The Different Types of Canada Air Flights Travel Classes

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Canada Air Flights travel class can be roughly divided into two categories; Air Canada Premium Economy and Air Canada Business Class . Depending on the aircraft type and the number of passengers on board, there are different cabin configurations available. Air Canada uses an Airbus A320-family aircraft, with three classes of travel offered; Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. The majority of Air Canada Flights operate using the Airbus A320-family aircraft, although Boeing 767-300ER and Boeing 777-200LR aircraft are also used on longer routes to Europe or Asia.

Air Canada Main Cabin

In Air Canada’s Main Cabin, each seat is 29 inches wide, includes a generous 16.5-inch pitch and has an 11-inch recline. Each seat also comes with a fold-out tray table, an AC power outlet and two USB ports. The only thing missing is seatback entertainment (since there are no TV screens installed in seats). Instead, all passengers are free to use their own personal electronic devices to watch videos or read books on their way to their destination. If you need more room for your legs, though, we recommend Air Canada Booking a Main Cabin Extra seat, which costs just $30 extra. That gets you about one inch more legroom per seat – making it worth every penny if you plan on traveling several times throughout the year. Plus, when you book your flight through our partner sites like Expedia or CheapAir , these extra fees will be included in your total price automatically!
*Economy Class: Air Canada Economy Class fares may seem less expensive than those for other airlines but once you factor in all of these extras it becomes clear that it’s not really much cheaper at all.

Air Canada Premium Economy

In addition to having three classes on board—Y, Biz and Econ—Air Canada also has a premium economy class for flights longer than four hours. Premium economy gives you access to premium Air Canada Customer Services at competitive prices, with fares starting at $1,300 round-trip in North America. You’ll enjoy extra space and privacy in a dedicated cabin with wider seats (34-inches wide) featuring 60% more recline than standard economy seats. You’ll also enjoy increased legroom (42 inches), priority check-in Air Canada and Air Canada Boarding Pass, along with premium meals prepared by on-board chefs. That said, if you have time, Air Canada Business Class is definitely worth it for that level of comfort!

Air Canada Business Class

Air Canada Business Class seats are wider than in economy, and offer more recline. The planes have satellite-based Wi-Fi access, over 1,000 channels of movies, TV shows and music and power outlets at every seat. On some international flights to London and Frankfurt, German chefs create meals with regional influences for up to 16 people. Other major airports include Miami International Airport (MIA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). In 2016, Air Canada began offering direct flights from Toronto to Cuba via Havana. This is a great option for Canadian travelers who want to explore Cuba before it opens fully to U.S. travelers in late 2022 or early 2022.

Air Canada First Class

Not all airlines have a first class, but for those that do, it’s typically your first choice. Air Canada First Class travelers enjoy all sorts of perks: space to stretch out and relax, meals from a gourmet menu, personal service from flight attendants – and usually complimentary champagne or liquor to boot. But what’s really nice about flying in Air Canada First Class is how much attention you get; in coach (business), you’re just one person among many; in first class, you’re treated like a VIP. What’s more, there are no middle seats in first class. You also have access to dedicated airport lounges where you can relax before your flight and freshen up after landing.


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