Things people with long nails struggle to do

Things people with long nails struggle to do

As someone who’s had to wear long nails for prolonged durations of time, here are the 15 most frustrating things I’ve seen in not in any particular order.

1. Wearing any kind of necklace that has clasps.

It’s best to forget about attaching your fashion-forward or elegant necklace wearing fake nails as it’s nearly impossible. The only way to put on any jewelry (unless it’s an engagement rings) is to be patient until you’re at work or with a partner to ask for help. If not, you’ll have to commit 20 to 30 minutes or an hour of total frustration trying to put your bracelet on , and you’ll fail.

2. Injecting earrings into your ears.

In the event that your nails grow long, and the earrings aren’t big enough and flimsy, they’ll fall into the water that’s the nail’s bottom. You have two alternatives: (1) put in your tiny studs if your nails aren’t as long and don’t look back (2) attempt, with all the effort you have within you to secure the small stud using the fingertips of your hands as you secure it (3) contact someone for assistance and (4) wear larger earrings, such as chandelier earrings or hoops which you are able to hold onto.

3. Typing on the keyboard.

The way you type is usually with the tips of your fingers near your nail however using longer AF nail, you need to adjust your methods of typing and utilize fingers with pads on your fingers more. The same applies to typing on your smartphone. Be prepared to accidentally hit keys all the time.

4. It’s not possible to remain silent when typing or texting.

Whatever your keyboard is or your phone’s screen or anything else, you’re listening to the tap, tap, tapping sound. It can either relax you , or contributes to white noise, or it annoys everybody in the vicinity.

5. Finding any kind of credit card in any kind of slot.

*Attempt (and not succeed) to pull that laundry bill out using long fake nails that are AF.

6. Applying any kind of makeup you normally apply using your fingertips.

Make sure to say goodbye to applying foundation using your fingers goodbye, as you’ll likely cause many divots and slits in your makeup if you try to apply it wearing fake nails. Also, you shouldn’t apply anything on your face, such as bronzer or blush because one mistake and an accidental swipe of your nails can appear like you’re trying to write your name on your face.

7. Flossing.

It’s difficult enough to accomplish when floss is wrapped so tightly around your finger, you feel like it’s about to disappear. You then throw long nails in the mix and they’re pricking the gums and preventing you floss from getting into the grooves and cleaning your teeth. You should therefore buy flossing tools.

8. The act of buttoning everything.

A pair of pants, a shirt and jacket -it’s all a faff. There was a time when you were able to unbutton or button your pants or your shirt with the speed of light and now, you’re forced to make use of both hands and both fingertips to make your button to be removed or re-done. There’s no longer a cat-eye that causes you to be late to work, it’s your button-down shirt.

9. The process of opening a soda bottle.

Now you must utilize the finger’s side to try to shake the can open, avoiding damaging or benting your nail forward. Ouch!

10. Wearing gloves.

Your gloves were able to fit until you added a half-inch or more at the tip of your fingers. However, today, they’re no longer fitting which is why you’re required to wear gloves.

11. Applying false False.

It’s not easy for short nails. However, with longer nails, now need tweezers for placing your false lashes along your lash line. This can be a bit scary on its own.

12. In holding an eye pencil, or using a slant tip brush to apply eyeliner.

Like holding a pencil or pen is harder as is holding an eyeliner in order to create a stunning eyeliner that looks graphic on your face. Also, don’t bother fixing the smudges.

13. Contacts are being put in.

The once-in-a-lifetime simple, pop-them-in and-go routine has turned into something that could be blinding. One mistake and your vision becomes blurred and your eyes are watering as mascara and liner are slowly making their way down your face as follows:

14. You can run your hands over your locks.

If you’re wearing acrylics and you move your fingers through your hair when they begin to grow out the chances are that hair strands will be stuck in between the nail’s edges and your acrylics. More often than not the hair strand will pull out and get stuck beneath your fake nail which is always awe-inspiring. #Not.

15. Cleaning yourself after going for a bathroom. You must be extremely cautious because of obvious reasons.

We love the feminine, delicate style and feel of long nails. We’ve got be honest and admit they can make simple day-to-day tasks incredibly gruelling. No matter if they’re gel, acrylic or our natural nails that have grown out, there’s the time that we’re able to endure them before we’re ready to pull them off! If you’ve never been through the agonizing long-nail pain and aren’t convinced, you should.

Lenses on:

What’s usually an arduous task can be made doubly dangerous with nails that are long. The fear of hitting your eyes, or even worse, your eyes, can keep you from wearing your glasses throughout your nail-length reign.


If you’re using a smartphone or keyboard typing in any form is painfully difficult. Your beautiful nails are bound to become stuck between your keys or create a horrid tap-tap-tap sound every time you make use of your smartphone. Because this happens about one billion times per day, make sure you are prepared or keep a nail cutter in your pocket.

Make-up application:

Don’t think about applying foundation using fingers or other products in a pot. Since you’re bound to cause holes or lines to the makeup and may even scratch your skin. There will also be products under your nails, which can be a hassle to remove.

Tip your clothing by buttoning or zipping:

The process of buttoning or tying your jeans, shirt, or jacket. Will now take you nearly twice as long it used to take. Keep going, however, or select a top that is that is long enough to cover the jeans you’ve ripped off or open your shirt with a tank top in.

Changing jewellery:

The act of putting on or taking off any type of jewelry will consume the majority of your dressing-up time. So you should forget about the perfect cat-eye. Studs for the nose or ear will slide in the space between your finger and nail and then lose track when you try to remove them. When you’re wearing jewelry, or bracelet with a clasp don’t think about it. This is the time you’ll need your roommate or mom with you.

The act of opening any item:

Opening a box, bag, can or any other item is something that can be a pain…literally. We’ve lost track of the amount of times that our nails have been bent inwards (which is incredibly painful) or, even more painfully broken off.

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