Vortex Flow Meter: Working principle, Benefits and Uses

Vortex flow- Vortex Flow Meter: Working principle, Benefits and Uses

In the present time, advancement in the technology of liquid flow measuring is at the rising phase. There are numerous flow rate measuring devices available in the market that works incredibly. However, one solution that does not fit all is a true phrase that also applies to flow meters. It is possible that one flow measuring device might not be suitable for other applications. The vortex flow meter is an advanced technology that is used in a number of industries. It is a digital flow indicator that has several applications. Today, a large array of industries is getting benefits from this technology. Food and beverage, petrochemicals, oil, refining, and chemical are major industries that use this flow measuring device.

The working mechanism behind vortex flow measurement 

These meters are considered supreme among the category of flow measuring devices. These devices are used for measuring low viscosity fluids, steam, and gases. These flow rate gauging tools have three major parts such as body, sensor, and electronic transmitter. The meter displays the flow rate results in the form of numerical. The body of these meters contains a shedder bar which is also known as the bluff body. When the liquid processes through the body of the meter, the shedder bar causes an obstruction in the flow. It forces the liquid to flow around the shedder bar that creates vortices. The sensor placed in the meter measures the vortices with different pressure. The law of the Karman effect is used to compute the volumetric flow rate of the liquid. In simple terms, this meter measures the flow rate of liquids with velocity.

Why is vortex flow meter good for industrial use?

It is certainly clear that the working principle of this meter is not complicated to understand. It generates vortices using a bluff body that works to measure the flow rate of liquids. There are small sensors inside the device that can measure and count the vortices. However, the rate of fluid flow mainly depends on the velocity of the flow. But, the measurement of flow rate mainly depends upon the viscosity of the flow. The meter will then convert the counted vortices into the volumetric flow rate. Thus, it works smartly to gauge the fluid flow rate and provides accurate flow rate measuring results. It has a simple formula to detect flow rate by simply multiplying the liquid velocity to the cross-sectional area of the flow meter.

Benefits of vortex flow rate measuring technology

Digital output

Gone are the days when engineers and technicians in the industries used traditional meters to gauge flow rate. Now, the time has emerged into modern technology. So, the vortex meter provides digital output with a display meter without using a separate transmitter. It has simplified the installation of the meter to gauge the volumetric flow rate of the fluids such as liquids, steam, and gases. The gauging capability of this meter is also good, and its measuring range depends upon various operating conditions.

Higher accuracy

Accuracy is a prominent aspect when it comes to measuring the flow rate of the liquids. In various industries, the correct flow rate measuring is the key to determining the quality of manufacturing. Therefore, if the flow rate measuring is not accurate, there is no use in implementing flow meters. However, this meter is popular widely for its feature of higher accuracy and stability. It has good calibration, which is the scale of the readings and repeatability. So, you can use this device to measure the flow rate of liquids frequently. It will deliver accurate output through the display meter.

No moving parts

It is often noticed that flow rate measuring devices that have moving parts are difficult to maintain. Hence, due to routine wear and tear, they might require proper maintenance with regular service. It could increase the total cost of using them for flow rate measurement. Moving parts can also cause difficulty in installation for the meter. But, the vortex flowmeter does not have any moving parts, so this meter is easy to install and does not require much maintenance as well. The absence of valves is considered good for easy installation of this meter, especially when the liquid is toxic.

Lower pressure drop

The vortex flow technology for gauging flow rate has lower pressure drop. This means that it is easy and less costly to maintain the required flow of the liquids. Low-pressure drop in this context is related to the energy consumption by the flow meter. If the high amount of pressure drops, this means that the meter will consume more energy to maintain desired flow. It would require more horsepower to work for measuring the flow rate of the liquids. But, if the pressure drop is lower, then the meter will consume less energy. So, it will enable the industries to use lower energy for computing the flow rate of fluids.

Common vortex flow meter applications

These meters are useful for various industrial applications. Due to their lower maintenance and operational cost, higher accuracy, and longer span, they are preferred. But, usually, these meters work great when you have to measure the clean and low viscosity liquids.

Among various uses of these meters, some includes:
General water applications such as wastewater plants and water purification, agriculture irrigation, etc
These meters are used to measure the flow rate for liquids used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
They can also measure the flow rate of liquid suspensions.
Steam measurement is also an active use and application of these meters.
They are also used for measuring the flow rate of liquids during custody transfer.

How to select the vortex meter?

Well, the selection of this meter can depend on the specific measurement requirements. These meters are further available in two types as inline and insertion meters. They can provide you with an accurate measurement but might require choosing particularly for the piping system. So, it is good to consult a professional before choosing a specific type of vortex shedding meter.

The Bottom Line

The vortex flowmeter is undoubtedly a good flow rate measuring device. It is available with analog and digital meters to deliver measuring output. You can use accurate flow rate measurement of liquids, steam, and gases by getting them from a professional supplier.


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