Top 6 Facts About Ludo Game Download We Bet You Didn’t Know


Ludo is one of the most ancient board games and the most loved board game in the world. Initially, this multiplayer board game was known as Pachisi and originated in India where only royal families were allowed to play this game but only adults, not teenagers and only men not women. After some time all these restrictions were rejected and Pachisi was started being played by common peoples of India. After this it got popular when migrators from different countries visited India and have a look on the Pachisi and after some time it got the name Ludo from the people of England. From the ancient times to this modern age Ludo game download is being consistently the most amazing and entertaining game in the world and it is a fact that no one has ever complained about getting bored from Ludo. During the pandemic Ludo helped every one of us to enjoy the time with our families and the big gaming orgs sensed that people are showing interest towards Ludo so they launched online Ludo apps so that people can have fun even when they are far away from each other. Moreover, people are earning real money with the help of these online Ludo game so hurry up and install.

How Ludo is played online and offline?

Rules for playing Ludo are almost same whether you play online Ludo game or offline Ludo. But there are some essential tools you need to play offline Ludo let’s see what are these Ludo tools. If you are playing Ludo with your loved ones under one roof then you need a square shaped-board that should have the game printed on it then as we know offline Ludo can be played by maximum 4 players so 4 tokens for each player of different colour and the last tool is a dice to roll so that tokens can move. If you want to play online Ludo game then you just need a device and good internet connection and you are all set to play the game with your knowns or you can start playing with the random online players from different places or play against computers so you can enjoy alone in an online Ludo but in offline you need a player to start the game which is a drawback too. One of the major benefit of online Ludo game apk is cash games you can earn big prizepool from these gaming platforms.

Top 6 facts about Ludo game download

These days almost everyone is playing online Ludo games those days are gone when people used to play physical Ludo but there are some people who play it till now but let;s see some benefits of online Ludo Game Download.

  • Ludo releases stress

These days people are running towards success and in this race they are forgotting to give time to themselves or to family members and all the work load can increase stres in their mind. Don’t worry take out some time from your busy schedule and ludo king online play with your loved ones from anywhere this can release your mental stress and you can enjoy some time.

  • Ludo increases thinking capacity

Other than releasing mental stress or overcoming anxiety and depression online Ludo can have some other mental benefits like it can increase one’s thinking capability who plays regularly. When you are playing game lke Ludo you have to take every step very carefully and you use your mind to the fullest every time to win the game that enhances your brain cells and increases mental abilities.

  • Ludo brings people closer

Because Ludo is a multiplayer game so it can’t be played by a single player so people who plays Ludo together whether online or offline they just strenghthens the bond by sharing some happy moments with each other. It is mentioned above that Ludo is famous from the ancient times to bring people closer and increases their relationship bond.

  • Why playing online Ludo regularly is necessary?

It is said that Ludo should be played by every age group on a regular basis because according to a research it is said that people who play Ludo regularly have more mental fitness than the people who don’t play Ludo.

  • Earn Money by Online Ludo

These people are attracted to online Ludo games not just for entertainment but they are installing these games for earning real money and to start their online earning careers. These gaming platforms have multiple payment options to invest or to withdraw the money.

  • Better problem soving skills

The person who plays online Ludo regularly knows how to deal with the daily life problems and can strategize the solutions because that person is doing the same in Ludo by concentrating he can make his own strategy to win the game every time…….click here


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