Top Natural Language Processing Providers in 2022

Natural language processing services

Natural language processing services may assist with text analysis tasks like sentiment analysis and subject categorization as well as allowing for the exploration of deep insights into unformatted text. By analysing data with a computer, NLP may help people rapidly locate comprehensive information.

What does it matter if a software-as-a-service business wishes to analyse customer support tickets’ data to better comprehend and address client complaints? Their human crew has a finite capacity. For instance, the typical Zendesk setup processes 777 customer service tickets manually each month.

NLP service providers collaborate with AI technologies to improve language-based data analysis. 

Learn everything there is to know about NLP technologies and the leading NLP vendors here:


IBM provides a number of cutting-edge technologies, including AI. A crucial component of IBM Watson’s AI for business is mother tongue, which enables users to recognise and choose keywords, sentiments, segments, and entities. It increases team member productivity and makes complex NLP accessible to business users.

Companies may categorise text using customised labels and increase precision with limited data by utilising the Watson NLP development company. Additionally, it supports several languages.

With IBM Cloud, the API is accessible without charge for 30 days. The user might then choose a premium plan on a salary basis based on their needs.



The NLP solution that employs ML to assess the structure and importance of the material is Amazon Comprehend from AWS. The service can assist in distinguishing between the text’s crucial components, such as place, language, and event.

To assist users in integrating NLP into their apps, Amazon Comprehend offers Customized Entity Recognition, Sentiment, and customizable segmentation. More than 100 different languages’ worth of text can be recognised.

The first request made marks the start of the free 12-month tier. Requests for NLP processing are reported in units of 100 characters, with each unit consisting of 100 characters. Users pay the appropriate fees.

Google Cloud

To evaluate the structure and meaning of a document, Google Cloud, a leader in the language domain, provides two types of NLPs: Auto Machine Learning and Natural language processing services. Google concentrates on the NLP algorithm, which is utilised in many domains and languages. The user experience for translation, searching, and advertisements is improved.

Utilizing Google’s ML technology, the NLP API provides useful insights from unstructured. It provides content segmentation into 700 categories, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and syntax evaluation. In addition to English, German, and Chinese, it provides text analysis in a number of other languages.

Google charges for NLP based on the number of units. The API evaluates each document as a separate unit. 5,000 units may be processed each month without cost. You will then be charged based on the features you utilised after that.


In its dedicated NLP division, Microsoft emphasises the creation of effective algorithms for handling text data that may be accessed by computer programmes. It also evaluates bugs like lengthy ambiguous Natural language processing services, which are challenging to understand and fix.

It provides services for sentence similarity, entailment, sentiment analysis, embedding, text categorization, text summarization, and sentiment analysis. In addition to English, Microsoft Azure AI handles other languages.

For 5,000 text records each month, emotion recognition, language detection, and personalised question responding are all free. Following that, the cost is $1 for every 1,000 text records.


San Francisco-based software company MindMeld created a deep domain interactive Voice response platform that enables businesses to create conversational user interfaces for various apps and algorithms.

Its applications in the areas of home assistance, video discovery, and meal ordering technology are just a few. With a dialogue manager controlling dialogue flow, MindMeld NLP has all the classifiers and resolvers needed to evaluate human language.

It was previously listed in Entrepreneur magazine’s top 100 “clever firms” and MIT Technology Review’s list of the world’s 50 “most competent” organisations.


An NLP framework from Intel features a practical design that includes cutting-edge models, neural network dynamics, data management techniques, and necessary runtime models. The business collaborated with AbbVie to create Abbelfish Machine Translation, a set of language translator tools built on an NLP framework and powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

The Intel NLP Architect aids in investigating cutting-edge deep learning methods to optimise NLP and NLU artificial neural. Intel NLP enables reliable language feature extraction for improved NLP. It provides semantic comprehension and conversational AI building blocks.

Deep learning approaches for NLP and NLU are open to experimentation by the Intel NLP Architect. For pricing on the Intel Xeon Scalable processors, contact Intel.

Stanford CoreNLP

The NLP community at Stanford University created and maintains the library known as Stanford CoreNLP.

Users must install JDK on their machines in order to use it. The CoreNLP toolbox aids users in carrying out a number of NLP activities, including part-of-speech tagging, entity recognition, and tokenization.

Java programmes can use CoreNLP through the command line, and it covers eight different languages.


The Santa Clara, California-based company SoundHound creates solutions for voice and sound detection, NLU, and search.

The purpose of SoundHound is to enable people to engage with the things in their environment that they enjoy doing.

Their offerings include the voice-activated virtual assistant Hound and the music discovery app SoundHound. The business also provides speech AI so customers can communicate with their voice technology, coffee makers, and autos by speaking.

The SoundHound NLP services are available to users who join up for a free membership trial and then choose packages as they need them.


Human existence now heavily relies on natural language processing. It is assisting businesses in gathering data from unstructured text sources including social media postings, email, and reviews.

With so many NLP development company, it might be tough to choose the best one. Open-source and SaaS tools are available for users to select from. Developers can adapt a solution with the use of open-source libraries. If you don’t want to spend money on NLP infrastructure, a SaaS product may be a viable platform.

On each of these models, various service providers are engaged. To create your unique application that revolves on the computerized processing and interpretation of language, you may choose the finest supplier, including their domain knowledge.


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