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Makeup brand products in India
Makeup brand products in India

We have repeated this before and will repeat: well-defined eyes are critical to flawless makeup looks. This is why we have created this blog to share makeup tips that will make your eyeshadows pop. We’ve all seen the pictures of models sporting vibrant eyeshadows, and we have all fallen in love with them. It is not easy to achieve such stunning looks. We tried many shades to find the right hues that made the eyes stand out and look brighter. We also found ways to make your eye shadows look as intense as the ones in the palette. Scroll up to see all of our straightforward but effective makeup hacks.

Many types of eye shadows are available, making it difficult to choose the right one for you. The five most popular types of eye shadows are metallic, shimmers, and warm colors.

How to choose the right eye shadow for your skin color:

Here’s a list of eye shadows that suit different skin tones, which Urban Clap’s makeup experts swear.

Combinations of eye shadow colors for light skin

Earthy colors such as cream, bronze, and copper are best for fair skin with a warm undertone. Jewel colors such as sapphire and emerald are great for those with cool undertones. Pastels look great on both the undertones.

Eye shadow Color Combinations for Light Brown/Wheaties Skin

Warm undertones are familiar for people with light brown or whitish complexions. This skin tone is best complemented by gold, cinnamon, and rust. To create bold, Smokey eyes, you could use darker browns.

Eye shadow Color Combinations for Olive Skin

Cool eye shadows are available for those with this skin type, such as teal or other shades of blue. This undertone is emphasized by the teal color, which makes you appear fresh and not washed out.

Eye shadow Color Combinations for Dark Tan/Brown Skin

This skin tone has a neutral undertone. It is neither warm nor cool. Every eye shadow palette will look great on dark skin tones. Try them all!

Eye shadow Color Combinations for Dark Skin

Bright colors and metallic look great on dark skin, especially purples, teals, and midnight blue. Women with darker skin tones should be cautious about choosing the correct pigments to ensure the color is vibrant. Our experts recommend coral and rose gold as warmer options.

This video shows you how to apply eye shadow correctly.

Harmful eye makeup can ruin your appearance. Good eye makeup can give life and style to even the most basic outfits. This is why we have created this step-by-step guide on how to apply eye shadow properly.

  • Step 1: Cleanse, Moisturize and Moisturize

Before applying makeup, it is essential to prepare your skin. To ensure that your makeup is evenly spread:

Cleanse and moisturize.

Moisturize your skin to prevent it from drying out.

After washing your face, apply moisturizer.

Apply some eye cream to the lids and around your eyes.

  • Step 2: Apply a primer

Primer application is a must for all types of eye makeup. A primer acts as a foundation that holds your makeup together. It also protects your delicate eyelid skin from makeup. Use a concealer next to cover any dark circles or marks around your eyes.

  • Step 3: Start Neutral and End Dark

Use a neutral color all over your eyelids. Apply a light color to your eyelids starting at the lash line. Move to the crease. Apply the eyeshadow only to the brow bone. Move inwards, beginning at the center.

Use a flat brush to sweep the eye shadow over the dark shadow. Start at the outer corner of the eye and work your way inwards. Make a V-shape according to the natural contours of your eyes. The one that extends towards your brow bone should be the first, and the other should stay close to the lash line. Then, move towards the middle of your eyelid.

  • Step 4: Line up your eyes

Use an eye pencil to line your lower lash line. Then, line your upper eyelids with liquid eyeliner. You can use a simple line, or you could try the latest eyeliner trends. Top 10 Eye Shadow Palettes in India

Renee Cosmetics 3 in 1 Make-up Stick – Fab Face Diva, 4.5gm 

Renee’s 3 in 1 make-up stick is the perfect way to start your day or help finish off a special night out. With its Fab Face Diva formulation, this stick can be used to add an extra touch of pigment to your Tone/Pigmentary Palette, as well as coverage for all areas of your face. Plus, it comes with a built-in brush for even application.

Nicka K 21 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Spiced Up, 21.5gm

Nicka K’s 21.5gm color eyeshadow palette is spiced up with a kick of cinnamon, ginger and Asiatic black pepper! This intense mix of spices provides a fiery, captivating look that will turn any complexion into an amazing hot mess! The versatile palette can be used as an eyeshadow or blush, and comes in shades ranging from light to dark.

L.A. Colors 18 Color Mood setter Eye shadow Palette, 16.5gm

If you’re looking for a range of 18 bright, bold shades to create your perfect makeup look, look no further than the L.A. Colors 18 Color Mood setter Eye shadow Palette! This palette comes packed with color options that are perfect for any time of day or occasion, and each shade is crafted with austerity and precision to give you the most intense and realistic makeup look possible.

Lakme Absolute Infinity EyeShadow Palette, 12gm

The Lakme Absolute Infinity EyeShadow Palette gives you the unprecedented opportunity to build your own look with a range of 12 scandalously pigmented eye shadows. With a unique, one-of-a-kind design, this palette will add Abundance of pigment for an intense and Gothic look. Whether it’s for work or play, this palette has got you covered!

Makeup Revolution X Shop Mini Eye shadow Palette, 8.8gm

The Makeup Revolution X Shop Mini Eye shadow Palette gives you the makeup look that you want and need, with a small size that will fit in your purse. This palette comes with 8.8gm of product, making it easy to come by! With this product, you’ll get all the must-have eye shadows for your personal style.

Boss Lady Cosmetic Multi sticks EyeShadow – 20 Ashes of Patriarchy, 2.5gm

Introducing Boss Lady Cosmetic Multi stick Eye shadow – 20 Ashes Of Patriarchy! This versatile, high quality eye shadow is perfect for any season. Maximizes the drama and color of your Eyebrows, Lips, and Teeth with an intense range of shades to suit your unique appearance. With an amazing long-lasting power, these shadows can be used multiple times per day.

Wet N Wild New Color Icon 10 – Pan Eyeshadow Palette Heart & Sol

The Wet N Wild New Color Icon 10 – Pan Shadow Palette Heart & Sol is a pan shadow palette that provides an amazing range of colors to choose from. It’s perfect for framing images and adding personality to any space. With its bold, today’s colors, the Wet N Wild New Color Icon 10 will provide you with a versatile tool to add impact and expression to your photos or home décor.

Disguise Cosmetics Satin Smooth Eye shadow Squares – 216 Satin Green Fern, 4.5gm

Looking for a way to add some extra oomph to your makeup routine? Look no further than Disguise Cosmetics’ satin smooth Eye shadow squares. These eyeshadows come in 216satin green Fern and are the perfect addition to any look. With a light, yet creamy texture, these shadows will make you feel like a million bucks.

XX Revolution Luxe Shadow Palette Bare Lux, 18gm

XX Revolution Luxe Shadow Palette Bare Lux, 18gm., is the perfect way to start your day. This palette features 18g of pure, crisp shadows with no fillers or binders. The bare Lux formula allows you to condition and build a foundation for your makeup routine without any tools or excess packaging. With this unique palette, you can create Brocken brook-style eyes with ease and a degree of control over color and tone.

Pigment Play Playground Hero Shadow Palette – Classic Phoenix, 9gm

The Pigment Play Playground Hero Shadow Palette is perfect for any artist. With tons of versatile options to choose from, this palette offers a range of colors that are sure to work with any style. Whether you want a classic Phoenix look, or something more rockabilly inspired, this palette has you covered.


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