What You Should Eat When You Go to Red Lobster


When you think of Red Lobster, you either think of Sebastian in Ariel or you think of the popular eatery that is home to the best seafood dishes. But we can safely assume that both of the lobsters are close to our heart. However, there is only one that puts you in a hungry mood and I hope we are on the same page when I say, the Red Lobster restaurant.

It is one of the biggest restaurant in the country and it has even infiltrated the global platform. So you can find the scrumptious platter of shrimps covered in a mouthwatering sauce in most parts of the world. The eatery serves not only good food but great memories for some of the families who witnessed crazy celebrations, wholesome dinners and peaceful atmosphere. If you are one of those people whose go-to place was the Red Lobster, then you would know what I am talking about. And there is one more reason to get all in love with red lobster: the red lobster deals.

Top 5 Dishes That Will Satisfy Your Seafood Cravings

While we are on the topic of good food and Red Lobster, why not discuss some of the dishes you should order the next time you are there? Yes, the next time could be tonight too. Let us see if our suggestions match with your favorites. Here is our list.

1.      Cheddar Bay Biscuits

The first dish on our list is not even a seafood dish but it is still one of the popular orders at Red Lobster. You know you will get all happy after you have had a taste of these biscuits. The sweet aroma of cheese is enough to make you drool. And with the subtle taste of garlic hitting your mouth on the first bite. A treat, after all.

It is rare that your cravings are satisfied after a plate of cheddar bay biscuits has been devoured. You need more, of course. But your taste buds definitely get a highlight for the day you eat them whole. The dish is so popular that Red Lobster serves over half a million biscuits to their customer every day! Worth the hype, right?

2.      Jumbo Coconut Shrimp

Shrimps, for me, are the first option when I step into a seafood restaurant. And the parrot Isle from Red Lobster is a fan-favorite for all the shrimp lovers out there. The jumbo-sized, juicy shrimps are covered in a light, golden brown batter and deep fried. They are topped with a pina colada sauce and served warm on a plate. The coconut from the batter is an amazing addition to the taste. They offer the light, aromatic touch to the dish.

The sauce, on the other hand, is sweet and matches perfectly with the succulent, savory taste of the shrimps. This is another popular dish because of its hearty serving and a great burst of taste in your mouth. You can also get this dish as an entre if your stomach feels too full for the day.

3.      Artichoke and Seafood Dip

A hearty chip and dip is what every house with a Netflix subscription has on their daily menu. But this chip and dip is more on the elegant side of the menu as is served at Red Lobster. Don’t worry, you can order it and take it home to enjoy your TV series with the famous snack as well. The great thing about this dip is that it isn’t what a critic would think it is on first sight; a chunky seafood sauce. Nope! This bowl of cheese, artichoke and seafood is the perfect melt in your mouth, creamy partner for your chips.

Seafood is three-fold as well so the taste isn’t just one option. But the rich seafood taste comes from lobster and langoustine. And if you run out of chips, you can always order the cheddar bay biscuits we just discussed. Everybody loves a new combination. Maybe you should try it too.

4.      Lobster Tacos

Here we are with another Lobster dish because come on, it is to honor the name of the restaurant. The tacos are a delight, both for your stomach and your stories on Instagram. The tacos comes in various options, even in chicken, but the taste that the lobster offers is a perfect combination with the crunchy taco shells.

The plate is served warm with a spicy sauce drizzled in each taco. The sauce is composed of jalapeno and ranch so it is spicy enough to tantalize your taste buds but with a sweet addition of the ranch to cool you down. The cool and sweet tomatoes are the perfect combination with the crunch of shells, the soft lobster meat and the spicy-sweet sauce. To top the dish off, brown rice is served on the plate along with the tacos. This Mexican infusion of tacos with seafood is what any customer orders the most.

5.      Salmon New Orleans

This dish is not just salmon served on a platter. No. It offers a different fusion. The salmon is cooked perfectly on the frying pan with white, fresh meat you can devour. But the bonus element is you get fried Cajun prawns topped over the salmon. Talk about seafood infusion! This dish is another fan-favorite and the last on our list. It is served warm on the platter and your mouth waters just at the wafting smell of the salsa.

What? Salsa? Did we forget to mention it? Because yes, the salsa is topped along the prawns, over the salmon and provides a fresh and tangy touch to the flavor. Moreover, you can have a side of green beans and broccoli or fries or mashed potatoes to top the dish off. You will be happy to eat the wholesome dish anytime of the day!


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