Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

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When it comes to the season of winter then there is a lot that children look forward to and it includes things such as the holidays and breaks from school. The holidays bring a lot of fun but winter also brings the cold and flu season with them. As a parent, you will never want to see your child feeling bad or sick but the reality is that sometimes, sickness cannot be avoided. In addition to taking good care of your kid’s bodies when they’re sick, it is also just as important to prioritize their oral health so that they can heal faster. 

Cough drops and cough syrup are an absolute must when someone gets a cold or flu. But these medicines are often packed with a large quantity of sugar. Cough syrups are usually sticky and get aligned on the teeth, while cough drops stay in the mouth long enough to cover the teeth in sugar that attracts cavity-causing bacteria. If you aren’t able to find any sugar-free medicines then have your little one rinse their mouth with water after consuming the syrup. 

If you do find yourself dealing with a sickness of some kind this winter season, here are some tips and advice from some of the expert kids orthodontists in La Mesa to keep your child’s teeth healthy throughout the process.

How To Take Care of Your Child’s Oral Health During Winters?

Vitamin C and fluids are a great way to prevent illness and boost the immune system but it is also a fact that everyone gets sick from time to time. When you don’t feel well with your body system, your oral health maintenance can also take a back seat but it’s an extremely healthy and important part of the healing process. Here are a few practical measures suggested by kids dentist El Cajon that you can take to keep your child’s teeth healthy while you’re nurturing them with the healing process so that they will feel well quite soon.

Make Sure Their Teeth Get Brushed: 

If your child is dealing with cold and flu symptoms then there is a good chance that a fever or body aches are possible. In this case, forcing them out of bed to get up and brush their teeth might not be an option. Rather you can try bringing their toothbrush and toothpaste with a cup of water to them to rinse and spit. That way they can maintain their oral health from the comfort of their bed.

Gargle with Warm Salt Water:

Your child might not admit to taking it but warm salt water has wonderful healing abilities. It has optimistic capabilities and can soothe a sore throat or help common cold sores to heal faster alongside rids their mouth of bacteria and germs. This gives your child’s immune system a boost to fight against so that they can get well quicker.

Replace Their Toothbrush:

Many people don’t even have the audacity to consider replacing their toothbrushes after they have been sick but most illnesses do not exactly have a scheduled end date. If your child does get sick this winter season then make it a priority to switch out their old toothbrush with a new one once they start feeling better. This is done so that they don’t end up reinfecting themselves from bacteria and germs left on the bristles of the toothbrush.

Keep Your Child Hydrated:

Any doctor will tell you that keeping your child hydrated is one of the best things you can do to help your child get well faster. In addition, a children’s dentist La Mesa also suggests that it also protects their mouths from drying out and spreading bacteria. Furthermore, if the nose is stuffy, they have likely been breathing out of their mouth, and staying hydrated can help to keep their lips from getting chapped.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a parent or a caretaker then your main priority when your child gets sick should be seeing them feeling better and back to being themselves as soon as possible. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to help keep their oral health in good condition, and you are guaranteed to see a difference for sure if you follow it correctly.


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