Top 6 Wall Panelling Ideas for Bedroom Space in 2022

Top 6 Wall Panelling Ideas for Bedroom Space in 2022

Wall panelling is popular among individuals who look forward to turning a monotonous setting into an inviting one. And, of course, the bedroom is a place where an individual spends the rest of his day. Modern-day bedroom wall panelling hosts different exotic designs, shapes, and colours.

However, the historical wall panel throws a statement. You can explore different wall panel ideas to suit your comfort and preferences.

Whether you want it as a classic, contemporary, or best blend of both worlds, there is no better way to supercharge your bedroom other than wall panelling. Wall panels adjust to the room’s ambience, insulate, and enhance space.

So, it’s time to showcase your bed!!

Top Wall Panelling Ideas for Bedroom to Embrace Today!

Here are some of the best wall penalizing ideas for bed that an individual in the UK can consider:

Light Grey Wall panels

If you are someone who desires a sober touch to your living room or bedroom, light grey wall panels may suit your bedroom texture. It creates a welcoming vibe in the bedroom, and if you have windows in your bedroom, it will bring in more natural light to your bedroom. Thus, light grey wall panels are ideal for a room with grey curtains and windows and a roomier bedroom.

Muted Pink Wall panels

Wall panelling is a great way to create aesthetically pleasing interiors. Therefore, if you are ready to go a little out of the lane, you can try muted pink wall panels. Different configurations and styles mean you can complement your furniture most uniquely.

The muted pink background adds warmth to the bedroom and ensures peace as well. The shade of pink acts as a base for your entire bedroom. However, there are thousands of pink colour frameworks, the best one is muted pink, and Fuschia rose. If you are a couple expecting a little one soon, having a muted colour wall panel would be the best pick.

Get Bold with Blue

Are you looking for a bedroom with a perfect cottage with a modern twist?

Include all the usual elements or try panelling with a shelf on the top to display the accessories. Check out or consult an interior designer expert regarding which colour will give a statement look to your bedroom walls with panelling? Whether you should choose pale yellow or bright yellow with blue?

It will flaunt quite a chick look. If you wish to adopt a chic look, the hue can be ideal for your business. Not only will it add colour to your bedroom, but it will also give it character.. The blue colour goes well with walls and even the ceiling. Blue grants depth to your interiors and reflects a majestic charm.

Mix and match wall panelling style

If you desire something out of the box, you can try experimenting with mix and match wall panelling styles, and it will help you use the panelling in spaces that otherwise might make you feel awkward. Consult an expert before deciding to switch the style of your room.

Mix and match wall panelling style

If you have larger blank wall spaces, this look might be ideal for your bedroom. The technique entails a few types of the panelling and uniting distinct patterns on the same wall panel. However, this may mean dedicating a few euros from your cash loan in 1 hour Ireland as it is a costly affair. This blend can help you adopt a unique and modern style pattern.

Deep green wall panel

If you prefer it dark and royal, you can try a deep gloss green panel. The wall panel painted in green grants room a traditional charm, and the finish is more durable than a flat matte emulsion for choosing whether you want it satin or gloss for your panelling and preference.

There is a difference between satin and gloss, but both have a unique charm and aesthetic appeal. It gives a perfect pairing if you have furniture in the opposite colour that matches well with the décor. For example, you can get it painted green if you have leather-style furniture like an armchair or built-in wardrobes.

Rustic Look

A contemporary bedroom that lacks windows and matching curtains but is replete with aesthetics can go well with rustic style wall panels, and it can be an affordable style boost for your bedroom. To get the look, fix the battens on the wall and stain them to look as if they were freshly recovered from the woods. The most important thing here is the positioning of the batten.

Consult an expert and decide the perfect choice to get the ideal look. You can position the boards horizontally and exaggerate the room’s width and place it in a way to make the ceiling look higher. Ensure enough gap between the panel and the ceiling.

Which Color Should I Paint Panelling?

While you decide and hire the contact for the wall panel, be sure to choose colours that complement the look well. Usually, soft neutral colours look well on any type of surface and the room ambience. Although bright colours like red or orange work well with wood panelling, they may not last long. Thus, stick to soft shades to ensure longevity.

Is Wall Panelling outdated in 2022?

Wall panelling is one of the most popular décor trends for 2021 and a sure-fire way to reinvigorate a room.

From traditional wall paintings to modern ones, every wall panel is unique. And there is a personal style for every taste.

Things to know while choosing wall panels for your bedroom

Well, these ideas may help you design the best and most unique bedroom look. Here are certain things that you need to be mindful of while choosing the wall panels for your bedroom:

  • Choose a wall panel that settles well with the entire bedroom, not just the walls.
  • Choose a wall panel that aligns well with your furniture.
  • If you are designing a living room, you can choose a wall hanging, and for the bedroom, you can go with the wall aesthetics.
  • Analyze whether wall panelling affects the walls of your room or not?
  • Analyze will you need to change the bedroom theme to adopt a particular wall panel?
  • Choose a wall panel that is versatile and flexible.

Thus, you can design an ideal wall panel and enhance the bedroom space in this way. Blending the right colour with the right décor is one thing to nail in wall panelling. So, which wall panelling idea would you like to incorporate within your bedroom decor? Comment.


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