Where to Buy Luxury Rigid Boxes for Product Packaging?

Luxury Rigid Boxes

The market is expected to grow by over 100 billion dollars in only four years; the luxury goods market is booming. While this is excellent news for both existing and new luxury brands around the world, it’s evident that more than ever before, the luxury brands have a challenging task in their hands to make their products distinguish themselves from the rest. Packaging is the best choice for high-end products that require more security; these boxes are among the most luxurious rigid boxes available.

Robust and Structured Material

The rigid boxes are much stronger than ordinary Packaging and ideal containers for safe delivery and display. These boxes make the perfect packaging solution to display your top products with various available styles and varieties. One of the leading custom box manufacturers, PackagingPrinting, know luxury. PackagingPrinting will help you find the most suitable Packaging that is custom-designed to promote your brand or product launch, from hinged to telescopic books to slipcases.

Rigid boxes

How Luxury Rigid Boxes Benefit Luxury Items

As we all know, luxury products always require luxury packaging. Contrary to cheaper and luxury brands, they are associated with a pleasant packaging experience. From the first time they encounter your brand, they use the product the first time; your products must exude luxury and elegance. As a brand, they are synonymous Customised rigid Packaging is the latest definition of luxurious.

Let Your Product Stand Out, Among Others!

Rigid boxes are made up of two primary components: the primary structure, which is construct from chipboard, and then wrapping that protects it. Apart from its toughness, the wrapping paper can be print with a variety of colours or emboss and also comes with a variety of styles and textures that allow you to customize the Packaging you choose to use.

It’s easy to understand why custom packaging for rigid boxes is now a standard branding tool for all high-end retailers. Customise the package to fit your product’s specifications and meet your brand’s requirements; these rigid boxes are guarantee to help stand out against your competition.

These boxes are visually pleasing and contribute to a luxurious experience that most customers anticipate when purchasing luxury items. In contrast to folding cartons or corrugated cardboard boxes, the rigid ones are use as exclusive and exquisite gift boxes that consumers keep and reuse. Consumers should feel satisfied, happy, and proud when receiving a luxury box. A box is not only a container but an entire package that contains something exclusive explicitly designed for them. These boxes are an excellent method to build a solid and personal connection to your company.

How Rigid Can Packaging Help Increase the Shelf Life of Your Product?

With longevity in mind, the rigid boxes are a great way to ensure your product is appealing on the shelves in stores for a longer time. They are constructer from sturdy materials that are usually five times more durable than corrugated and fold cardboard boxes. It’s not surprising that rigid boxes have been the most sought-after packaging option for expensive products.

How Many Types of Rigid Boxes Are Available?

From rigid boxes for gifts with lids to tray and slipcase boxes, you can find a variety of types of rigid boxes available. Customising each item to meet your and your business’s requirements, rigid box manufacturers such as PackagingPrinting offer various options for your packaging requirements.

Two-piece Rigid Boxes

Boxes made of rigid material with a different lid and base are among the most well-known packaging options for luxurious products. Also called telescopic containers, these boxes are utilize for packaging various products, like board games, chocolates, and smartphones. Telescopic boxes use to store high-end products – such as the iPhone- are usually constructer with smaller dimensions to provide a slower-release option and a superior opening experience.

The rigid boxes with a separate lid and base are among the most potent rigid boxes because of their interlocking structure. They are the most well-like choice for packages use as keepsakes. The lid can be large enough to cover the foundation of the box entirely or smaller and cover a minor part of the box’s base.

Utilised by brands like LuxeDress, rigid telescopic boxes are the pinnacle of premium gift packaging. With years of experience in designing and producing custom luxurious gift boxes with custom designs in bulk amounts, PackagingPrinting is prepare to take care of all your product packaging requirements.

Tray Rigid Boxes

A Slipcase or Tray Rigid Boxes Unlike drawers, the slipcase and tray rigid boxes feature a ribbon or thumb hole to open the tray to reveal the contents inside. The rigid containers for tray and slipcase typically have internal fittings to ensure that multiple items are safe and secure within their compartments.

While they are costlier to make than a traditional lid and base that is rigid, the slipcase and tray box provides a look and feel that is a gift. They are also well-like packaging options for cosmetic and beauty companies like KIKO Milano. The rigid boxes of the brand have been provided by PackagingPrinting several times. They are generally made of 1200 gsm thick cardstock to hold the product in place PackagingPrinting. Customize the rigid box of KIKO Milano’s style to match the products to the highest standard.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Unlike Telescopic boxes, collapsible rigid boxes have lids that are permanently fix with the bottom. There are a variety of rigid boxes, but the most popular ones are cigar, book and clamshell boxes. Whatever box you select, the hinged lid is large enough to completely cover the lid’s base. Additionally, it typically includes a ribbon or magnetic attachment. That allows you to secure the top and ensure that the contents are safe.

Packaging printing

As manufacturers of gift boxes, PackagingPrinting has worked with many luxury brands to develop custom-designed, customised rigid boxes used to package and display luxury items. In collaboration with KIKO Milano, PackagingPrinting designed, manufactured and shipped collapsible rigid boxes to match the limited-edition range of products.

Custom Rigid Box Packaging

If you search for custom-designed gift boxes in the UK, you’ll see the variety of sizes, shapes, and designs available. The process of designing and making custom packaging can be a lengthy procedure. That is difficult to manage quickly and efficiently, making the job daunting. If you locate the best supplier of luxury rigid boxes wholesale. Sourcing boxes and Packaging to promote your business and launches of products can be exciting.

For more information on bulk, rigid box orders for wholesale. Do not hesitate to connect with our helpful and knowledgeable staff here at PackagingPrinting. Who will assist you through every step of your process.

PackagingPrinting is an enthusiastic, dedicated and diligent person who enjoy helping companies in their marketing efforts. PackagingPrinting is the first choice for all of your branded packaging requirements and products. Its not just manufacturers of luxury rigid boxes but also a group committed to understanding their clients’ needs.

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