The creepiest bugs that you would never want to live with in your house


Being a homeowner is a lucrative and enjoyable experience, but the instant you realize that pests have taken over your home, that enjoyable experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. It is sad enough to note that there are a multitude of pests to choose from, and each of them has their own unique set of challenges and problems for you.

While there are professional pest control services like Rove Pest Control in South Lyon that can help you with the most effective pest control methods, it is first necessary to acquaint yourself with the creepiest bugs and insects that you need to get rid of. Here is a list:

 Ants are tiny creatures that love crumbs, but if you think that it is the food leftovers lying on your plate that attract them to the table, you are wrong. Ants are attracted during particular weather. Ants will usually enter your home when it becomes monsoon season closer to winter and also sometimes in the middle of summer. Crowds of ants crawling on your counter can be a bothersome experience, but not a harmful one. However, you need to be watchful about carpenter ants as they not only eat the wood but also burrow into the wood to create their nests

  • Centipedes

Centipedes are many-legged creatures that not only have a scary look but can also keep your house free from other disturbing insects like firebrats, silverfish, cockroaches, beetle larvae, and spiders. So, be careful about treating centipedes if you find too many of them together. Watch out for cracks and crevices on the floor, drains, stored cardboard boxes, and damn corners of your house.

  • Beetles

Beetles are known, undoubtedly, to be the most common insect in the world that invades almost everyone’s home. The carpet beetles are known for munching on dried food particles that lie in your kitchen, like cornmeal, flour, and cereal. They also love to hide inside woolen clothes that are kept inside the cupboards, carpets, cracks, and corners of drawers and closets. 

  • Bees and wasps

Paper wasps, honey bees, hornets, and yellow jackets are a few of the categories of bees that you will definitely find under your roof. It is a tricky affair to locate their nest, especially when they build it inside your home. Focus on the flying insects that come and go from the small holes in your home as this could be the most possible sign of the fact that they have already infested your home


Get in touch with a professional pest control company if you don’t want these creepy pests to stay with you.


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