The Top Five Reasons Why Web Development Companies Use ReactJs Framework


ReactJs is an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook and Instagram to design user interfaces. It was first introduced in 2013, but its popularity has been growing ever since then. ReactJs has a large community of developers and one of the largest amounts of stackoverflow questions and answers among all JavaScript frameworks, which indicates that it’s easy to learn and use. Read in this article, The Top Five Reasons Why Web Development Companies Use ReactJs Framework.


With regard to web application performance, React is faster than Angular and Vue in key aspects. According to SpeedCurve, a test run by Stack Overflow found that: React is significantly faster than both Vue and Angular. The site also notes that React had fewer actions per second during all iterations. This means that it has a longer TTI but is still able to display content faster. It also makes sense because of its one-way data flow and should Component Update, which only re-renders components when their props or state changes. In other words, when components are small and efficient (as they are with React), they can be viewed as miniature web pages in themselves, allowing for easier navigation on an already active page.

Functionality and Customization

If you want your customers to interact with your product, then it is important that you create an environment for them where they can do so without any problems. The customization and functionality of a software program is paramount to its success in an online market. To obtain these goals, web development companies often use frameworks such as ReactJs to ensure that their product provides a good user experience to its users. For example, if you want your customers to order online from your company, it would be impossible for them to perform these tasks efficiently without the aid of a framework such as ReactJs.

This is why nearly all web development companies employ ReactJs in their projects. With ReactJs, developers are able to design programs that function properly and are easily customized to meet different needs. Because of these features, hiring developer programmers has become easier than ever before. Hiring developers who know how to use frameworks like ReactJs is now much easier than having them develop a product from scratch or through trial-and-error testing because they have already been tested by hundreds of other developers who also used them on their own products . This makes using programs based on ReactJs very efficient and cost effective compared to using another programming language.

Browser Compatibility

When you’re choosing a development framework, it’s important to keep in mind how many people can view your website. In order to increase your number of users, it’s important that your website works with different browsers and platforms. Reacts incredible browser compatibility means there is an incredibly large audience for any site created with react. A search for ReactJS on Google Trends shows just how rapidly its popularity has grown over time. You don’t want to miss out on a chance at so many potential users simply because your web development company doesn’t use reactjs development company.

That’s why choosing reactjs is a fantastic decision! With all of these benefits combined, it makes sense why companies would choose reactjs as their development framework. The technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which means that hiring developer programmer who know react js is a wise investment. It will help ensure your business is set up for success in today’s competitive market place and ensures long term success as well. There are also some cons to using ReactJs including: limited third party support (there are not as many libraries or packages available), little documentation (especially when compared to other frameworks) and new (React only came out two years ago). However if you hire developer programmer who knows react js then they will be able to help you through these difficulties.


There is no doubt that most websites are full of dynamic and interactive features, some of which have to be updated every once in a while. There is also no doubt that these features rely on different technologies, thus forcing developers to update them constantly. A web application framework should provide a consistent approach towards building an app even if it involves working with various technologies. As a result, reactjs provides web application development companies with code reuse mechanisms that can significantly enhance performance. This basically means updating part of an app doesn’t necessarily require rewriting parts that aren’t getting replaced in order to ensure seamless delivery of services. Thus, hiring reactjs development company guarantees cost-effectiveness for both new and existing products/services for your business.


You might think that hiring a new developer is a time-consuming, complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. Using React is fast and lightweight, which makes it perfect for apps and websites that need to load quickly. When you need an affordable developer who can help create apps and sites with high performance levels, reactjs development company will deliver results. A professional programmer or development company can help you achieve your goals with speed and precision. They can also help you fix any bugs that may arise in future updates of your app or website without draining your budget or slowing down your production schedule. If a feature requires extensive development work beyond what was originally expected, then using reactjs development company is smart because they’ll be able to rewrite code quickly.


Using JavaScript libraries and frameworks is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. In order to help companies across all industries create high-quality products, JavaScript developers have banded together to create robust libraries, such as Angular, Ember and—perhaps most widely used— ReactJs. Here are five reasons why companies choose ReactJs framework over others:

1) Easy Learning Curve

2) Open Source

3) Fast Rendering

4) Modular Design

5) Full Stack Solution To learn more about other features of Facebook’s open source library or how it can be implemented in your project, contact us today.

Our experienced team of JavaScript experts will help you get started using ReactJs on your next project!


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