What to Do If Your iPhone Doesn’t Charge?

What to Do If Your iPhone Doesn’t Charge

Sometimes – we all are surprised by unwelcome situations when we’re not prepared for them. You might lose your sleep when discovering that your iPhone isn’t charging while plugging it.

Since the very beginning, Apple devices have gained enormous popularity across the world due to their amazing serviceability and extravagant technology. However, these devices, for example, iPhone, also undergo various problems. Some issues might give warning signs before really becoming a major issue. However, not more often if your iPhone isn’t charging.

So, what to do? Of course, you need an urgent solution.

There could be several potential reasons- between frayed charging cables, finicky charging ports, software issues, and faulty batteries. Nevertheless, the good news is that the majority of such charging problems can be fixed with iPhone repair services or DIY techniques, depending on the cause.

Here are the following simple troubleshooting steps to fix the root cause of your iPhone charging problems.

Let’s have a look.

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iPhone Isn’t Charging – What to Do?

  • Follow Reboot Procedure
  • Text Your Cable
  • Replacement of Cable
  • Change the Battery
  • Inspect the Connector On the iPhone
  • Take Help From Professionals

Wrapping Up!

iPhone Isn’t Charging – What to Do?

Follow Reboot Procedure

Believe it or not, sometimes the problem with a non-charging device lies in faulty software. Inside each device, there is a chip that is responsible for supplying current from the charging cable to the battery. Thus, when you connect the charging cable to your iPhone, the current first goes to the power controller, which is controlled by software with a program embedded under it. This means the software part isn’t recognizing the cable connected to the iPhone and doesn’t give a command to the power controller.

Solution: Following har reboot procedure helps to solve these problems. To do this, you need to hold down the on-off button of the device and the Home button until the phone turns off and turns back on its own.

If iOs freezes or is using an outdated version, the phone won’t charge. In this case, you must first update the firmware to the latest version. If the problem persists, you’ll have to do a “hard reboot” – format the memory and configure the iPhone.

Text Your Cable

There is no doubt to say that the original cable is many times better than any other. However, you know about their fragility and how quickly they fail. It would be expensive to buy an original cable all the time. The fact is that most users buy inexpensive counterparts, which can fail at any time. In order to make sure that the problem is in the wall adapter, you need to take another phone to charge the device through your charger.

Solution: So, it’s recommended that you check the device with a different original cable. If the replacement with the original cable doesn’t help either in the first or in the second case, it’s time to take help from a professional for repairing it.

Replacement of Cable

This is one of the most common reasons a device may not charge. There are many reasons due to which this malfunction can appear, ranging from the banal wear of the contacts and ending with an unsuccessful attempt to clean the charging connector on your own. It happens that even a simple bend in the plug area, due to the breakage of copper veins inside, puts the cord out of order. Therefore, 70% of all problems are solved by a banal replacement of the cable. This problem can’t be dealt with on your own.

Solution: To solve it, you’ll need to contact the service centre. The procedure is fast and not expensive, which will be quickly solved in any professional service.

Change the Battery

Any battery is a consumable item. This means that batteries are short-lived and need to be replaced periodically. After a certain period of operation, they tend to lose capacity and it becomes almost impossible to use the device without a cord. In the case of a battery, the symptoms are immediately clear.

Solution: It’s advisable to try to change the battery yourself. The warranty period of the Apple Li-ion battery is 12 months, after which it can still work for some time if it doesn’t exceed 300-400 charge-discharge cycles. Otherwise, it’s better to contact the service, where they’ll quickly and efficiently fix the problem. So, later on, you don’t come with more serious expensive damage.

Inspect the Connector On the iPhone

In most cases, the phone can’t charge due to dust or debris on the contacts and interfering with the flow of current.

Solution: Carefully inspect the lightning connector in bright daylight for debris. If you find hairs, dust, grains of sand, or other debris, gently clean the nest. Use isopropyl alcohol or PCB contact cleaner as a cleaning solution. If nothing like this is at hand, simply brush off the dust with a dry, clean brush or blow with compressed air from a cylinder. If charging is in progress while moving the cable, it’s necessary to clean the contacts of the USB port from oxidation.

Take Help From Professionals

Apple phone repair technicians are a great advantage for repairing your iPhone battery. Some non-reputable technicians might lag behind in offering quality assurance services. The main problem may be lack of knowledge or haven’t enough qualifications. There are also those who work on the principle of fly-by-night companies selling reassembled iPhones.

Solution: If you fail to reach the desired results with the above-mentioned solutions, including that your iPhone doesn’t charge or has a faulty cable, it’s time to visit the Apple repair shop. For example, the experts of Apple repair in Singapore offer to repair services to their customers whether they’re facing issues related to iPhone charging cable or others.

Wrapping Up!

There could be numerous common reasons that your iPhone isn’t charging when connected to a power source. Therefore, for bringing back your iPhone to life, consider the above-mentioned tips to fix the battery issues. Trusting iPhone repair centre services is also a valuable solution to repairing damaged or not working battery problems. While looking for such a service centre, it’s recommended to start your search with “phone repair shop near me“. You’ll find top-rated phone repair companies in your area.


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