What to Look for When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree?

artificial christmas tree

When it comes to artificial Christmas trees, there are so many options these days. We’ll make sense of it so you may make the best selection possible and select the best artificial Christmas tree to enjoy for many years. Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree might be a daunting task these days. So many options, so much to think about. What criteria do you use to make your decision? We’ve got your back.


What Are the Benefits of Using an Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are a variety of reasons why people choose fake Christmas trees over real Christmas trees.

  1. Save money—Real trees are costly and aren’t reusable. Artificial Christmas trees are a one-time investment lasting up to 10-15 years.
  2. Save time– Various characteristics of actual trees require time and effort. Real trees require time to select, pack, transport, and safely set up. There’s also the matter of watering to take into account. Finally, cleanup and disposal are major undertakings.
  3. Less mess– Regular watering is required for real trees. They also drop needles, which becomes more common as time passes.
  4. Avoid allergies– Evergreen trees can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in certain people.
  5. No fire hazards– Real trees can catch fire if they aren’t properly watered. Our father always offered us this rationale for having an artificial Christmas tree when we were kids.
  6. No babysitting—We just emphasized this, but it bears repeating. Artificial trees are a good option if you don’t want to stay at home to water your Christmas tree.
  7. Longer lasting– An increasing number of people prolong their holiday season’s delight. We spend so much time and work decorating our Christmas trees that we want them to survive more than a few weeks. You’ll want to get on the fake Christmas tree bandwagon if you want to enjoy your tree for a month or longer.


What to Think About When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree?

artificial christmas tree

Let’s consider the factors to consider while purchasing an artificial Christmas tree.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Branches types
  • Count the number of tree tips
  • Whether it’s flocked or not
  • Whether it’s pre-lit or not
  • Various bulb types
  • Density
  • Warranty
  • Price


Choosing the Right Artificial Christmas Tree Size

Here are some factors to think about while deciding on the size of your tree:

  • Make sure you have a good idea of how much room you’ll need ahead of time
  • The distance between the top of the tree and the ceiling should be 6-12 inches.
  • Allow 6 inches between the tree’s bottom (widest point) and the walls.


Making a Shape Choice for Tree 

The following are the main shape categories you’ll come across:

  • Full: a full-fledged, full-size tree
  • Slim: a tree with a narrower form.
  • Pencil: the tree with the shortest trunk.
  • Tabletop
  • Potted

There is a multitude of sizes available within these categories.


Branches Types

On artificial Christmas trees, there are two basic types of branches:

  • Hinged: This style is the simplest to put together. Because the tree is connected, this type is also available in pre-lit.
  • Hook in: This type takes a little longer. This type necessitates piece-by-piece assembly. Pre-lighting is not possible with this type.


Know about our 2 Feet/3 Feet Holiday Season Decor Artificial PVC Christmas Tree

This is the perfect solution if you’re seeking a small artificial Christmas tree that can be placed in the corner of your room as a lovely accent! The burlap bag base not only lends solidity to the tree but it can also be easily placed in a potting container. Our Christmas tree’s blades are made of eco-friendly PVC material, making it safe for children and adding anti-crush capacity to the tree. There is no need to assemble the tree; all you need to do is straighten the limbs for the finest look.


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