The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics


If you’re looking to increase the reach of your Instagram account looking at Instagram analytics (also called “Insights”) will be an excellent place to begin.

Analytics on Instagram can help you find an appropriate audience. optimize your strategy for creating content, and also reach new viewers.

But acquiring all the various Instagram measurements and terms and also how to make use of this information to help expansion, is no easy accomplishment.

Our Complete Guide to Instagram Analytics, we’ll explain the significance of each metric and how to use this information to create an effective content strategy.

Why Instagram Analytics Matter

Analytics on Instagram is the most effective way to determine the demographics of your target audience as well as when they’re most active, and what kind of content they consume the most.

This level of understanding is crucial to develop an buymalaysianfollowers effective content strategy that generates results for your company or brand Without it, you’re basically working in the dark.

However, determining the appropriate metrics to measure and understanding what they mean is a lot easier said than done.

Each business or brand has its own objectives (from growing the number of followers to increasing conversions and clicks) so the most crucial metrics vary depending on the specific situation.

After you’ve defined your objectives and objectives, you’ll be able to benefit through your Analytics on Instagram because you’ll have clearly defined goals to track in your social media reports.

Learn how you can use the Later’s Instagram Analytics tools to fuel your growth with this short video tutorial:

How to Access Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights (Instagram’s app-based analytics) are available only to creators or business profiles This is only one of many reasons to switch to an Instagram account that is a creator or business profile.

If you’ve created an Instagram personal or business profile You will be able to easily get your analytics by clicking the Insights tab of Instagram’s app. Instagram app.

Begin by clicking on the menu icon located in the upper right-hand area of your profile then select the Insights, which will display the analytics for your profile as a creator or business. You can also hit on the Insights button on the page of your profile.

When you log into your Insights tab, you’ll be able to see a myriad of metrics and data for your content, stories as well as demographics for your audience.

Please note: Instagram can only show you the statistics for posts and stories posted after you changed to a creator or business profile.

How to Access Analytics With Later’s Analytics Dashboard

Alongside Instagram’s native analyticsfeature, Later’s Instagram Analytics feature provides you with an overall view of how your stories and posts are performing , all within an simple-to-use dashboard.

You’ll find all the necessary analytics on Instagram in an easy-to-read format. There are also numerous additional data pointsfor instance, your ideal date to share (available in the Growth or Advanced Plans).

You can keep track of as long as 12 months of Instagram stories and feed posts to see the ones that have been most successful -filtering them according to all the important indicators, like comments, likes, reach and much more.

Additionally Furthermore, later’s Instagram Analytics have separate “Post Performance” and “Story Performance” dashboards so that you will know the exact way each platform is generating results for your business.

Are you ready to track your performance more effectively? Sign up for Later and take a look at this Instagram Analytics dashboard now -it is now available for both Instagram accounts for creators and business accounts.

Part #1: How to Use Instagram Audience Analytics

Understanding the analytics of your audience is an excellent method to know the people you’re speaking toin order to adjust the strategy for your blog and post times to suit.

Go to the Insights tab on Instagram Scroll down to “Your Audience”” and then tap “See the entire.”

From here you’ll be able look over your follower breakdown as long as 90 days. This includes:

  • Follower Growth (Overall, Follows, and Unfollows)
  • Top Locations (Cities and Countries)
  • Age Range (All, Men, and Women)
  • Gender
  • Most Active Times (Hours and Days)

Key Metric: Follower Growth

Tracking the growth of your followers in time, and comparing it to your content strategy is an excellent way to see the factors that are working on your profile.

If, for instance, you see a huge increase in followers following the sharing of your Instagram Reel, it’s an invaluable insight that you can draw from to guide your next strategy.

Tips: If trying to measure your follower growth over a long period of time, later’s Instagram Analytics track up to 12 months of information!

Key Metric: Top Locations

You can also utilize Instagram Insights for an insight into your target audience so you’ll have an understanding of your ideal moment to share. You can determine where your audience’s base is and also the time of day they’re most active; important indicators to optimize your Instagram strategy for posting.

We then analyzed over 35 million feeds (excluding Reels and IGTV) to determine the ideal timing to publish (in local time) for various regions. This is an excellent starting point utilized in conjunction with your own unique audience top location-based insights.

You can also utilize the Most Effective Time to Post feature to instantly calculate your top 7 posting times based on previous activities — and make Quick Schedule slots with just two clicks.

  • Upgrade to One of Later’s Growth, Starter or Advanced plans today and begin leveraging your best time to publish.

    Part #2: Instagram Feed Post Analytics

    There are two different ways to get access to feed post analytics on Instagram.

    The first option is via The second is through the Insights tab. Go to “Content You shared” and then tap the arrow next to your most recent posts.

    On this page, you are able to sort up to two years of feeds based on a variety of metrics:

    • Call Button Taps
    • Comments
    • Email Button Taps
    • Follows
    • Get Directions Taps
    • Impressions
    • Likes
    • Post Interactions
    • Profile Visits
    • Reach
    • Saves
    • Text Button Taps
    • Video Views
    • Website Taps

    It is possible to get more options if you’ve got Instagram’s Shopping features turned on (more details on that later).

    This is an excellent method of gaining a comprehensive perspective of the most effective content over a specific time period — that can inform your approach.

    For a more comprehensive performance overview, click “View Insights” under a post that has been published. From there you’ll be in a position to look at all the major metrics that are important to know, such as:

    • Likes
    • Comments
    • It is possible to send (Only offered outside Europe)
    • Saves
    • Interactions (Profile visits and clicks to websites)
    • Discovery (Accounts were reached and Follows)
    • Impressions (from hashtags like profile, home and more)

    Each metric can provide valuable insights to your account. For instance:

    • Comments, likes, as well as sends are a fantastic way to find out what posts are arousing engagement in your audience.
    • Saves usually reveal what content resonates with your viewers, gives the inspiration needed, or is of an impact that lasts for a long time.
    • The number of clicks on your website is a clear indication that your customers were motivated to find out more about your product or service.
    • Impressions will show how the post performs in accordance with your post’s performance in line with Instagram algorithm. For posts that are performing well keep track of the source of your impressions along with the date and time of your post, and if there are any theme-related content patterns worth noticing.

    If you see a large number of impressions within the “from hashtags” measure, it suggests you’re using a successful formula for using hashtags.

    TIP: Get more hashtag statistics using Later’s Detail Features for Hashtags. In contrast to Instagram’s native analytics that show the average number of likes or comments, views in addition to saves and the reach for each hashtag you’ve utilized in the last three months.

    Note: Later’s detailed Hashtag Performance feature is available on the Later’s growth and Advanced plans.

    Part #3: Instagram Stories Analytics

    Similar to Instagram feed entries, users can also find Instagram Stories analytics using the Insights tab as well as by tapping on an live Instagram story.

    In the Insights tab scroll through to “Content You shared” and then tap the arrow next to your most recent posts.

    On this page, users are able to filter up to 90 days worth of stories using the following indicators:

    • Back
    • Call Button Taps
    • Email Button Taps
    • Exited
    • Follows
    • Next Story
    • Get Directions Taps
    • Impressions
    • Link Clicks
    • Forward
    • Profile Visits
    • Reach
    • Text Buttons Taps
    • Website Taps

    Examining the results of your stories is an excellent method to determine what kind of Instagram Stories are most effective for your company.

    For instance, you might be able to see that posts that have the most views or highest reach all include Instagram Stories stickers — an indication that this approach is popular with your target audience.

    To get a more thorough overview of performance you can swipe up on the live story and click the”Insights” icon located on the left side of the screen.

    Here, you can view:

    • Interactions (Profile visits)
    • Impressions
    • Follows
    • Navigation (Back forwards, Back story and Exit)

    Be attentive to the Exited measure, because it could be a sign of the point at which your audience has dropped interest in your content. It’s also an opportunity to avoid it in the future.

    TIP ADVICE: After’s Instagram Stories Analytics lets you to track and sort up for up to 12 months of comprehensive performance information in a simple-to-use dashboard.

    Furthermore, Later automatically calculates your Instagram Stories completion rate which is the proportion of people who watched all your stories without leaving — a measure which isn’t accessible within Instagram’s app. Instagram app.

    Examine your Instagram Stories information with Later’s Instagram Stories Analytics now -available in Later’s Growth as well as Advanced plans!

    Part #4: Instagram Reels Analytics

    Instagram Reels Analytics are a relatively new update on Instagram’s Insights tab.

    To get these, go to an Instagram Insights menu or by opening a specific Reel by pressing the three dots icon.

    Metrics include Reel interactions and Reach, likes comments, Plays, and Saves.

    Note Views of Reels uploaded on Instagram Stories are included in the total view count.

    Part #5: Video Analytics

    Similar to Instagram feed updates, users are able to view the performance of as much as two years worth of videos by using Instagram’s Insights tab.

    To view this information go until “Content You Shared” and click the arrow next to the tab for Video.

    From this page you’ll be able sort and rank your video according to various performance indicators:

    • Average Percentage Watched
    • Website Taps
    • Call Button Taps
    • Comments
    • Email Button Taps
    • Follows
    • Business address taps
    • Impressions
    • Likes
    • Profile visits
    • Reach
    • Saves

    If you look at which content kept your audience engaged and interested You’ll get an idea of the kind of content you must continue to develop. The more active your audience is then the more likely you’ll be to be a success with Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram algorithm.

    To explore the information for a particular video, simply tap the three dots at end of a video that has been published and choose “View insights.”

    Part #6: Instagram Shopping Analytics

    If you’re taggining items in your posts on Instagram Shopping, it’s a best practice to keep an check on which have the greatest impact for your company.

    To see a complete overview of how your posts that you can shop are doing, go to the Insights tab and scroll until “Content You Shared,” and tap the arrow next to your latest articles or posts.

    From here, you’ll be able sort your stories and posts by some specific metrics for your product that will differ based the account’s settings and whether it is Instagram checkout turned off or not.

    To know how a specific post is doing, tap “View Analytics” to view additional shopping-related indicators in addition to other metrics.

    These two points of data can be extremely insightful

    • Product page views
    • Clicking the Product button

    How? If a blog post on a product is generating an abundance of page views , but only a little clicks, it’s likely that your description of the product and images, or price points aren’t compelling enough to generate sales or click-throughs.

    Part #7: Instagram Live Analytics

    Instagram Live Analytics are accessible via Instagram’s Insights tab.

    Users can view the number of accounts reached and Peak Concurrent Viewers. Comments and Shares.

    Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of your Instagram Live method? Take a look at the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Live here.

    Part #8: Instagram Guides Analytics

    With regards to Instagram Guides, there’s nearly none Instagram analytics at the moment.

    The Instagram Guides serve as a collection of products, posts and places, views count in the statistics for the original content. However, this is they are not available for Guides specifically.

    This is likely to alter in the future as Instagram Guides continue to evolve particularly in light of their potential to drive online sales on the platform.

    Are you ready to begin With Instagram’s Instagram Tips? Learn everything you should be aware of here.

    How to Track and Report on Instagram Analytics

    As you can observe, there are hundreds of Instagram metrics to analyze and report onhowever, trying to deal with every one of them might not be the most efficient way to spend your time.

    Being aware of your company’s goals and the important Instagram metrics to help to achieve them is usually the most effective approach.

    After you’ve defined your objectives It’s worth putting together an account of your social media activity to keep track of your progress in a effective and easy to digest way.

    We’ve designed free templates for social media reporting that are available as PDF or Google Slides (Powerpoint).

    Fill out the form to create your own analytics report . Once you have it, start to display your findings:

    Monitoring your Instagram statistics as time passes will give you an idea of the kind of content that helps you reach your goals, so you can build upon your achievements over time.

    It is also possible to download your important  Click Here Instagram metrics as the form of a CSV file directly via Later’s Instagram Analytics dashboard!

    If you are looking at Instagram analytics, knowing how your content is performing could be an important factor in your strategy for content.

    Explore different goals and play around with your strategies, modify your content, and observe what is successful. The results might surprise you — but in a an excellent way.


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