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Tours in armenia

Armenia has been mistakenly overlooked as a destination of choice for tourists. But if you do visit, you will discover a rich cultural heritage, with old sites and great food to enjoy. Armenia is becoming a more and more popular travel attraction. And the small yet fascinating country boasts of its own rich history. Armenia is becoming a more and more popular destination; visitor numbers have skyrocketed over recent years, and it is easy to understand why.

Tourism in Armenia has been a core industry of the Armenian economy since the 1990s, with over half a million visitors visiting annually from the country (mostly ethnic Armenians from the diaspora). Since 2001, when Armenia celebrated 1,700 years of conversion to Christianity as a country, tourist numbers visiting the country increased about 25% annually. Services to tourists and travelers are quite good in Yerevan, and developing in other parts of Armenia. Armenia is among countries that have recognized tourism as a priority at a national level. As the industry is already growing in the name of tourism within Armenia. Increased growth will likely bring greater benefits for many more.

It also has the potential to more rapidly expand into all parts of Armenia Having fewer geographic constraints to its growth.

In February 2020, UNs World Tourism Organization reported that according to recent statistics. Armenia is among the worlds fastest-growing tourism destinations. According to Armenias State Statistics Commission. In the first quarter of 2021, Armenia received just 85,000 tourists, mainly from Russia, Georgia, Iran, and the United States. The breathtaking nature and adventure tourism are a potential draw for all of Armenia, but the regions lack of English language proficiency, international-standard hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, and its mediocre transportation options, have turned off many visitors. Many foreigners from Europe and the U.S. have begun to consider Armenia a tourist destination. Diaspora Armenians from Russia, United States, Lebanon, France, and elsewhere were increasingly visiting Armenia to see Diaspora Armenians from Russia and a liberated Artsakh.

You will often be reminded while visiting Armenia that Armenia was the first official Christian nation in the world.

As the many monasteries are one of the main tourist attractions in Armenia. It is not surprising that Khor Virap Monastery has been a place of pilgrimage for quite some time, and people visited this place well before Christianity found its way to Armenia for the first time. As a result, Qarahunj is today a popular venue for Armenian weddings. And the underground chamber where Gregory the Illuminator was held is accessible on a visit to Khor Virap.

Which is, consequently, one of the most visited Armenian pilgrimage sites. If you choose to go to just one monastery on your trip to Armenia, Noravanks example would be a tremendously good choice: thousands visit each year. Each area has a well-established tourism infrastructure organised by the Tourism Board in Noravank, as well as local police officers ready to help 24/7. Safety is a priority when traveling, and fortunately, Armenia is a safe destination for all types of travelers.

What Kind Of Tours Are In Armenia

We provide a variety of excursions and tours for you to explore Armenia and make some unforgettable impressions. Our tours in real Armenia introduce you to famously friendly Armenians. Offering an intimate insight into the country, as well as newfound appreciation of the beautiful brandy. To discover Armenia, many tourists travel from various parts of the world. Discovering Armenia on their own or using services from different tourist organizations and travel agencies. Few tourists who visit for a short time, their losses are your gains, as you get Armenia while visiting. Because the country is not used to large groups of tourists. The transport system between Yerevan and other parts of the country is not fast nor reliable. And if you are not coming in with a tour group. You will want to make plans to get around by car.

Armenia Travel Costs Accommodation.

There are limited hostels in Armenia. With the majority located in the capital city, Yerevan. Major tourist attractions include the capital city, Yerevan, Lake Sevan. One of the highest lakes in the world, the town of Dilijan, known as the Switzerland of Armenia. The Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort, Garni Temple and the Ghard, the monastery at Noravank. And the Haghartsin, as well as hiking trails, caravanserais, and pilgrimage sites. It is impossible to visit Armenias capital city, Yerevan, without noting its stunning natural attraction, Mount Ararat. For truly spectacular views, head outside of Armenias capital towards Khor Virap Monastery. Where you will feel as though you could practically touch its majestic natural landmark. You will also get to see Mount Ararat and the dramatic landscapes outside of town.

Another unique feature of Armenias

capital is that you will find little drinking fountains on nearly every corner. Visit the Cathedral of Echmiadzin Just 12 miles (20 km) outside Yerevan. A visit to Armenia is not complete without seeing the town of Echmiadzin. From the snowy Armenian mountaintops of the Caucasus region to its vast array of perfectly preserved medieval monasteries. Visiting Armenia is not something that is frequently included in travelers bucket lists. Tourists in Armenia find it to be an overwhelmingly safe, welcoming, and lovable country.

How to Stay Safe in Armenia Armenia is an extremely safe country for backpacking and traveling. The 4-days of the sightseeing tour package of Armenia would be the life-time experience. Armenia, especially in Armenias capital, has a lot of traditional restaurants offering an excellent selection of local dishes. DAY 3 – Khor Virap – Areni – Noravank – The Birds Cave – Yerevan – One of the most visited sites in Armenia is Khor Virap. As it is where Saint Gregory was imprisoned for thirteen years before treating King Tiridates III for a fatal illness.


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