Top WordPress Trends in 2022

Top WordPress Trends

How will WordPress trends evolve in the coming years? What new features and changes can we expect to see in the platform that powers one-third of the web? This top WordPress trends in 2022 article looks at current trends and makes predictions about the future of the most popular content management system on the web.

Here are Top 6 WordPress trends in 2022

1. WordPress For E-commerce

WordPress is one of the most powerful tools on the web. There are more than 64 million websites using WordPress, ranging from personal blogs to corporate and professional web-sites. It’s no surprise that millions of companies are considering it for their e-commerce needs. What should you know about WordPress if you’re interested in building an online store? Let’s take a look at some things every beginner needs to know about WordPress for e-commerce!

2. WordPress For SaaS

WordPress is being used by all kinds of businesses, including SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. The reason? It’s versatile, easy to learn and use, and it provides organizations with a lot of flexibility in terms of how they build their online presence. In fact, WordPress usage grew by almost 15% between 2017 and 2018 (it now powers 28% of all websites on .com), and we expect that trend to continue for years to come.

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3. One-click Import

There’s a trend in WordPress for developers to design their themes and plugins so that content is easily imported from another platform. Because of WordPress’s popularity, designers want to give users an easy way to move their content into a new WordPress site without having to copy and paste everything. One-click import makes it easier for users and drives up adoption.

4. Chatbots

As more and more consumers begin using chatbots, expect to see a rise in WordPress plugins that connect WordPress with chatbot engines such as and, allowing you to set up simple automated chatbots for your website. This can help automate responses and make customer service easier.

5. Multipurpose themes

WordPress’s free themes aren’t just for blogging: A multipurpose theme like Avada, Be Theme, or Generate Press can be used to create a website for any kind of business. Many have drag-and-drop page builders that allow you to create gorgeous landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and more. These themes are designed with conversion rates in mind, so they look professional and give your site a big boost from search engines—but what really sets them apart is their flexibility.

6. Drag and drop WordPress page builders

WordPress page builders have really taken off in recent years. In fact, at ThemeForest (the world’s leading marketplace for WordPress themes), drag and drop page builders make up half of all theme sales. This is a big reason why they are one of our top wordpress trends in 2022. It makes it so much easier to create stunning WordPress websites with no technical knowledge required.


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