Why are helicopter flights in the Everest Region popular?


The first ever helicopter to fly in the Nepalese sky was in the 1960s. Since then, a long time has passed. Not only that, flights for various reasons have also been added. Helicopter flights in the Everest region have also become highly popular.

There are plenty of reasons that come into mind when the popularity of the helicopter has taken center stage. When you look into it, the scenic views of the snow-capped mountains rush into your mind.

And the mountain views are breath-taking. For many travelers it is dream come true; to embrace the view of the might Everest from the comfort of heli. In just about an hour or so, one can admire the sight of Everest and return back. 

If you want to trek, you must have to trek for at least 2 weeks to the base camp and back to Kathmandu. This is one of the reasons why Everest Heli flights are quite popular. For those short on time, they can hop on a heli and fly above the towering peaks and embrace breathtaking view.

However, there is the time frame, and the weather permitted to fly in the Everest region. Albeit, the people who get into the helicopter flights for the Everest region get hold of the lifetime experience.

Availability and Weather

Mount Everest is the tallest mountains in the world. It is never an easier task to get on a helicopter ride all year round. As the pilots make it possible every time, some things must be considered.

For the availability of Everest region flights, the months from January to July and September to December are termed the best. During these periods, the mountains come out of their shell with some brilliant images to capture through. The weather are favorable with clear sky and the mountains at their best. 

The sky is absolutely clear, and the weather is also very attractive at the time, as mentioned earlier. July and August, however, are the worst times to be on the helicopter ride, with the monsoon taking center stage and poor availability of the view of mountains.

What good would it do for nature lovers when there is rain all around you, and all you can see is fog? Therefore it is vital that you check the weather and also the availability before making the trip. You should also consider the availability of heli flight, because at this time around there are hundreds of travelers just like you willing to fly to Everest on Heli.

Time for the Everest region flight

When you get into the Everest Base Camp Helicopterride, the time taken to get the journey done is 4-5 hours depending upon the day. It is an easy high-altitude trip, so things must not go out of hand for the travelers. 

To be precise, the total time taken for all the luxury to enjoy is one day. Therefore it shouldn’t be tough at all. With a maximum of six people, things should be very comfortable.

Reasons for the popularity of Everest region flights

All the readers of this blog must be well aware of what is in store for the Everest region flight. It is not a huge surprise at all. Meanwhile, the specific reasons for the popularity of the travel are:

Picturesque View

The biggest reason for the Everest region flight’s popularity is the views it provides to the travelers. There are in excess of 1300 peaks in Nepal spanning at the height of 6000m which makes it worth the watch.

Surprisingly the only means of transport that makes it work is the flight or helicopter ride. With an hour of a helicopter ride, you will be able to experience all of the mountains in your proximity. 

For the adrenalin rush

One of the biggest reasons to travel, and not only in the Everest region, is the thrill and rush it provides to an individual. When the helicopter takes the lift from Kathmandu, the adrenaline rush is brilliant.

When the helicopter leaves the valley, you can see some brilliant civilization below you. As the helicopter takes the lift, things tend to get more intriguing for the travelers. Quite the rush.

Perfect for the professional photographers

There is a photographer in every one of us. So what best rather than the sun peeking at mountains at your disposal? There is the presence of some brilliant mountains including mount Everestwhich can make things very interesting.

Nepal is one of the best places for landscape and also scenic photography. Therefore you need to get into the helicopter ride and enjoy what is in store. Some of the compelling images could also take through your social media handles. 

Safety and luxury of the travelers

The Everest region might be one of the places to trek, but it is not the safest. There are chances of avalanches which can appear. The weather can be bad pretty soon, and the new trekkers can find it harder.

On the other hand, the helicopter ride can be the right choice. The luxury of sitting inside the helicopter and enjoying the smooth ride wins the bet. You shouldn’t go through all the most challenging terrains and enjoy from above.

Saves time and effort

Time is precious when you are out to trek or travel. You need to save it as much as possible. Therefore helicopter rides can easily make it possible for travelers. You shouldn’t imagine things but get an out-and-out view of Nepal overall.

With the helicopter flying right above and providing all the views of the valley, mountains and plain lands, the effort to walk through them can be saved for later. Such is the comfort of the helicopter ride.

Helicopter tour in Everest region Facts

It is not always the walk in the park with helicopter rides. Some basics and facts need to be known before you get into that chopper.

  • January-June and September-December are the best seasons to travel to the place.
  • It is an easy high altitude with a maximum of six people possible in one flight.
  • The massive view of the Tenzing Hillary airport along with Namche Bazar.
  • It is a one-day tour with a maximum of four to five hours of ride from the starting point.


Helicopter flights in the Everest region are very popular. Over the long period, it has been gaining massive footfall with great ease. A lot of the travelers to Nepal take a day off and spend it in their hotel rooms.

Therefore, we suggest all the readers of this article and travelers try the Everest helicopter ride. It would only take you a maximum of four to five hours. In all of that, you could have the best viewing and experience. 

All of that is because of the presence of some of the best views and the life-changing experience.

This helicopter ride could be the icing on the cake for people who love the thrill and want to be close to nature. Meanwhile, the pricing, along with the experience, is something to talk about and admire highly.


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