The Best 11 Online Webinar Software for 2022

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With the increased internet reach or advancement of technology, webinars have become the go-to marketing strategy of the majority of businesses. If we consider statistics, approx 94.5% of companies and organizations use webinars as a large part of their marketing master plan. To maximize the marketing impact, users should focus on the quality of the webinars, which should be polished and professional, and  ensure you have the best webinar tools to host immersive and productive webinars.

If you are planning your next webinar? Or Maybe you are conducting a webinar for the first time? You will want to use that webinar software, which is equipped with the latest technological and dynamic features to host a successful Webinar Online. Here in the blog, we will explore the ten best webinar software where you can conduct your next webinar.



Mixhubb is one of the most versatile self-managed, customized, and scalable platforms that offers an intuitive setup for hosting captivating webinars. Several dynamic interactive features and engagement tools make Mixhubb an excellent Webinar platform for education, product demos, employee training, and sales. 

This browser-based online platform enables the users to join the webinar directly from their browser. It is a multi-compatible software that can be accessed from any device, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones( Android and IOS)

Mixhubb offers an advanced yet easily accessible 3D user interface that easily captures the attention of the attendees.  


This Online free webinar platform is backed with multiple features like Screen sharing, AI Matchmaking, Networking Tables, two-way video conversation, and breakout rooms that keep attendees engaged right from the beginning to the end of the event or webinar. Mixhubb gives 100% branding opportunities with freedom and flexibility to create and design the event in the desired manner. Moreover, its robust real-time analytics helps organizers to get insight into the webinar and analyze its performance. Not to mention, Mixhubb is the safest online platform for conducting all types of online events. 



Livestorm is another best webinar software for marketing, product demos, and 1:1 meetings for lead generation. This browser-based software enables users to host a webinar of any size without worrying about the number of attendees. Livestorm is multi-device-friendly software, users can access it from any hardware device, including personal computers, desktops, mac books, and mobile phones. On this online platform, you also host automated webinars along with live and on-demand with utmost ease. 

It comes with multiple features like a one-click invitation, screen sharing, multi-language customer support, attendee analytics, source tracking, unlimited recording, and many more. Moreover, it allows users to download the data in XLS or CSV formats. 



Demio offers an intuitive webinar experience to its users and is fully loaded with all the marketing tools that are required for generating better results. From entirely customizable domains to featured colors, Demio provides limitless branding options for your webinar. Moreover, users can join the webinar in a few clicks directly from their browsers without downloading any bulky software.

For branding of the events, Demio allows users to put brands’ logos across all the event material and eliminates unnecessary distractions during the event. Some other features of Demio include chats, polls, handouts, waiting rooms, email automation, event reminder, etc. 


4.Zoho Meeting: 

Zoho meeting is a perfect webinar software for those looking for marketing webinars, group web conferencing, and even personal online meetings. Hosting a webinar on this platform is easy and quick, in a few clicks, you are good to go live. Users can join and also launch the features from their desired browsers without downloading any additional software. This webinar software also allows users to record the sessions with high-quality audio and videos. For making the session more interactive and engaging, Zoho also enables users to share their screens, run polls, and answer questions. 



GoToWebinar offers a quick and easy setup for hosting and planning a hassle-free webinar. It has multiple built-in webinar templates to choose from that can be advantageous for your business environment. From a customizable online environment that replicates the in-person experience, powerful analytics, and integrations with marketing tools to a flexible pricing structure, it offers everything you need for a productive webinar. 

 Moreover, GoToWebinar is stacked with advanced features like customizable webinar invitations, email reminders, customized registration pages, etc. It allows up to 3,000 attendees to join the webinar from their browsers without downloading any software. GoToWebinar also offers features like chat, polls, Q&As, and Quizzes for keeping attendees engaged.



It is a cloud-based Online free webinar platform that lets users host immersive and engaging webinars. It allows users to share their screen in real-time in one click without worrying about the performance of the webinar. Using this platform users can also broadcast their meetings and webinars on various social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo. To drive more participation, it offers features like Call to action, live chat, polls, and surveys.



Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms that lets users host riveting webinars in no time. It allows you to host webinars with up to 50,000 attendees and 1,000 interactive video panelists live. Moreover, you can extend your reach with HD live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any other custom platform. Users can also change the image of their virtual background according to their mood to remove the Zoom fatigue. Its reporting features enable users to track the engagement rate, analyze the session’s ROI, and gain insight into the webinar. Additionally, Zoom offers other features like integration with CRMs, chats, Q&As, reactions, etc.



On24 is the webinar platform for hosting interactive webinars related to marketing and sales. This browser-based platform enables users to host interactive webinars and online events that generate lead and scale conversions and drive revenue growth. On24 also offers features like branding, analytics, attendee report, live chat, polls & surveys, social media integration, and content management. 



BigMarker is a comprehensive solution for hosting all types of online events, hybrid events, and webinars. On this platform, you can host a live, online event with up to 50,000 attendees. Along with live webinars, BigMarker supports on-demand, simulive, recurring, and series of webinars. You can also live stream your session to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many more social networking platforms. It is a most customizable platform that lets you customize nearly everything. 



 Airmeet is one of the most reliable online platforms for hosting webinars that provide enormous sales opportunities. It lets you connect with your prospects in the most interactive ways enhancing conversion. Moreover, Airmeet allows users to run highly interactive product demos and training sessions with immersive emojis, polls, Q&As, and chat. You can also empower your audience to ‘raise a hand’ and come on the stage during sessions.


According to most research, customer acquisition costs have increased. So don’t waste your time and lose leads by selecting the wrong webinar software and hosting webinars online. Go for that platform that provides you opportunities to host a productive and engaging webinar. You can pick one of the above-stated webinar platforms from the given list for hosting your upcoming webinars.


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