What is the Advantage of Polished Concrete?

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Polished Concrete offers numerous benefits in comparison to normal concrete. As concrete is a hard substance, we face a lot of trouble while walking on it. Polished concrete flooring solves this problem as it offers a smooth surface. Furthermore, normal concrete feels cold to touch. This issue is especially troublesome in residential areas as people may have to walk on the floor barefoot. Polished concrete possesses good thermal conductivity. Elements with good thermal conductivity retain the temperature when heated up to a certain level. Therefore when this type of concrete combines with a floor heating system, the floor remains warm for longer intervals.

Additionally, polished concrete flooring is more affordable when we compare it to other available options. This flooring is better than epoxy flooring as we have to polish the existing floor rather than changing the complete flooring from scratch. Therefore, the polished concrete floor cost per square metre is comparatively low. Let’s take a look at other major benefits of concrete in polished form.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete


The polished concrete provides a good appearance as well as lower costs. In addition, it does not require wax coating after short time periods. So, the coating expenditure is less. Furthermore, due to its high durability, there is less wear and tear on the floor. Therefore, the maintenance cost is lowered and you can get a good return on investment.


Polished concrete is very strong. It can withstand heavy machineries like forklifts and heavy foot traffic. Therefore, it is almost impossible to scratch or damage it. In addition, sealed polished floors also provide resistance to acids and other chemical substances. In this way, they avoid the corrosion of the floor.

It also protects against tire stains caused by smaller vehicles. Furthermore, it is very reliable. It maintains a level in between the joints and makes the entire floor surface smooth. Whereas, the rough texture of normal concrete provides friction to all types of objects. Therefore, it is more prone to damage.


A floor made from this type of concrete is long-lasting. In the majority of the scenarios, this floor with good maintenance can even last for a century. In conclusion, it is a good one-time investment. Whereas, other materials like wood, vinyl, and carpet fall short in their lifespan. For a long-lasting floor, you should go with polished concrete flooring.

Low Maintenance

Floors made of this concrete are easy to maintain. They don’t require the stripping of their surface at regular intervals. In addition, they do not require wax coatings like other floor options. Furthermore, they are easy to clean because they don’t hold the dust.  So, if you only mop the floor occasionally, they still stay clean.

Whereas, the majority of flooring systems consist of linoleum and tile. They require aggressive scrubbing to keep them clean. Moreover, polished concrete floors are compact in structure. Therefore, they are more resistant to stains.

Environmentally friendly

Polished concrete is an eco-friendly option. They don’t require the use of harmful chemical substances, cleaning material, and adhesives, etc. during installation or maintenance. It is made by smoothing the surface of existing concrete. Therefore, the need for various coatings or coverings gets eliminated.

Whereas, other flooring options consist of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC). These compounds are a health hazard for both the floor workers and after that, the residents. However, environment-friendly options with a few or no VOCs are available, and they take a toll on your pocket.

Health Benefits

Polished concrete has a sealed structure, that is why it does not absorb moisture. Therefore, the bacterias and allergic microorganisms cannot develop on them.  It makes it a healthy flooring material whereas, a substance like wood and carpet contains hazardous compounds. These substances reduce the air quality of the area. In conclusion, they have hazardous effects on your health.


It has a higher coefficient of friction than ordinary concrete. Although, some individuals may still worry about its slipperiness. But we can resolve this concern by adding a non-slip epoxy covering on the floor. 

This coating can add the perfect texture to the floor. It can prevent the residents from accidental slips on the surface. In addition, you can increase the grip more by treating the floor using glass beads or sand. 

More Reflective

This type of concrete is highly reflective. Due to the smooth surface, it provides the floor with a glossy finish. This type of flooring looks appealing to the eyes. It also introduces more lighting into the area. Therefore, it can reduce the electricity charges because more ambient lighting is available in the area. In addition, ambient light provides a more appealing look to the floor than artificial lighting. Whereas some other floorings generally come with a matte finish. Therefore, they don’t reflect as much light as the polished concrete flooring.


Polish Concrete floorings come with numerous options to customize the floor. We have the option to choose the desired level of shine. Additionally, there are multiple patterns and colors available. Moreover, you can also go for a floor engraving or graphic pattern according to the preferred choice. Whereas other types of floors only offer a limited amount of customization.

Improve Effectiveness Of Old Floors

Polished concrete possesses good compressive strength. It can prevent erosion. Therefore, polishing it increases the life of the old floor. In addition, a polish can refresh the top layer of an old floor. Only concrete flooring has the feature that it can be polished multiple times.


Polished Concrete flooring is better than other flooring options. It provides us with multiple advantages such as good durability, appealing looks, more customization, low maintenance cost, and many more. Therefore, after going through the above-mentioned characteristics of this concrete, you can assess the flooring requirements more effectively. You can research and find good-quality concrete near your location. For example, for the Melbourne location, you can search for the best-polished concrete in Melbourne city, which gives your floor the desired look and strength. Thanks for Reading and Sharing your experience! 


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