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technical services

Smart glass or light control glass or privacy glass or switchable glass are being installed in the automotive, architectural, product, and interior design industries. This smart glass technical services can be unsegregated into partitions, windows, and other transparent services in different sectors. Following mentioned Sectors use  this technology like

  • consumer electronics
  •  Automotive
  • small retail window 
  •  interior designing 
  •  architecture 

Abdulla Thani group of technical services is now working to provide smart glass technology to its clients and customers. If you are looking for a smart glass company in Dubai then contact us.



This term refers to the process of developing an interior space appropriate and suitable for occupation. The word “ Fit out” stands for construction purposes. Fitout procedures involve all the mechanical workelectrical workdecorating, and furnishing the interior space of a building suitable for occupation by a tenant.

 Fit-out work procedures:

Commercially fit-out work procedures are categorized as category ACategory B, and shell core fit-outs. The basic understanding of category helps you to make a firm decision when fitting out a commercial space. These categories involve the following features to be installed:

Shell and core fit-out:

When the framework and structure of the building is already in place but required fitting out procedures like

  • Power supply
  • Interior wall
  • Lighting
  • Heating facility

Shell and core fit-out permit a business to customize a space with its specification. It is most suitable for large spaces and companies.



Gypsum ceilings and partitions are also known as partition boards, gypsums ceilings wallboard, or drywall. These are basically the panels comprised of gypsum, rock mineral components, and other essential additives used for ceilings and interior wallsGypsum partition wall installation is reliable and preferable with ease of construction. Moreover, it is considered a good alternative to the traditional plaster method.

Abdulla Thani technical services are providing the construction and installation of gypsum board ceiling and other gypsum accessories. If you are looking for a modern solution to get gypsum false ceilings and partition then you are at the right place.

Facts about gypsum

Gypsum is naturally found in rocks as minerals throughout the world. History reveals its use since thousands of years back in the pyramids of Egypt. Now in the modern era, it is used for multiple purposes such as in making plaster products and wallboard. Ceiling tiles of gypsum are smaller and utilized in suspension ceilings.

Gypsum ceilings tiles

Suspended ceilings system or operations are designed of a filigree that is withheld from the roof by cord or cable. Roof bricks are imposed upon the filigree. Suspended ceilings are generally utilized in works and commercial buildings. Different gypsum ceiling tile models produce different acoustical and creative elements. They are available in many varieties. The installation of the tiles is not difficult, but the installation of the suspended ceilings system is generally observed by professional installers.

Misting System

The misting system in UAE gains fame and popularity due to its ability to control the temperature. If you live in an area plagued by extreme heat and humidity, such as Dubai or hot southern areas where the temperature is extremely unbearable outside such as an open playground or baseball ground. Misting system is a new advanced technology that allows outdoor cooling and makes the outside temperature bearable for you.

What is the misting system?

Misting system is an outdoor cooling technology that has a tendency to decrease the surrounding temperature up to 30 degrees centigrade. It is the latest advancement in cooling technology that may also be termed as an outdoor misting system. It reduces the temperature and induces cooling through a process known as flash evaporation.

The Misting system is significant for the following reasons:

  • It is simple and easy to install
  • It helps to reduce surrounding temperature up to 30 degrees centigrade
  • Its circulating air helps to get rid of heat radiated by the human body
  • It helps to prevent the risk of heatstroke and radiation
  • It helps the athletes and sportsmen to be less fatigued and exhausted.

How it works

Perspiration is a normal body mechanism to help the human body get rid of heat and control body temperature. Evaporation of this sweat by air of a normal fan gives a cooling effect. This cooling process can be amplified by the addition of mist or tiny water droplets to the surrounding air.

The misting system works by dispersing pressurized water through specialized nozzles in the form of mist. Dispersion and circulation of mist are further facilitated by a fan. This circulating air also helps to remove the heat radiated from a human body. 

When water is being sprayed, it gives the sensation of a cool breeze that touches your skin. There is no such wet feeling with a high-pressure mist system. It’s because of the high-pressure misting system pump that allows the expulsion of a water droplet through a nozzle in diameter smaller than a human hair.

Misting system design

Misting system design is simple and provides ease in its installation. The misting system comprises nylon or stainless steel pipes, a spray nozzle, and a pump ( misting system pump). This pump forces the water ( domestic water)  to be drawn through the tubes and thrown out through misting nozzles. That’s how it is simple, easy, and convenient. 

How to determine the water usage of the misting system by yourself?

It is the most common query asked by people. Water usage by the misting system depends on the type but an average of 600-800 ml of water is used approximately per minute. In order to determine the water usage of the misting system, you must consider the following things

  • Type of nozzle: The size of the mist nozzle opening is balanced by the system’s water pressure and flow rate. Nozzles have the ability to spray less water at low water pressure. Mist nozzle at low water pressure will not make the grade to toil and it’s totally logical. So  more is water pressure, slighter nozzle opening is required
  • A number of nozzles: The volume of water used by the misting system also depends on the number of nozzles. The required number of nozzles can be further determined by various factors like water pressure, flow rate, size of pipes used in the transportation of water, etc.
  • Frequency of use: It is determined by the daily evaluation that how frequently your misting system is being used in a day or in a week or in a month.
  • Wate pressure of the system: It can be determined by finding the droplet size or nozzle size. Few nozzle sizes are listed below that are using 1000 Psi/70 bars
  1. 0 .012″ / .3 mm – 1.6 microns to 39.1 microns
  2. 0.008″ / .2 mm – 1.4 microns to 37.9 microns
  3. 0.006″ / .15 mm – 1.2 microns to 36.4 micron

Our Misting Services:

Our services include:

  • Fog Systems
  • Ac Pre-cooling
  • Dust Suppression
  • Industrial Cooling
  • Outdoor Cooling Solutions
  • Heavy Duty fans & Air Blowers
  • Odor Control & Special Effects
  • Cooling for Horse & Cow barns Etc.

Don’t forget to contact us:

Abdulla Thani’s professional and expert team has the right system to fulfill all your requirements even if you are in search of a disinfection gate for your place. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority. Working with us you get the installation of a high-quality misting system. Don’t forget to contact us through our website or email. Also, share your precious reviews on our Facebook page.


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