The Latest Stats and Trends of Live Chat

Live Chat

Technological advancement has made a great change in customer behavior. Now online shoppers need an immediate response from their service providers. Fast responses and interaction with real people make the customers feel better. Bearing the same in mind, the BPO companies in the USA fulfill the need of the customers that is real-time communication. Failing to meet the customer requirements will make them leave. The latest stats show how the live chat has completely changed the customer contact game by maintaining the perfect balance between customers and service providers and harnessing the strength of technological advancements.

Live Chat Statistics

  • 69% of the shoppers in the United States demand a live chat feature.
  • According to the American contact centers, live is the first service choice for shoppers aged between 18 to 49.
  • Around 73% of customers consider, live chat the most acceptable communication form.
  • Millennials are 20% more likely to use live chat.
  • The global live chat market is expected to achieve $987.3 million by 2023.
  • Customers who take live chat assistance spend up to 60% more per purchase than those who do not.
  • It increases the conversion rate by 3.84%.

Live Chat Adoption Statistics

Over 85% of businesses will offer live chat support by 2022.

Though it has been in the business for a long time, live and webchat facility for the customers is new in the market. One of the prime reasons for this shift and growth is digitization. Moreover, many companies are bringing new tools for automated operations and improved operations. Eventually, the customer demands always increase and the businesses need to meet them. Customers are more inclined o technologies now than before, therefore, they are familiar with the messaging platforms and research shows 79% prefer live chat because of the advantage of instant support access.

Live chat is the number one service choice for shoppers between 18 and 49 years old.

Live chat is the most preferred mode of communication for shoppers aged between 18 to 49. 36.5% of women in the United States have used live chat support at least once. Another 37.5% of people aged between 30 to 39 years have used live chat multiple times. Irrespective of the facts only 62% of the service providers have incorporated live chat on desktop and 55% on mobile applications. However, there are a handful of bright examples of using live chat for a long time by the big shots in the world of business.

About 60% of customers want a quick reaction from support to their inquiry.

After contacting the support team of the service providers, the customers can maximum wait for a 10 minutes’ window to get a reply or support. Beyond that, it is considered unsatisfactory. Facts from the study respondents show that 46% of the customers need the same importance while contacting the marketing team. The sales departments have shown the highest percentage of impatient customers i.e., 62%.

Around 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfying way of communicating with a company.

It has been predicted that 73% of the customers are more satisfied with the live chat than with email and phone. Whereas, 51% of the people are happy with the email communication. Finally, 44% of people feel that phone support is more satisfactory than the other alternatives. The live chat engagement statistics approve that 42% of the customers agreed that live chat is their preferred mode of communication with the service provider. This satisfactory rate has made it the top lead generation method.

The Latest Trends

While talking about the recent live chat statistics, it lands us on the latest live chat trends. Here are a handful of trends that are going to rule 2022!

  • More than 85% of the companies say that they are planning to implement live chat by 2022. As a result, more businesses are looking forward to enhancing their online business experience. If you are not one of the companies to take the advantage of live chat, grab it now!
  • Customers need immediate support via live chat. It allows the customers to make queries and seek advice whenever required or in real-time. You will get instant support from live chat rather than waiting on a phone call or an email response. Better support will always bring better customer satisfaction.
  • Gen z and millennials always prefer live chat over other channels as they like instant messaging more than picking up a call or making a call.
  • Customer satisfaction is higher in live chat than in other channels.

Implementing live chat always takes more time, money, and energy. Still, it is worth the investment if the live chat trend tells you something to do. Aren’t you sure where to start? Find BPO companies in the USA that can help you to ramp up the live chat and deliver an omnichannel support experience for a seamless and streamlined customer experience.






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