Tips to Help you Tackle Rental Property Maintenance

Tips to Help you Tackle Rental Property Maintenance

Becoming a landlord is not an easy task. It may be the best possible investment you make with your savings. With it comes duties and responsibilities that can take a lot of your dedication and hard work before you can have its’ sweet fruit. To have a smooth transition between you and your tenants you need to work hard.

One of the responsibilities to handle as a landowner is to provide your new tenants with a well-maintained property. This way you are providing a property with better conditions and relieving them of any kind of damages, clogged gutters, leakages, or any other maintenance issues.

Little tasks come together to make a tough job. Handling it all by yourself can make things tiring for you. Taking the help of property management services may seem like a wastage of money but when you see the list of maintenance work you need to do you may start rethinking your decision again.

Let’s have a peek at the list of maintenance issues that you will have to take care of before your new tenants move in.

Check for Pest Control

Owning an investment property has a major risk of getting pest infested. You don’t stay in the rental property,so it is common not to know when and how your house got infested.

It is important to spend time once a month to check your house thoroughly. Talk to the renters, and in case of any issue make sure you get the pests treated immediately. Taking preventive measures or booking pest control services for bi-yearly treatment should be mandatory if you want to see your property in good shape always.

Your tenants may or may not look after the house so you shouldn’t rely on them to take its proper care. Try not to restrict to just one part of the house as pests can occur anywhere, anytime. Ensure when you get the treatment done, do it for the whole house.

Leaks should be checked

You need to check on the leaks. They can be only found during rains. Soft spots in the property can start as a small issue but grow into something bigger and nastier.

Leaks can also occur due to faulty plumbing. You need to check on the ceiling, rooftops, dividers, showers, windows, and toilet seats. Also run a check around boilers, water heaters, and sinks as well. Distinguishing water leakage is the key to protect your house from destruction.

If they are not checked in time molds can appear on the wall and spread over them. This could make repairs and maintenance an expensive affair. While selling property, if buyers find these molds and leakages, the value of the property will decrease drastically.

Replace items that need to be replaced

All things have an expiry date. Appliances, flooring, painting, and even the rooftops need occasional replacements. The chimney should be cleaned and painted after a period. If you are a smart landlord, then you will assess all the items’ life. If they need repairing, get them repair or else replace them.

If you don’t take care of the items from time to time, you may have to spend a huge amount replacing them for your new tenants. In case you stay somewhere far away, you can ask property management companies to take care of your rental house. They will take care not just of the house but also of tenants and appliances. Keeping your property in good shape will also upgrade the cost of the property.

Get the fresh coat on

Before your new tenants come home, you may have to repaint the rental house. Do you have any idea what a headache that is?

If you can get a fresh coat on before prospective renters, come to look around, it could increase the value of the property. Mainly, this is covered by the security deposit of the previous tenant, but things don’t end there. You need to schedule the dates and find painters who are ready to take up the work.

You may have to stay while the painting is going on. If you don’t have time or stay somewhere far off, you can book the services of the property manager to get it done without any glitches.

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Check the property for damages

Has your tenant given the notice period? As soon as they tell you about their plans of moving out, schedule an inspection date. There have been cases where tenants deliberately damage the property to take out revenge on the owner.

Visiting the property before they leave the property, you can find out about the damages and deduct them from their security deposit. Once that is done, it’s time to re-establish your rental house to its previous glory. This is a time taking task.

Leaving the property in that state can contribute to depreciation in rental income. If you don’t want that to happen, check your property for any damages and get them fixed on time.

Routine Inspections

To avoid any unfavorable situations make sure you run inspections in between. Regular visits can help you analyze how your tenants are treating your rental house. Just before going in for inspection, the owner should inform the tenants about their arrival.

At the time of inspection, you can check for any sort of damages and mishandling of the facilities or appliances. Doing rounds can help you find problems such as pest issues, plumbing problems, and others. If you are unable to do this, you can hire professional property managing companies in Maryland to look after your rental property behind you. They not only check the house but also clear all kinds of issues without troubling you.

As said earlier, the job of a landowner is not easy. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. Leaving the property in the hands of the tenant and turning a blind eye to it could cost a great deal. Taking care of the rental house is a full-time job. If you don’t have time for it, then it is best to hire someone to do so in your absence.


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