Top 3 forex treading blog review


Review #1: ForexTradingBlog

The web website online is maintained with the aid of using Mike Conlon, who additionally writes and keeps the website, each very informative, expert, and applicable the Forex market resources. The following is the overview I carried out with Mike:

  1. Please inform us a touch bit approximately your self together with your call, your profession, and your area.

“Name: Mike Conlon, Location: New York City, Profession: the Forex market Instructor with FXEDU, impartial trader. I additionally manipulate the weblog, developing it to 15,000 subscribers, in addition to writing each day for”

  1. How lengthy have you ever been concerned withinside the the Forex market marketplace?

“I were concerned withinside the foreign exchange marketplace for a touch over 2 years as a trader, having transitioned over from buying and selling shares, options, and futures.”

  1. How lengthy have you ever been running a blog?

“I were running a blog for approximately 6 months. I write macro-financial portions on foreign exchange weekly for the weblog, in addition to my each day updates on forex.”

  1. Who is your number one target target market?

“My number one target target market is all and sundry with an hobby withinside the foreign exchange markets and a penchant for learning “out of doors of the box”.

  1. Why need to a person study your weblog?

“People need to study my weblog due to the fact I like to combine it up a bit. Some days there are essential trades, different days technical. Gives the reader an concept of what I search for once I exchange, how the currencies relate to each other and different markets as well. Because of my historical past in shares, options, and futures, I sense I can offer specific insights and offer extra of a entire picture.”

  1. In your opinion, what are the primary benefits of the the Forex market marketplace?

“The benefits of the foreign exchange marketplace are numerous; the maximum vital benefits to me are the truth that you could exchange 24 hours an afternoon and the sheer length of the marketplace. The foreign exchange marketplace can not be manipulated just like the inventory marketplace can so the actions and the tendencies have a tendency to be cleaner. Which is constantly excellent as I generally tend to apply technical evaluation a lot.”

Advantages: Both webweb sites are up to date frequently, written in ideal English, and provide extremely good content material.

Disadvantages: The MyWealth weblog does now no longer provide brief textual content to study earlier than clicking via to the complete article. It could assist readers if they might see a preview of the article. Additionally, neither of the blogs provide new buyers facts they are able to use consisting of tutorials or an advent to the marketplace.

Conclusion: Both of Mike’s blogs are written on a very excessive degree and provide buyers of all ranges vital facts approximately their buying and selling. Both the blogs have a completely easy layout with the myWealth layout sticking to a truely primary and undeniable look, some thing that forces the reader to cognizance at the content material, which on this case, is extremely good. It could be very clean from each those blogs that  Mike is aware of his stuff and he does a extremely good task sharing it together along with his target target market. Like I said, new buyers may not discover what they want to begin buying and selling, however clearly, that isn’t always the target target market Mike is targeting. On each of Mike’s blogs, you could discover updated facts available in the marketplace and its developments, so I can be bookmarking the webweb sites and referring returned to them on a ordinary basis, you need to too.

Review #2: Winners Edge Trading

Winners Edge Trading, a the Forex market weblog written with the aid of using Casey Stubbs, a DailyForex blogger, in addition to a extensively widespread the Forex market professional.

Casey and his weblog deserve a unique point out now no longer best due to the fact he writes a weblog for DailyForex however additionally due to the fact he seems on each unmarried pinnacle the Forex market blogs listing I even have encountered. He is extensively widespread as a marketplace professional and this comes throughout in his excessive high-satisfactory content material. I were in touch with Casey for months now; I comply with his updates on Twitter, and speak to him on a ordinary basis. The guy is a surprisingly expert, tough operating, and extraordinarily sensible character with vital insights on the Forex market buying and selling. Here is the interview I carried out with Casey.

  1. Please inform us a touch bit approximately your self together with your call, your profession, and your area.

“My call is Casey Stubbs and I stay in Latrobe PA. I even have five kids and I am a the Forex market trader/blogger.”

  1. How lengthy have you ever been concerned withinside the the Forex market marketplace?

“I began out withinside the the Forex market Market approximately eight months ago. I became concerned in shares and I noticed a CNBC task approximately the Forex market so I opened and account and attempted it. I were buying and selling ever since.”

  1. How lengthy have you ever been running a blog?

“I began out my weblog, Winners Edge Trading in January of 2009 so approximately 6 months. The weblog has been a complete success. I even have a Google web page rank of three and I am getting tons extra site visitors than I ever concept possible. It maintains getting higher and higher.”

  1. Who is your number one target target market?

“My target target market is the Forex market Traders. I even have a touch some thing for everyone. For inexperienced persons a school, and for extra superior buyers I even have superior articles and exchange calls.”

  1. Why need to a person study your weblog?

“People need to study my weblog to discover ways to exchange or to get exact exchange setups and discover ways to discover the proper equipment had to achieve the Forex market Trading.”

  1. In your opinion, what are the primary benefits of the the Forex market marketplace?

“That’s easy. 24 hr marketplace. plenty of volume. Large rate actions, and leverage.”


Wide form of content material

Updated frequently

Suitable for all buyers


Lack of layout

Content now no longer on domestic web page

Level of writing may be improved

Conclusion: Winners Edge Trading, as Casey defined has what to provide all forms of buyers. The content material is fresh, applicable, up to date, and interesting. No marvel it’s far noted in each listing of pinnacle the Forex market blogs at the Web. Although Casey has been concerned in the Forex market for best a brief duration of time, that is absolutely now no longer obvious in his writing. Most human beings buying and selling the Forex market are searching out an awesome and dependable supply of facts to study earlier than beginning a position. Winners Edge Trading is it! Despite its loss of a contemporary-day and eye catching layout, the content material is right sufficient to preserve you interested. Seems Casey decided to permit his marketplace insights do the attracting and now no longer a flashy layout. We assume he made a clever decision. We plan on persevering with to reveal the weblog and wish to look a number of the more recent capabilities, consisting of the forum, retain to grow.

Review #3: the Forex market Blog

the Forex market Blog is a modern supply for any and all economic facts. The web website online is up to date, orderly, complete of facts, and written in a manner that maintains you interested. Founded in 2004, the Forex market weblog serves over 10,000 the Forex/ Форекс market buyers on a month-to-month basis. The foremost content material contributor of the Forex market weblog is Adam Kritzer. Here is the interview I carried out with Adam.

Please inform us a touch bit approximately your self together with your call, your profession, and your area in about 50 phrases or less.

“Adam Kritzer is a expert economic blogger (and part-time mountain climbing instructor) primarily based totally in China. He writes especially approximately overseas exchange, however additionally approximately mortgages/housing and different tales with financial angles.”

How lengthy have you ever been concerned withinside the the Forex market marketplace/running a blog?

“I even have included the Forex market markets for over 4 years because the number one content material contributor for the the Forex market Blog. I first started out taking an hobby in currencies possibly withinside the early 2000’s following the fall apart of the dot-com inventory bubble.”

Who is your number one target target market?

“It’s tough to pin down our number one target target market- I could chance a bet that maximum of our readers are novice foreign exchange buyers. That being said, our technique to (essential) evaluation is such that any novice economist, fed watcher, or investor can probable discover some thing beneficial.”

Why need to a person study your weblog?

“As I cautioned in query 4, the advice/evaluation presented with the aid of using the the Forex market Blog is vast sufficient to attraction to huge target target market, even as particular sufficient for the Forex market buyers. Moreover, in place of providing each day rate targets (which guarantees that content material will become vain hours after being posted), we cowl tales that replicate a medium-time period/lengthy-time period outlook. Plus, our underlying technique (hobby fee differentials, comparative financial boom trajectories, fluctuations in chance aversion) has remained highly unchanged, this means that articles from ultimate 12 months are nonetheless applicable today.”

In your opinion, what are the primary benefits of the the Forex market marketplace?

“The foremost benefits are liquidity and the intrinsic impossibility of a entire endure marketplace. In different phrases, you could constantly discover currencies which might be strengthening and might normally depend a decent unfold even in the course of durations of intense volatility. Both of those capabilities are specific to foreign exchange markets.”

Advantages: A huge archive of beneficial the Forex market content material, Many classes to select from together with an interview phase with different bloggers.

Disadvantages: New the Forex market buyers will ought to seek via the archive to discover applicable facts however will subsequently discover it.

Conclusion: the Forex market Blog became one of the pioneers withinside the the Forex market running a blog area and it stays a main the Forex market weblog today. The web website online became one of the first the Forex market blogs to provide each day the Forex market updates, and it maintains to provide its target target market the maximum up to date and beneficial economic facts at the Web. Adam includes technical evaluation, the Forex market fundamentals, and marketplace psychology in his writing, providing his readers an all round the Forex market facts supply. It isn’t anyt any marvel that Adam’s writing has been posted in different main economic information webweb sites consisting of Mergers & Acquisitions Journal, in addition to the Wuhan Evening Post. It became a satisfaction operating with Adam.


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