Tips for Building an Two Truck App in Line with Current Trends


Towing business is a great resource that is growing faster in the present marketplace. Although cars are becoming more dependable, accidents and malfunctions do occur, necessitating the use of a tow truck.

Establishing your own towing company enables you to become your own head honcho, also providing excellent service to your community.

Individuals may require roadside assistance as long as there are vehicles on the road, and you can stance yourself to heed the service request.

So, how can you start your towing company with a fantastic Uber-like app that meets the current marketplace trends?

This blog helps you create a modernistic Uber for tow trucks app that helps you deliver a complete solution for your customers.

How the Modernized Roadside Assistance App Is Changing the Typical Towing Industry?

The cutting-edge roadside assistance app is transforming the traditional towing service industry into a digital one.

Prior to the advent of mobile apps, the roadside assistance industry faced numerous challenges in providing its services.

For example, locating a customer’s precise coordinates is a key concern in the towing industry.

After receiving a towing request, the service provider must overcome multiple challenges in order to meet the customer at their exact location.

Customers, on the other hand, are unable to pinpoint the exact position where their vehicle has broken down.

In these circumstances, an on-demand roadside assistance app is a godsend solution to such a problem.

The new-age on-demand towing app has solved all the pain points in the typical towing industry such as tracking the exact location, complications in finding out the exact needs for a swift towing service, hitting the user’s spots on time, and so on.

Let’s discuss this in brief in the following section.

Complete Workflow of a New-age On-demand Towing App

The function of a roadside assistance app is fairly simple. To begin, users must sign up for the app and create an account.

They can easily sign in and enter their specific position if they already have an account.

Following that, they can pick the necessary roadside assistance facility and send requests to proximity service providers.

Once the requests are sent out, a nearby service provider will recognize them and instantly deploy a technician or a towing truck to the specified location.

Users can use the service and pay safely from within the app.

Let’s take a look at the necessary features to include in your on-demand app.

Fundamental Features to Include in a Uber for Tow Trucks App

Your app’s user-friendliness depends on its basic and fundamental features.

In order for customers to book your service seamlessly, these functions must be available in the app.

Here is the list of features to include in your Uber-like towing app:

  • Geolocation: This feature helps the technicians to get to the customer’s location on time.

Additionally, this helps them locate the closest garage easily.

  • Notification Via Email: This feature enables the customers to share their vehicle details such as model, registration number, and so on.
  • Safety: With SSL certification and additional stability in the enhanced code, your app will be secure.

Furthermore, this gives your users trust when conducting money transfers.

  • In-app Chat: Through this feature, customers are able to communicate instantly with your customer service representatives.

This assists them in quickly resolving their service-related queries, assisting them in receiving the best service, and increasing your customer base.

  • Payment Gateway: Payment is now integrated into the app, making it more potent and ensuring security.

This function enables the customer to enter their credit card details for online payment.

Moreover, when the user requests a service, the last payment gets instantly deducted.

  • Ratings and Reviews: This feature gives the space for users to express their views on your service.

For the sake of the user’s comfort, higher-rated roadside assistance will be placed on the field initially.

  • Pricing Information: With this feature, you can set the pricing details or hourly fee for the list of services you provide.
  • Push Notifications: The real-time push notifications help customers and service providers to stay upgraded on the service modifications.

Let’s explore the advanced features that fuel your towing business to perform even more efficiently and productively.

Advanced and Sleeky Features for Your Uber for tow truck App to Meet the Current Trends in the Marketplace

To meet the current market trends you need a well-built towing application.

The advanced features in your Uber for tow trucks app make your service reliable for both service providers and users.

Let’s see how!

  • Exceptional Tracking Capability: Users can oversee the Tow truckers’ dual locations at the same time.
  • Multi-Language Support: This feature allows people to select a language based on their preferences.
  • Adherence with Security: You must provide complete data security and adhere to basic app regulations as well as the requisite compliance requirements.
  • Collection of Services: Customers can use this feature to choose from a list of options such as towing, dead battery backup, tire fix, accidental support, and so on.
  • Location Sharing: A customer can notify the tow truck service provider of his or her emergency position.
  • Vehicle Info Sharing: The user can share vehicle details such as model and registration number to facilitate proof of identity and the dispatch of an appropriate tow vehicle or endorse an expert at the location.

Eventually, the customer can utilize the search facility/reviews/feedback to find a roadside assistance app service that suits their requirements.


To sum up, everyone finds themselves in a scenario where they require roadside assistance, and only an excellent Uber for tow trucks app can help them get over the issue. Many startup companies are attempting to bring vehicle owners and tow truck drivers together on a solitary mobile app console.

Established companies that offer tow truck and roadside assistance app solutions are even now constantly working to provide a mobile app channel for their intended customer base. Hope the aforementioned elements in this blog helps you in developing a fantastic Uber-like towing for your business and assist you in fitting the current demands in the marketplace.


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