What is Hanuman SundarKand Path and Its Benefits

Hanuman Sunderkand Path

Hanuman SundarKand Path is the fifth chapter of the version of the Ramayana compiled by Saint Tulsidas, commonly known as Sri Ram Charitamanas.

This epic poem was written in the Awadhi language by the 16th century Indian Bhakti poet Goswami Tulsidas (circa 1532-1623).

This article provides details about the history of Sundar Kand and describes the benefits of reading the Sundar Kand Path.

The original Sundara Kanda is in Sanskrit and is part of the Ramayan epic composed by Valmiki.


The Valmiki Ramayan consists of seven chapters (Kanda) such as:

  • Bala Kanda
  • Ayodhya Kanda
  • Aranya Kanda
  • Kishkindha-Kanda
  • Sundar Kanda
  • Yuddha Kanda
  • Uttara Kanda

(Ramayana is the story of Lord Shri Rama, who is considered the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu on this earth.)

Overview of the history of the Hanuman SundarKand path

The Sundar Kanda describes an inspiring and thrilling account of the adventures of Lord Hanuman. There is a detailed account of Hanuman’s physical strength and superior intelligence.

The work portrays Hanuman’s selflessness, strength and devotion to Lord Rama. There is an account of Lord Hanuman’s journey to Lanka.

Here we give you a brief account of Sundar Kanda’s story.

Chanting the name of Lord Rama, Hanuman assumed a massive form to leap over the sea and reach Lanka. He fought and defeated many demons (such as Surasa) on his way to Lanka. However, no one could prevent him from reaching Lanka via the heavenly route.

Arriving in Lanka, Hanuman finds where Sita is, eventually meeting her at Ashok Vatika. Hanuman calms tormented Sita. He learns that Ravana threatened Sita. She was tortured to marry Ravana.

Hanuman inspires confidence in Sita. He gives her Rama’s signet ring as a sign of good faith. He assures Sita that her beloved husband Lord Rama will soon arrive in Lanka to free her from Ravana’s captivity.

He even offers to bring Sita back to Rama. However, Sita rejects this offer, saying she would not allow anyone but her husband to save her. Sita tells Hanuman that Rama himself must come to save her and avenge the insult of kidnapping her.

Hanuman then wreaks havoc on Lanka by destroying demons and buildings. He killed many warriors of Ravana. Finally, he allowed himself to be captured and brought before Ravana. Hanuman had a dialogue with the demon king Ravana and taught him how to free Sita.

However, Ravana disregarded his advice. On the contrary, Ravana was very angry with Hanuman and ordered his soldiers to set Hanuman’s tail on fire. Hanuman escaped from his bonds and jumped from side to side of Lanka and set the whole city of Lanka on fire. Eventually, Hanuman takes a big leap back from the island. He returned to Kishkindha to tell Lord Rama the glad tidings of finding Sita.

Benefits of Reading the Hanuman SundarKand Path

The path of Hanuman SundarKand inspires the devotees and inspires confidence in the reader. In fact, the most important benefit of reading Sundar Kand Paath is that it offers the blessings of Hanuman and Bhagwan Shri Rama.

It is believed that reading Hanuman Sundar Kand Path frees the house from negative energy and evil presences, if any. Moreover, reading Sundar Kand will help you avoid any disaster that comes your way.

Evil influences from cruel planets like Rahu and Ketu will be canceled out. The fear of evil spirits disappears for those who recite Sundar Kand Paath with devotion. Sundara Kanda removes suffering, worry and mental anguish. Helps increase hope, courage and confidence. The Sundar Kand Paath helps bring prosperity, happiness, health and wealth to its singers and listeners.

How to read Hanuman SundarKand’s journey?

Tuesdays and Saturdays are considered very auspicious for the start of Sundar Kand Paath. However it is not compulsory to start Hanuman Sunderkand Path on Tuesday ,you can start it on any day

Bathe and wear fresh, clean clothes.

You should put a picture of Shri Hanuman on a small square stool called “Chauki” in your house. Now sit on a clean “Aasan” which is lower than the Chauki.

Flowers must be given to Lord Hanuman. You have to put tilak and sandalwood paste on Lord Hanuman and light Deepak of Cow Ghee.

You must now start the Hanuman SundarKand Path.

After completing the path do hanumanji aarti and offer bhog or prasad. You should share Prasad with as many people as possible. You must pray to Lord Hanuman whatever your heart desires and have faith that Lord Hanuman will solve all your problems soon.

Why is it considered auspicious to recite Hanuman SundarKand Path on Tuesday?

It was believed that Hanuman ji found Seeta Mata in Sri Lanka on  Tuesday. It is said that Mother Seeta gave the blessing that whoever worships Lord Hanuman on Tuesday will receive his blessings in addition to Hanuman’s blessings. Therefore, reciting Sundara Kanda Paath on Tuesday is considered a very auspicious and beneficial practice.

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