Vape shops guide: What should be done to prevent burnt vape juice flavor

Vape juice flavor

Vape shops guide: What should be done to prevent burnt vape juice flavor.

Vaping is the latest smoking cessation trend. It is good for smokers’ health as compared to smoking. And, relatively less expensive in some cases also.

It is not only better for smokers’ health, but also tastes great. It is found that if someone continuously used vapes for almost two months, he can feel its health benefits in terms of comfortable breath and reduced cough. And he also becomes capable of enjoying his food tastes.

Vaping provides equal satisfaction in terms of nicotine, without any harmful substances, as opposed to smoking cigarettes In vaping, nicotine is the component of e-juice, which is also known as vape juice. Vape juices are available in multiple flavors and nicotine strengths.

Vaping is a great solution if you know how to use it. But, In case, vapers are not aware of equipment and flavor usage, they will get affected by burnt flavor hits. In this post, we will explain what should be done when the vape tastes get burnt. Keep reading to learn more.

What should be done in case of burnt juice flavor?

Unlike Cigarette Smoking, Vaping needs some maintenance. But since it is good for the vapers’ health, the pain of maintenance is worth it as ultimately the vapers will enjoy its health benefits.

In case, the vapers find a burned flavor, it means vapers have forgotten something. Vaping should be an enjoyable experience. But if vape smokers are getting affected by burnt flavor hits, then this guide shall help them.

Juice type:

The Vape juices come in two different types in terms of their PG and VG combination. PG is the acronym of Propylene Glycol, while VG is the acronym of Vegetable Glycerin. E-Liquids with more VG content provide larger clouds, while more PG content e-liquids provide the smoking equivalent throat hit.

PG juices are thinner than VG juices, and that affects the coil.

In Cold weather, PG Juice gets thicker like VG Juice, which affects the coil, and starts giving dry hits and burnt juice flavor. Likewise, the high VG Juice also gets, even more, thicker in the cold weather.

It is advised to keep your e-cigarettes and e-liquids protected from cold weather. If it’s not possible, then try to get higher-PG juice.

Vape Shops in California, should maintain a decent variety of e-liquids in all available VG/PG strengths, and buy in bulk from the best vape wholesale dealer in California. This will enable them to provide their customers with the required e-liquids while saving on the cost of per unit purchase.

Continuous Vaping:

Another mistake that leads to burnt flavor is continuous vaping.

Since not all atomizers can be used for constant long draws, their wicks need longer time gaps to perform as required without getting weak.

For those who wish to vape continuously, vape shops are advised to provide them with wicks that have faster wicking capabilities, or a vape device with a temperature control feature. And, they should advise them not to take too many quick and long draws in a row, as it dries out the wick much quickly.

Complicated to Use Wicks:

There are some atomizers, that are very tricky, to wick. The devices may get leaked with too much cotton or wicking material, and get too much burned.

In this situation, we advise trying different quantities of cotton (increase or decrease) until they find the right setup for their device.

They should also communicate with other vapers to find out what works best with their devices and try to get experience from them.

Priming the Coils:

New coils should be primed with e-juice or e-liquid before installation. After filling the tank with e-liquid, it should be left for 5minutes to half an hour. This will properly prime the coil. This will also maximize the vaping device and coil performance.

Priming the coils and wick helps prevent them to burn out quickly.

It is also important when starting to vape after filling, to not heat the coil head too fast. The coil wattage is written on the coil head, or device user manual. This wattage guides how much one can push the coil after it is primed. It is better to leave some margin to prevent overheating.

One should start vaping slowly, or with low wattage, slowly increase to the desired level.

Cleaning the Coils:

Dirty and Overused Coils are also a reason for burnt flavor.

The Coils must be cleaned every one or two weeks to avoid burnt vape juice taste. The Atomizer should be removed to rinse the coils with warm water to get the gunk removed. Regular cleaning of the coils helps to prevent the burnt vape juice flavor.

If the coils are found to be extremely dark or burned then it’s better to replace the coils.

Variable temperature Mods:

Some mods come with built-in temperature control settings. That allows controlling the temperature of the coil while vaping.

The vape juices’ burnt flavor results in a dry and scratchy hit, and it’s bad for the vapers’ health. Nobody wants to inhale burnt cotton into their lungs. It’s better to use a temperature-controlled mod for protection from vape juice running low.

Temperature control helps to prevent the burnt vape flavor. When your device is running low on vape juice, the temperature will cut power to the device, and compensate for the difference. This results in a lesser hit and reminds the vapers to refill the vaping tank.

Replace Old Coils:

Sometimes the burnt vape juice flavor is just because of old coils.

If the vape was working perfectly before, and suddenly start providing burnt flavor, it’s a sign to replace the old coils. Coils are usually required to replace after one or two weeks depending on the viscosity of e-juice and how regular it is vaped. The Coils of continuous vapers do not last for long.

When the coils start to provide less taste, it’s a sign of the coils are getting weak. Coils replacement before it’s burned helps to avoid burned flavor hits.

Final Thoughts:

Vape shops are required to understand the importance of vaping as it is a great tool and the latest trend for smoking cessation. They must try to understand the reasons behind burnt vape juice flavor, and guide their customers to take care of their vape devices as explained. They should also maintain a decent stock of variable wattage vapes, purchased in bulk from the best vape wholesale distributor in California. This will enable them to save some extra bucks on bulk purchases and create goodwill for their business.



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