Top 5 Things to do in New Jersey

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New Jersey is often referred to as “not quite New York City,” although this is far from the case. New Jersey has some of the best shoreline vistas on the Eastern Seaboard (beaches), and the state is just dripping with history, from the gentrified brownstone beauties of Weehawken and Hoboken, down the coast to Jersey City and Liberty State Park, via Sandy Hook and Atlantic City (If you’re wondering what to do in New Jersey at night, we understand).

Did you realize the Statue of Liberty is located in New Jersey? Yes, Liberty Island and a portion of Ellis Island are in New York state’s territorial authority, but the monument is still in New Jersey seas.

So, what should you do in New Jersey? Fabulous hotels and restaurants, as well as active art scenes, can be found throughout the state’s massive—and underrated—cities. The outer world is obscured by deep trees and twisting pathways.

Explore the Jersey City

On the Hudson River, the city named after the state boasts the best views of Manhattan… that exist. Take a walk along the waterfront pathway in Historic Downtown to work up an appetite. You can drive up to Hoboken and eat lunch at one of the many fantastic bars and restaurants—or sit outside on one of the grassy pier-parks—before continuing south to Liberty State Park. Return to Old Town and make your way to Grove Street and the pedestrianized section of Newark Avenue, where many of the best restaurants can be located.

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Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is a huge area of green located south of Historic Downtown and past the Morris Canal Basin.

This park quickly fills up on July 4 and Juneteenth, when temporary stages are erected for music acts, thanks to its specialized grilling area and large open spaces. Lady Liberty has never looked more majestic, and the waterfront views are among the best in New York City.

From here, you may visit Liberty Island and the spectacular Ellis Island Museum, as well as stroll through the 1889 riverbank Romanesque-style ferry and train station.


Hoboken, once home to Frank Sinatra and Bruce Willis, has recently become a super-gentrified New Jersey municipality. As a result, real estate is quite expensive in this area.  This is a lovely community that rests serenely on the Hudson River’s edge. There are interesting local shops, excellent bars, and excellent restaurants. Most of these may be located along Washington Street, although others can be found on side streets and off streets.

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Sandy Hook

The Highlands region of New Jersey, which includes Sandy Hook Bay and Sandy Hook Beach, feels like a step back in time.

Because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it offers spectacular views of the water as well as New York City and Long Island. It also means that the majority of the houses here are raised on stilts, and those that aren’t are having construction work done to raise them. This area, as beautiful as it is, is prone to heavy flooding during storm season, which is understandable. In the summer, though, this charming seaside town is a treat to visit, and the beach is well worth a day of relaxation.

Battleship New Jersey

It’s easy to get a sense of the ship’s history as you walk the decks of this fearsome World War II ship, which was launched in 1942.

You’ll hear raunchy tales (like the one about a Playboy Bunny’s visit) while sipping adult beverages and watching the sunset behind the Philadelphia skyline during twilight. Keep an eye out for events like a beer garden or a stargazing party. Search out affordable flights to New Jersey for your travel and make your journey memorable for the lifetime.


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