heaters in India have performed really well even in the most chilly parts of the country. 

Before we discuss reasons to choose a solar water heater in detail, let’s first understand how a solar water heater actually works to provide warm water even in lower temperatures. 

How do solar water heaters work? 

Solar water heaters use collector plates or heating liquids to store the sunrays and heat water when it is circulated through the system. The storage tank is situated above the system because water rises when it gets hot. As we can see, the two important parts of a solar water heater are the storage tank and collector. The two types of working of a solar water heater, active and passive depends on these two parts only. Let’s understand the active and passive working of solar water heaters in detail. 

Active systems 

An active solar water heating system is further categorized into direct and indirect circulated units. In a direct unit, a pump is added to circulate the water inside the system until it gets hot and then the water is pumped directly for usage. If you live in an area where temperature doesn’t drop to freezing point, this kind of heating system will make an efficient addition to your household. 

In an indirect circulation unit, the heat transfer fluid is circulated instead of water. The unit has heat exchangers and collectors which help circulate the heat transfer fluid. The system has proven to be extremely efficient in freezing areas. The unit can be installed in various types of heaters including indoor grow heaters. 

Passive systems 

The biggest benefit of passive systems is that these are affordable. The problem with passive systems is that you can’t expect much from them. If your hot water requirements are not much high, these types of heaters might be able to fit in. However, it is best to call a professional and inquire about your hot water needs and what output can be expected of the system.

The passive systems like a thermosyphon system work by circulating water through a thermosyphon which in turn warms it. These systems work really well during the day and can provide required output in day time. 

Passive systems also come in a variety of types and the best way to choose one is by evaluating your needs and consulting with a solar water heater manufacturer or contractor. 

Why choose a solar water heater? 

So, now you know that solar water heaters can work even in colder regions by using anti-freeze liquids and copper fluids. The sun does not need to be shining all day to meet your needs of hot water and that’s the best thing about modern day solar water heaters. The solar water heaters work in such a way that you will not even miss electric heaters because your requirements will be well taken care of if you choose the right one. However, a thorough research is required before you pick the right solar water heater for you. Once you get the right one, these are the benefits you will get. 

Solar energy is unlimited

Solar energy is unlimited and we don’t see it going anywhere. The thing is coal and water stocks are diminishing day by day is a great concern for the present generation. We need to meet our demands and we are obliged to save some for the future generation too. With renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy, we are getting a great alternative. Solar energy is a great option when it comes to water heating systems because it is going to serve us for ages. 

Free fuel 

No one owns the sun and your system is collecting its fuel itself. The solar water heaters collect sun rays and store the heat to warm water. Once the system is set up, you need nothing but the fuel which is free. How amazing it is to get access to a fuel that is free and unlimited. 

It is eco friendly 

Solar energy is a free fuel, it is unlimited and we are not doing any harm to the atmosphere by using it. What concerns us most in the present time is the exploitation of natural resources. As we move towards post-humanism, the biggest concern of the century is n’t surrounding humans alone. 

With various protocols and awareness campaigns for the environment, we are focusing on doing things that impact nature and environment least. By using solar water heaters, we are using a system that has no potential side effects. 

Also, using solar energy relieves the burden off the traditional sources of power. Switching from coal energy to solar energy not only preserves the coal stock for the future generation, but also prevents the side effects that coal burning has on the atmosphere. 

Solar energy is also a replacement for power produced from dams and water sources. The destruction that dams are causing is clearly evident and we can reduce the hazards in days to come by focusing more on solar energy. 

All in all, solar energy is not just a great source of energy to have access to warm water without spending much, it is doing so to preserve the serenity of nature for the upcoming generations. Solar energy is the future at least for the water heating systems, it is definitely a boom. 

Saves money

Solar water heating systems involve setting up the system and then seeing it work by itself. You don’t need any external power source to operate the system and that’s how we get a water heater with one time investment. The fuel is completely free and the output is unlimited. No matter how big your hot water requirements are, the right solar water heater will meet them all and you will be impressed to find out that you got no electricity bill for heating water. 

If you keep track of your utility bills before and after installing a solar water heating system, you will see the difference it makes and the money you save. If you live in a cold region where you need warm water for everything, a solar water heater will cover the installation cost sooner than you would expect. 

Efficient heating system 

The solar water heating systems can be installed on the roof or wherever they work best according to your location. The storage tanks can be installed anywhere that feels like a better place to you. The design of the system is completely flexible and your contractor will easily fit the unit into your home without making it look like some giant structure. Depending on needs, 1-3 panels are sufficient for most households. The money you spend on installing the solar water heating system will be well paid off because you don’t have to wait for hot water. The storage tank directly fills the warms for you. 

Improved home value 

The real estate market works on current trends. The potential buyers always consider how modern a home is. From automotive products to solar powered devices, the advanced inventions add extra value to your home. The fact that you have a heating system that consumes electricity will definitely get you brownie points. Also, people today take the environment seriously. Since solar water heating systems make the home environment friendly, it will attract people who are concerned about the environment. When you know that your property has the appeal, you can get a better deal. If you don’t intend to sell, then also, a solar water heating system will definitely improve your lifestyle. 

These were a few reasons that make solar water heaters the best alternative to electrically powered or other types of water heating systems. The best thing is you can easily get them all around the country. Some of the top companies manufacture solar water heaters in Gujarat and deliver in each corner of the country. If the concept interests you, don’t look any further, grab one for your home and enjoy warm water with extra savings.  


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