What is Herringbone Flooring & Why is it the Best for You?

oak herringbone flooring

Are you planning to install new flooring in your house or office? Have you heard a lot about herringbone wood flooring but are not sure if it’s perfect for you? Fret not! This article will unfold everything about the herringbone flooring and why it is the best for you.

What is herringbone wood flooring?

Herringbone wood floor is a type of parquet flooring. It gets its name from the Herring fish as it looks like the bone structure of the fish.

herringbone flooring

The wood flooring layout with a herringbone pattern adds an aesthetic appeal to the space. In the Herringbone pattern, floorboards are placed in a broken zigzag layout. It looks similar to the chevron flooring design, the only difference is that in chevron, the planks are laid in a continuous zigzag pattern.

Instead of being cut at an angle, rectangular floorboards are used for oak herringbone flooring, which is then installed in a broken zigzag pattern.

Herringbone can make the room looks spacious

The herringbone flooring adds a visual illusion to any room, making it look spacious. Ensure the room is sparsely furnished. The objective is to convey a sense of openness. The herringbone flooring gives the appearance that the room is larger. For smaller spaces, this is quite helpful.

According to experts, larger floorboards are ideal for large spaces whereas smaller floorboards tend to make a small room appear bigger. Making the pattern evident is the key. Smaller boards may appear excessively cluttered and obscure the true pattern in a large space.

Selecting the proper colour for the boards is as vital to selecting the perfect size for them. Choose a lighter hue if the flooring will be installed in a smaller area. This will contribute to the illusion of being spacious. One can go with white engineered herringbone flooring as it will make the room look bright and white looks timeless.

The disadvantage of lighter flooring is that stains and scratches are more obvious. If choosing a deeper shade, light wall colour is required to balance and make the floor layout pop out.

Adds personality to the space

The combination of a natural material and additional visual appeal makes the herringbone wood flooring pattern one of the most popular installation layouts. It adds drama to a space without the need to have ornate furniture, carpets or artwork. Every house needs a decent floor and the herringbone pattern is a terrific way to make it stand out.

Long-Lasting and Sturdy

Herringbone floors are another example of how installing wood flooring always works. Wood flooring never goes out of style and lasts long. Since wood floors come with the certainty of a higher resale value of your property as they increase the aesthetic appeal of your home decor, spending more money on them is sensible. You may make the floor even more durable by adding the herringbone pattern, which boosts structural stability.

Herringbone Engineered Flooring

One can go with engineered wood floorboards for creating the herringbone layout instead of solid hardwood. It will save you some money as the solid wood floor is costlier than the engineered wood floor. Also, engineered wood is more durable compared to solid wood because of its layered construction.

Unlike solid wood, which needs to be glued down, herringbone engineered flooring can float on top of an existing floor. Although it is always a good idea to apply adhesive. The engineered wood herringbone floorboards come factory finished whilst solid wood requires extra effort to achieve.

White and grey engineered herringbone flooring are trending colours that can add classic charm to any space.

Hope it has been an interesting read and now you know why herringbone engineered flooring is the best for you.


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