The Crime of Insider Trading: What It Is and How to Avoid It


The SIE exam will test your knowledge of a wide range of securities topics, including insider trading. This is an important topic to understand, as it is illegal and can lead to serious penalties for those caught doing it. In this blog post, we will define insider trading and material nonpublic information, identify the parties involved in this type of crime, and discuss the penalties you could face if convicted. Let’s get started!

What is insider trading? Simply put, it is the illegal practice of using material nonpublic information to make trades in securities. This can take many forms, including buying or selling shares based on knowledge that others do not have access to, tipping others with such information, or any other form of fraudulent trading activity.

One key element of insider trading is the concept of material nonpublic information. This refers to any type of information that has not been disclosed publicly and could potentially affect a company’s stock price if made known. For example, if you have inside knowledge that a company’s product launch will be delayed by several months, this would likely be considered material nonpublic information and could impact the stock price of that company.

In order to commit insider trading, there must be at least two parties involved: the person or entity with material nonpublic information and another party who uses that information to trade in securities. These can be individuals, corporations, or other entities. An example of this might be a corporate executive who uses inside knowledge of an upcoming product launch to buy up shares in his or her own company, with the intent of selling them after the announcement is made public.

The penalties for insider trading can be quite severe, and may include fines, expulsion from the securities industry, and even prison time. As such, it is important to avoid engaging in this illegal activity at all costs. To do so, you should always stay up-to-date on any new developments or changes in securities regulations that might impact your investments. Additionally, it is crucial to only buy or sell shares based on publicly available information, since doing otherwise could lead to accusations of insider trading. With these tips and strategies in mind, you can help protect yourself against this crime and enjoy a successful career as a financial professional.

The SIE exam is an important part of any career in the securities industry, and understanding the topic of insider trading is essential for success. With this information, you can better understand what constitutes illegal activity, identify the various parties involved, and take measures to avoid getting caught up in it. This and other topics will be on the SIE exam. Achievable offers comprehensive SIE exam prep to prepare you for the SIE Exam. Good luck with your SIE exam prep and your future career as a financial professional!


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