The Ultimate Guide To The Best Needle Driver Instrument

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Needle holders are also called needle drivers or needle forceps. This tool is used to hold needles in suturing during surgical procedures. The instrument consists of jaws, a shank that is connected through a box lock, and a holding handle with a ratchet mechanism. This mechanism is useful for a surgeon to have a good grip over the tool. It helps to keep the suturing needle in the right place during operations. 

These can be acquired in a broad range of sizes, lengths, and shapes along with different colors. The appearance of the instrument is based on the needs of the operator during surgery. So, they are designed according to the requirements, also you can buy it with several variations.

Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of Needle Holders:

GerMedUSA uses German stainless steel to manufacture its products which carry chromium lowering its Rockwell scale rating. That is why these tools are durable, resilient, and prevent rust and corrosion. Tungsten carbide inserts are also used in some products. It is a stiffer material than stainless steel, having remarkable properties. TC contains an equal ratio of carbide and an equal ratio of carbon. It is resistive to corrosion and has low thermal expansion. Overall, it provides a long-lasting life to the instrument.



Types Of Needle Driver Instruments:

Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaw:

This instrument is manufactured to hold the suture drivers and needle during surgical procedures. It consists of circular ring handles, shank, and jaws with a clamp mechanism. This tool has fenestrated jaws with horizontal serrations. This holder provides the strongest grip and averts slippage. It is a non-sterile and reusable item.

Barraquer Needle Holder:

This tool comes in several variations, made with German stainless steel which is making it rustproof. This instrument has the finest jaws and provides an accurate holding mechanism. It is a non-locking tool having a straight working handle that is curved inward. It is generally used in microsurgical procedures because of its smooth jaws. Also, it has high tensile strength due to which it requires less maintenance.

Baumgartner Needle Holder:

This tool is available with several variations. With stainless steel circular handles and tungsten carbide circular handles. The golden color handle indicated that the instrument has tungsten carbide inserts. It’s a lightweight instrument having serrated inserts, easy for holding suturing needles during operations. Also, it is resistive to corrosion and can be reused after being done with the sterilization.

Blair Brown Needle Holder:

This is an absolute tool for holding dense materials and suturing needles during surgeries. It possesses a stronger grip because of its serrated jaws. This tool has some remarkable characteristics, such as durability and lightweight. It is sterilizable and requires low maintenance because of its high tensile strength.

Boynton Needle Holder:

This tool has a self-opening action because it contains a single spring mechanism. It maintains a good grip because of its palm-held handle that provides a good grip in handling surgical procedures. The working surface of the tool may also contain tungsten carbide which makes the instrument more durable.

PI Needle Holder:

PI Holder is uniquely designed to help surgical operators hold the needle in OR testing. It has Tungsten Carbide inserts finger ring handle that is helpful in many surgeries, and is generally used for suturing in dental procedures. It is a sterilizable, rustproof, and lightweight tool and can be found in several variations.

Troutman Needle Holder:

It is a multifaceted instrument having a firm grip during surgical procedures. It has shorter jaws and delicate tips and it is mostly used in ophthalmologic postoperative management procedures.


GerMedUSA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of surgical tools. Each type of needle driver has its own characteristic and it is designed differently according to the requirements of the tasks. The appearance of these tools varies as they have different shapes and sizes. These instruments are found with several variations. 

GerMedUSA uses German stainless steel to manufacture its products. This resilient material resists the products against corrosion, also making it lightweight and durable. some golden plated handles indicate tungsten carbide inserts which are stiffer and strong material than steel, last long the life of surgical instruments.


Why Do Surgical Instruments Need To Be Sterilized?

Sterilizing makes the instrument germs-free and removes unnecessary debris. That’s why you should always sterilize your instruments to avoid any infection due to contamination.

Why Do We Need Different Needle Holders In Medical Surgeries?

Every needle holder has its unique design and properties made for a special purpose for a different medical procedure. They are different based on the purpose of uses it is made for.



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