The world’s first p2e cricket game teases it’s community with updates!

p2e cricket nft game

Excited about the world’s first P2E cricket game? If you are, then we got some more updates that will raise your excitement levels to the sky.

Like any story, let’s start from day 1 of MCL. The cricket player NFTs and digitally signed bat NFTs of MCL were dropped on the NFT platform. Imagine the craziness level of 55,000 NFTs being sold out in under 9 minutes, but that’s what happened here. In addition to this, they had a few NFTs of their collection on auction, which witnessed a 400x spike from the base price. Let’s just say they made a bang with their entry!

So, the story continues, and they launch their NFT marketplace where the people get to trade the cricket NFTs. Since the first day of the marketplace, the trading of NFTs has been doing great. The company has confirmed that more than 100,000 trades have been made on the marketplace, and 10,000 new visitors are joining the platform daily. They’ve also stated that around $10,000 to $25,000 worth of trades happens on a daily basis. While the number of trades is skyrocketing, the value of the NFTs has also been showing a solid rise. From being sold for an average price of $12.5 during the drop, the floor price of the NFTs has risen to more than $30. Enough of all the numbers; let’s get into the details of the exciting updates released by the team recently.

The Recent Updates On Meta Cricket League P2E cricket game

  • Firstly, the game will be available on both web and mobile platforms. This gives you an opportunity to earn via your smartphones.
  • Every user needs to hold two NFTs to be able to play the game, and it is necessary to have a batsman and bowler NFT.
  • The maximum size of a team is 4 members.
  • You can also level up your NFTs by playing games.
  • Gamers will receive USDT rewards on a daily basis.
  • Gamers will also receive Kit Bags on winning matches. These Kit Bags contain upgrades through which gamers can level up their cricketer NFTs.
  • MCL Signed Bat NFTs will give additional bonuses to gamers in-game, like improved short accuracy.
  • The game will have multiple award-winning opportunities, and above all, it is not necessary for the users to be a pro-gamer to play this game. Yes, everyone will have a chance to win rewards in this game, provided you have an MCL NFT that can make you win.

Final Thoughts

If you are equally excited about the game, stack up your wallet with cricket player NFTs and gear up for the game!


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