Tips to choose a family-friendly star hotel in Jaipur


There’s nothing more enjoyable than going on a trip with your family. Plans and preparations for a vacation sure take much time and effort but one of the essential things is finding a hotel in Jaipur that your family would be comfortable staying in. Make sure to make a list of well-appointed, fair-priced star hotels that everyone is comfortable and happy to stay in.

Here we are going to list some tips for choosing a star hotel in Jaipur that is an all-inclusive multi-generational, family-friendly place to stay.

Appropriate for everyone in the family

When choosing a hotel make sure it is appropriate and has activities or events for everyone in the family so that everyone can enjoy their time rather than be bored or have activities only for a certain age. You have kids tagging along, see to it that the hotel is kids-friendly and has planned activities for kids such as fun games or a child program. If teens are tagging along, be sure to check with the hotel about activities teens can enjoy such as musical night, an evening disco, or dance. If it’s all adults booking a hotel that has a bar and has musical shows or events will be a treat. The key here is for everyone to enjoy their stay and the trip.

Booking rooms together

Depending on the size of family you are bringing, make sure to book it at a prior time. So that it will be easier for the hotel staff to give you rooms on the same floor, at the same time they will know what to prepare for. Also be sure to give any special requests you have at the time of booking the hotel, for the hotel to take care of. Some hotels provide small complimentary gifts depending on the guest list you provide, like macaroons, flowers, etc.

Location of the hotel

Where your hotel is located is one of the important factors to consider, plan around the places you want to visit during your stay and book your hotel. Make sure the hotel is a hotspot for all the destinations on your trip. This way you will save money spent on cabs and you won’t have to travel long distances and feel exhausted. This is also a reason why most of the hotels are located near airports. Before booking a hotel, look for places and tourist spots that you or your family would want to visit, and plan accordingly because some of these would require a reservation to book a spot. And because of the ongoing pandemic most tourist places follow strict rules and restrictions to keep everyone safe, ask them beforehand so you can enjoy your time there.

Dining options

Look for a hotel that has dining options with multiple cuisines while having 24*7 dine-in options. See to it that there are some good restaurants nearby the hotel you are staying in that everyone in your family enjoys. This way no one would feel missed out or each one can eat whatever they like. And most of the restaurants would be open late at night so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a restaurant when you check in at midnight and need to eat dinner, or if you are a person who has late-night cravings.

These are the things to keep in mind while looking for a hotel as a family. That your whole family can enjoy. In today’s life, most of us are leading a busy life, and chances of having a family get-together are very limited. So, make the most out of your vacation, and go above and beyond for everyone to enjoy the trip and have a good time. We hope this was helpful for you when you’re looking for one of the best family-friendly hotels in Jaipur.


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