US Visa Consultants in Delhi

US Visa Consultants in Delhi

Get USA Tourist Visa for indian

Only the US of America has captivated the world’s attention within the up-to-date era. If you are ever in a big apple town, you may ne’er run out of things to ascertain and do. If you are not staring at holidaymaker attractions, you are visiting family or friends, meaning to study there or have a short work assignment to fulfil within the country. Thousands of Indian businesses trip the country once a year for business reasons as a result of it’s one of the fastest-growing economies within the world. US Visa Consultants in Delhi is needed for all guests to the US, no matter the rationale for keeping it.

How Many Types Of Visa

The two types of visas they measure are B-1 and B-2: B-1 visas are for business and B-2 visas are for pleasure or tourism. A B-1 visa is usually used to sponsor business associates at conferences, scientific, academic, or vocational events, H1b Visa Consultant subvention of associates in nursing estates, or contract negotiating. B-2 visas are intended for leisure travel such as visiting family and friends, receiving medical treatment, or participating in social, cultural, or charitable activities. In many countries, B-1 and B-2 visas are combined and given as one visa: the B-1/B-2.


A B-1/B-2 visa will solely be issued if a diplomat officer determines that you simply meet the necessities for a visa to the US as explicit within the Immigration and Position Act of 1965 at the time of application (INA). In step with Section 214 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act, each B-1/B-2 petitioner is plausible to be Associate in Nursing migrant (b). Proof should be conferred to dispute this presumption:

  • A short trip to the US, like to attend a conference or visit a friend in want of medical attention.
  • Their square measure fixed, restricted periods within which you propose to stay within the US.
  • Whereas within the US, you may be needed to gift proof of ample funds to satisfy your living expenses.
  • A world residence, yet as alternative social or economic links that guarantee your comeback to your home country at the top of this visit.
  • B-1 visas are also offered for specific staff, like domestic and crew members on ships in operation on the Outer Davy Jones’s locker.

How to build your possibilities of Approval Higher

Foreigners UN agencies that aren’t exempt from the visa exemption program should guarantee a holidaymaker visa (B1 or B2 ) to travel to the US for a short visit for business or pleasure. Examples embody business, vacations, family and friends, medical aid, business conferences, attending business or personal leisure workshops. Most candidates typically need to understand the chance of approval before requesting. With this in mind, we tend to come up with a list of documents which will be accustomed to declare the bonus as proof of bonds to assist the diplomat officer be convinced to come back to his country of origin once a short visit. I did it.

The information listed below is simply for reference and doesn’t guarantee the approval of the holidaymaker visa application. This is often supported by the choice of the U.S. Immigration Manager. To approve or reject visa applications.There is virtually no proof of a draw.


Operating in your country of origin doesn’t guarantee that you simply broadcast your visa. Immigrants even have the period of their current and previous employment, the sort of labour it’s or has, and its current earnings financial gain doesn’t recommend proof of relationship. I am looking.

It is undoubtedly the case that the migrant person asks the UN agency whether it wishes to remain for long periods, and that the request for visits to the US is also weighed. In terms of the nature of the corporation’s current work and also the acceptable issues, it needs to be considered. Therefore, you need to give a certificate that indicates your position, start date, current standing, monthly earnings or annual earnings financial gain. Providing this proof is beneficial as a reference for immigration officers UN agencies assess your application.

Family Obligation

The older father of an apprentice needs his existence and existence in order for him to attend high-school, as an example of a family duty. The individual should gift a politician document that establishes an existing relationship, a letter from a doctor that describes the dependent’s medical problem, and a document establishing the faculty kids’ registration. Your family will also write you a letter. Could they prove that his beloved person will receive the same level of attention as you? In addition, he will be able to answer the immigration officer’s question as to whether the UN office will pay attention once he arrives in the US.


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