Which karat Gold to choose when buying jewellery


Many of us have bought gold at some point in the past, either for jewellery or investments. You must be acquainted with the various gold karats if you’ve ever gone shopping for gold jewellery. Do you understand the main distinction between 22Kt and 24Kt? Which one ought you to invest in? Look no farther if you have inquiries like these and others.

Why do we use the term “karats”?

One must first grasp what K or karat means for in order to distinguish between 22K and 24K. It is a phrase used to describe how pure gold is. The purer the gold would be, the greater the karat value. It is scored between 0 and 24. In light of this, 24K gold is the purest gold that can be purchased.

One should be aware that pure gold is malleable. To make jewellery, other metals including copper, palladium, nickel, and silver are added to the formula. As a result, it is possible to define karat as a measurement of the proportion of gold to other metals or alloys.

What separates 22K gold from 24K gold?

The main distinction between 22K gold and 24K gold is as follows:

Purity: Whilst 22 Karat gold bangles is roughly 91 percent pure, 24K gold is 99.9% pure, while the remaining 9% is made up of other metals like copper, zinc, silver, etc.

Durability: Although while jewellery made of 24K gold has a dazzling colour, it won’t last as long as 22K gold jewellery. It is because 24K gold is too soft to withstand wear and tear. The addition of additional metals to 22K gold makes the jewellery more resistant to wear and tear.

Cost: 24K gold is more expensive than 22K gold since it is 99.9% pure. 

24K gold or 22K gold: which should I choose?

A 24K gold coin or bar is the best choice if one is wanting to invest. That is thus because 24K gold, which contains 99.9% gold, will sell for more money when it is sold than 22K gold coins or bars. But, if you’re buying gold to make jewellery, use 22K rather than 24K because it has more gold in jewellery form and can endure wear and tear better.

Why is 22K gold more popular than 24K gold?

When it comes to jewellery like 22k gold rings, 22K gold is recommended. It’s because jewellery manufactured with 24K gold will shatter quickly because 24K gold is pliable in its pure form. As a result, most individuals prefer 22K over 24K gold since they can sell it for more money.

Which type of gold is better for investments—22 or 24 karat?

Choose 24K gold if you’re buying it as an investment or an emergency fund (or possibly to diversify your portfolio). Compared to 22K gold, which is 91.7% gold, 24K gold is 99.9% gold. Always search for a hallmark certification when purchasing a 24K gold coin or bar to confirm its purity. It is preferable to purchase gold from a BIS-hallmarked jeweller so that you can sell it for the market price.

Which gold karat is ideal for jewellery?

It depends on how frequently you plan to wear the jewellery and if you want it to be simple or complex. For people who want to wear gold jewellery every day and also want elaborate design, 14K or 18K gold jewellery is ideal. Jewelry made of 22K gold cannot be used for this since it will be too soft.

How can I determine the purity of gold using karats?

By counting the karats, you may pretty easily determine how much gold is in the gold jewellery you have purchased. You might, for instance, buy a 14K gold ring. Divide 14 by 24 since the purity of gold is quantified on a scale from 0 to 24, giving you 0.583. Thus, your 14K gold ring has a gold content of 58.3%. 

You should be able to make your next jewellery purchase with confidence and ease if you keep these factors in mind. The experts at Melorra work with you to identify the ideal gold item that satisfies your demands and preferences. And if you are unable to locate the perfect piece, they will work with you to design it.



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