Tips for Students to score high in CBSE BOARD Exams

CBSE Board in all Countries
CBSE Board in all Countries

Certainly, Board examinations are the most vital examination stage for having a successful future. The scores obtained by students in board exams have an impact on gaining admissions in a reputed college and for selecting a course of their choice. Students’ along with taking home tuition for CBSE Board must also study harder by preparing a detailed plan which eventually will lead to a successful career.  Though there is no short cut route which can help you get a good score, there are certain tips that all candidates must follow to get a good score. Some of the tips and top best tips that all candidates must follow while doing boards exam preparations along with taking online tuition for CBSE Board include:

Do more last year’s questions

The most important aspect for getting a good score is having a detailed understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus and for the same, there is no better option than referring to the last years’ papers. Doing more question papers helps students’ know the exam pattern and improves their time management skills as well. The more you do practice papers and sample papers, the better your preparations will be. Do more mock tests, practice papers, etc. along with taking classes from online tutor for CBSE Board from the experts.

The advantages of practicing previous questions are significant and thus they must not be overlooked at all.

Give importance to subjects

Time management is crucial and important for exam preparations. During preparation, candidates must give weightage to all sections so that no important topic or section gets missed out. Also creating timetables in the beginning will help candidates focus on all the topics. Students must give equal importance to all the subjects and must not neglect any topic. Also, time management is very important and students must try to manage the time well among all the subjects. For time management, you can always get the help of your home tutor for CBSE Board.


Revision plays an important role and thus it must not be neglected at all. By doing revisions, one can remember all the, it helps in remembering facts, figures and other details which they have studied in the beginning. By doing regular revisions, candidates can learn about their shortcomings and weaknesses and can make their concepts stronger. You can revise the concepts by creating notes and using effective techniques of revision based on their learning habits.

With regular revisions while taking online tutoring for CBSE Board, students can memorize the concepts and recall information easily.

Prioritise the topics you are facing difficulty with

Most students feel that they should do difficult chapters at the end but this is wrong. Rather difficult topics must be done in the beginning as tougher subjects and concepts require much more practice and thus they must give first priority to these topics while preparing for an exam. Students many times avoid studying these subjects and leave them for last-minute preparation, but this is the worst mistake they make. Students taking classes at online tuition centre for CBSE Board can get all of their doubts cleared from the teachers and can remember all the important topics.

Students have to prioritize their challenging areas and must begin with tough subjects so that they can get enough time for practicing these topics later. Avoiding tough subjects and leaving them for last-minute preparation is not a great idea while taking tuition at home for CBSE Board.

Follow the best studying habits

To get a good score in the board exams, students must have some important studying habits so that they get an edge in the competition. Creating an effective study plan and sticking to the same, let students stay focused. Also this way they can have a perfect balance between their academic and personal life and can do some other tasks as well.

Make a strategy to learn long answers for the board exams

Though many panic while studying or learning long answers, honestly everyone has to deal with it. Thus to overcome the terror of learning answers having more words , students need to prepare an effective strategy, like they can break long answer into shorter paragraphs, etc. to retain the answers for a longer period of time. Students get many important tips while taking online tutoring for CBSE Board.

Refer to the best study material and follow the pattern

In today’s digital world, there are unlimited online resources which can be referred to while taking home tuition near me for CBSE Board preparations. It is essential to use important materials from reputed sources and refer to the same while preparing for the board exams. Keep a close eye on the overall time taken for doing questions and how much weightage they hold.

Write the answers in a more presentable way

While writing the answers, the main thing to be taken care of is to make the answers more presentable. While writing the answers, students must follow etiquettes to writing and make answers more readable and presentable. Write answers in a precise manner without including jargons and fillers. Write to the point, keeping the word limit in mind.

Cope up with the Stress

Though preparing for CBSE examinations is not a cup of tea, students need to put in their efforts. All the students preparing for the board exam are advised to stay relaxed and manage the available time in a more effective manner. A positive attitude and motivation level helps deal with stress and anxiety which otherwise might affect your health as well.

Stay safe and healthy

Many students while doing continuous preparation for their exams affect their health to that much level that it hampers their studies as well. Thus maintaining a vigorous lifestyle and doing exercises are crucial for improving one’s learning abilities. Students must spare enough time for doing physical activity as it helps freshen up their mind and stay focused. You can also do yoga and meditation to improve your concentration level. Students can get involved in some favorite activities, like swimming, singing, dancing, etc. any sort of activity which gives them maximum relaxation. Ziyyara’s home tutors near me for CBSE Board always look for new and innovative ways to help students feel relaxed.

How to get a good score in board exams?

Board exams play an important role in the students’ academic life. Getting a decent score in board exams helps students pick up their favourite subject and begin with their dream career. All the important preparation tips mentioned above will surely help students get a good score. But at the same time, students must not take extensive pressure as it will eventually result in anxiety and stress.

So start your studies by taking under the guidance of experienced teachers offering home tuitions for CBSE to have effective and organised preparations for the forthcoming exams. To get one-to-one online private tuition for CBSE Board, enroll at Ziyyara classes and increase your chances to get a good score in the exam.

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