The Amazing Future of India’s First Smart City, Dholera

Dholera Smart City

The Dholera Smart City Initiative, which has garnered national attention ever since it was unveiled, is regarded as the dearest project to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A smart city with cutting-edge, unbelievable amenities that will wow you. Modern technology will be used to build the water system, drainage system, WiFi, electricity, roads, and central control system, and you can be sure that the residents will have an experience unlike any other, just like a city in a developed country. The project has been broken down into numerous parts, and stringent deadlines have been set for the completion of each step. Soon, India’s first smart city will be fully operational, fulfilling the dreams of lakhs of Indians. Dholera SIR residential plots prices have been increasing daily in light of all the upcoming improvements.

Upcoming and ongoing projects in Dholera SIR

Ahmedabad-Dholera expressway project

This highway is currently being developed by the National Highway Authority of India, or NHAI, and construction is set to start soon. The highway project connecting Ahmedabad and the Dholera Special Investment Region, which will include four lanes, has a finalised budget of Rs. 3500 crore. The road connecting Ahmedabad and Dholera would contain a number of cutting-edge features and enable travellers to travel between the two cities in less than an hour.

As more and more investors from the IT sector, the food business, the hotel industry, etc. desire to invest in the neighbouring locations, the price of plots will rise daily as a result of this highway project, driving up the costs of residential developments in Dholera. Additionally, the Dholera Special Investment Region project will create India’s first and largest Greenfield Smart City, which promises to offer its residents excellent infrastructure and a wonderful environment. Investors are currently seeing this project as a gold mine, and they intend to take full advantage of it.

Dholera Airport

Dholera Airport is planned to grow into a significant cargo hub serving the industrial sector and will receive passenger and cargo traffic from the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR). This airport will service Ahmedabad and the surrounding area as well as another airport. The Ahmedabad Airport is located 80 kilometres away from the New Greenfield Airport in Dholera. The airport is scheduled to open in the years 2025–2026, and initial passenger volume is projected to be 3 lakh per year, increasing to 23 lakh over a 20–year period. Additionally, it is predicted that the yearly freight traffic would expand from 20,000 tonnes in 2025–2026 to 2,73,000 tonnes in 20 years.

The investors who have already made investments as well as those who were considering making investments in the designated investment area in Dholera value this permission highly. Dholera Airport will promote commerce and investment from other areas of the globe to India, which will have a direct beneficial influence on the Indian economy. It will not only connect the special investment region to other regions of the nation but will also connect the world in the future. Due to the increased interest in investing in residential and commercial plots from individuals all over the country and the world, the price of plots in the Dholera smart city will increase dramatically in the future.

5000 MW solar power park

The world’s largest single-location Ultra Mega Solar Power Park, with an estimated capacity of 5000 MW and around 11000 hectares of land dedicated to this enormous project making it one of its kind, has been approved by the government in addition to the Ahmedabad-Dholera highway project. The 700 MW bid was recently awarded to five businesses, and the first phase of the whole project, which is 1000 MW, is presently under development.

Dholera Metro and monorail project

Those who own residential or business sites nearby would greatly profit from this project. The monorail will be an elevated structure that runs parallel to the Ahmedabad-Dholera highway. Seven stations in all, six of which will be elevated and one on the ground, have been authorised under the approved plan. The project has started already and is expected to complete very soon. Bookings for Residential projects in Dholera SIR have significantly increased since the monorail project was announced because more people have recognised the potential of this upcoming smart city with many more such world class facilities.

Potential of Dholera SIR

The largest greenfield smart city in India is being created in Dholera, which is around 100 kilometres south of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, as part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. In the next 30 years, 920 km of Dholera, the biggest land parcel in South East Asia, will be developed. Due to this, it serves as the ideal production centre for Dholera’s industry and residential constructions.

An activation area that serves as a catalyst for the development of the area has been found to help Dholera’s growth. The activation area is around 22.5 square kilometres and includes roughly 72 kilometres of roads. The land use has been beautifully optimised by adopting residential, commercial, recreational, and tourism in the right amounts. Future commercial investment opportunities are enormous, as seen by the proposed Dholera International Airport Project, which includes a freight terminal and two runways. As our PM plans to build many more smart cities like Dholera in the future, such a unique city with top-notch services and facilities is undoubtedly an example for the nation.

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