What are Strenx 100 Xf Plates?

Strenx 100 Xf Plates

For applications where higher strength-to-weight ratios are required, a 100XF steel plate has been created. Despite not requiring heat treatment throughout its manufacturing process, it exhibits physical characteristics that are comparable to those of ASTM A514. As a temper-levelled, cut-to-length plate, 100XF is offered. Additionally, the Strenx 100 Xf Plates have good formability, hardness, and weather resistance. Due to the low-carbon chemistry and thermo-mechanically regulated manufacturing utilised to create 100 XF, this fantastic mix of qualities is made possible. Transport trailers, heavy-duty construction tools including crane booms, vehicle frames, chassis, agricultural equipment, and man lifts are just a few examples of common uses.

Strenx/Domex 100XF steel is a thermostatically rolled sheet with a minimum yield strength of 100ksi that is made entirely of iron ore. Given that it has a higher yield strength than the commonly used 50ksi minimum yield strength grades, it is also perfect for situations where increased strength and weight reduction are sought. The superior flatness makes Strenx® 100XF ideal for laser or plasma burning applications.

Transport trailers, building tools, crane booms, portable man lifts, agricultural machinery, heavy vehicle frames, and chassis are just a few examples of the applications for 100XF.

One of the well-known and highly esteemed brands owned by SSAB is Strenx®. Leading manufacturers who utilise Strenx® to improve their goods and have a bigger market effect are brought together through the global brand programme My Inner Strenx.

Finally, Strenx® performance steel can increase the strength, lightness, safety, competitiveness, and sustainability of your goods. Because it offers additional performance above standard structural steel, SSAB refers to it as performance steel.


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