The Best Way to Farm Dark Elixir Faster & Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Village When Offline





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Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile strategy video game created and distributed by Supercell in 2012. The game was launched on 2 August 2012 for iOS and on 7 October 2013 for Android on Google Play. The game revolves around the construction of a village and the defense and attack of neighboring villages. The game grows more challenging, expensive, and prolonged as it advances, signified by a high-level town hall, the village’s central focus.


The best way to farm Dark Elixir faster


The Dark Elixir is used in Clan Clash to buy and improve Hero class warriors and train and upgrade Dark Elixir soldiers. Dark Elixir is uncommon; mining it takes time.

  • Season reward


When a player attacks a town, the quantity of Dark Elixir sent to the Season Bank equals the amount plundered from the enemy base, one of the fastest methods to cultivate a Dark Elixir. As a season prize, this Dark Elixir may be obtained at the end of the season.

  • Plunder from enemy locations


Using Dark Elixir Drills, Dark Elixir Storage, and Attacking the Town Hall, you can plunder Dark Elixir from enemy locations. Players can get a Star Bonus in multiplayer mode by obtaining five stars by attacking.

  • Star bonus


Dark Elixir can be found in abundance because of this star boost. The Star Bonus in Clash of Clans Legends League can give a player up to 4,500 Dark Elixir.

  • Winning bonus


In Clanwar, attacking a base with Town Hall 7 or above earns players a Dark Elixir as a bonus. The amount of Dark Elixir a player receives is determined by the level of their attack base; the more significant the base, the more Dark Elixir a player gets. In other words, hitting a TH14 base will give you the most Dark Elixir benefit.


Top 5 ways to protect your village 


A well-planned village with a strong perimeter and several layers of defense will propel you to higher leagues, more awards, and victory. Focus on creating a range of defensive buildings and maintaining your most precious resources in the middle of your village if your objective in Clash of Clans is to fight off raids and develop a strong defense. The following are some tips for protecting your village.

  1. The best solution is to purchase a shield to protect your village in Clash of Clans while offline. If you have a lot of gems, you should buy those big shields to defend your community. 

  1. Create a decent defensive architecture by putting your stores and collectors within the base. One of the more effective strategies to safeguard your town is to.

  1. Hog Riders, Archers, Wizards, and flying creatures all can fire or pass through barriers. Delay your enemies’ progress by using less essential structures to establish a buffer for these attacks.

  1. Building a powerful defense base in Clash of Clans is to use all of your walls efficiently. Because you won’t have many barriers to make at lower levels, you’ll want to keep your most essential resources inside your walls.

  1. For added protection, build a Clan Castle and join a clan. When your village is invaded, the Clan Castle comes in handy since you may request troops from your clanmates to fight in your hamlet.


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