What Are The Benefits Of Android App Development?

benefits of android app development

If we talk about Android, it is an open-source mobile operating system with a massive user base. 

From 2018 to 2021, there is a massive change in the app development market. Most businesses prefer to build their app in Android OS as most of the customers are Android users, and it becomes convenient for the users and business both when the app build on Android OS.

Businesses are leveraging Android and developing a custom mobile application that solves user problems and boosts business growth. 

In this blog, we will discuss Android app development’s benefits.

Top Benefits Of Android App Development 

Here there are a few benefits of Android app development which are mentioned below:

1) High ROI With Lower Cost

One of the key benefits of Android app development is that it is easily available on Android SDK. Developers can take resources from SDK to build interactive apps. 

However, it is mandatory to pay a one-time registration fee by developers for application distributions. 

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After which, they can develop the app and test their product on any smartphone, where there is lower investment and higher user engagement. 

Thus, the development process is completed at a lower investment and gives a higher ROI to businesses.

2) Faster Deployment

Android apps for businesses have a rapid development cycle, lasting for a few hours. It offers full-fledged features to companies who want to build their app in a hurry. Reduced Time to Market (TTM) is one of the best benefits of android app development. 

3) Target Platforms

Java is one of the reliable and flexible programming languages that makes it easy to migrate the app to multiple operating systems like Ubuntu and Symbian. 

Thus, enterprises can target multiple platforms while building their app, and therefore most businesses prefer Android as their preferred app development. 

4) Enhanced Security 

When Android P came on the market, several additional and enhanced security features were introduced. 

It protects against malware and virus attacks and protects user’s data. Thus, safety and reliability are one of the most significant benefits of android app development. 

5) Customization 

Android is an open-source platform, and thus it provides ample benefits to the developers to customize the app according to client’s requirement. 

This is the reason most enterprises prefer developing Android apps for their business. 

Whenever they want to reach a boarder audience, they can customize the app according to their requirements by connecting with their android app development agency


Since the telecom partners have worked on their network to enhance the internet, usage of a mobile app has increased. These apps are making their work more manageable, and businesses are able to scale their business efficiently.

After the pandemic, most businesses are coming online and building their app for better exposure. If you are a business owner and thinking of developing an app, avail the android app development services offered by the development company and get the app published in the Play Store.

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