Strategies For Solve Sample Papers For Class 10 & 12!

Strategies For Solve Sample papers For Class 10 & 12!

CBSE Sample papers are a kind of practise test that the Board releases several months before the board exams for Class 10th and 12th. These sample papers are prepared by a team of CBSE faculty members and based on the board’s latest syllabus guidelines. The format for designing the CBSE sample papers is the same as that used for CBSE questions in board exams. The board publishes samples papers and marking schemes for all the subjects of Class 10th and 12th before the exam to understand what to expect in the upcoming board exams and prepare accordingly.

Why is it important to solve CBSE Sample Papers?

Students need to revise their syllabus by using paper samples. Frequently solving more and more sample papers will give you an idea of exam patterns. Solving mock tests acquaint you with exam day situations and give you the confidence to tackle them. After completing your syllabus, try to test at least two or three sample papers per day.

Benefits of solving Sample Papers:

1. CBSE sample papers will update you with the latest exam pattern and marking scheme:

The exam question patterns are constantly changing, and the student must be prepared to answer any kind of new question. Stress is a common thing during exams, and this tension can increase when you are not sure what kind of questions can be asked in CBSE Board Exam. Sample test papers keep you up to date with the latest question pattern and frequently asked questions.

2. Sample papers help you to analyze the level of your preparation:

CBSE’s sample papers are based on the updated syllabus as per CBSE guidelines and cover every chapter and topic of the syllabus. When students solve sample papers, they often come across topics they have studied and which they have not studied. This gives them the opportunity to study the topics and concepts they missed. Students can also self-analyze the sample papers as per the marking scheme to get an idea of ​​their scores.

3. Solving sample papers will increase your speed and efficiency:

Hard work pays better when done in the right direction. Since there are so many concepts, principles, formulas, etc., it is not possible to master everything in a short preparation time. Once you start regularly working with the sample practice questions, you will understand the pattern of the exam and plan your preparation accordingly. This will not only improve your performance but also make you more efficient.

4. Solving CBSE Board sample papers helps students in revision:

Students often forget certain topics on the day of the exam, even after studying. But solving CBSE term two samples will help you read the whole syllabus in one go. Even if you get stuck on a topic or accidentally forget it, you will still be able to fix it before the second term exam.

5. Sample papers will help you deal with anxiety:

By practising CBSE Sample Papers, you will have an idea of ​​the type of questions you will be asked, and you will be able to prepare well for it. This is because the sample paper is prepared after getting an insight into the format of the actual question paper. This will help students gain an overview of the overall exam pattern, the type of questions, the topics, and the marking scheme. The written samples will also help the students to get rid of the stress of the exam as they will know the level of difficulty of the exam.


For important questions and optimized notes, you should check out NCERT Solution for Class 10. It will give you a clear understanding of the subject and help you revise.

Some Important tips to solve CBSE Board Sample papers:

As you know, CBSE sample papers play an essential role in preparing for board exams. Students need to know the right approach to solve sample papers so that they can get the maximum advantage by solving these mock tests provided by CBSE Board.

When you are solving CBSE Board Sample papers, take care of the following instructions:

  1. Before attempting the sample paper on a particular subject, make sure that you have covered the entire syllabus for that subject. And you should also look at NCERT Solutions for important questions.
  2.  Solve the paper sample with pencil and paper the same way you do in any test. Do not solve questions orally by applying mental calculations.
  3.  Start solving a paper sample when you feel ready to spend the next 3 hours on this drill.
  4. Avoid social media, televisions, and any other distractions.
  5.  Do not cheat on yourself. You are solving sample papers to improve your performance. 
  6.  After answering all the questions, check your answers with CBSE Markscheme to check the correctness of your solutions and find out where you did wrong.
  7. Finally, analyze your performance and note the weaknesses that you can improve before the CBSE Board Examination 2022.
  8. You should have NCERT Solution for Class 12. It will provide a clear understanding of important subject questions for CBSE Board Exam 2022 with their solutions

Practice makes a man perfect, especially when it comes to CBSE board exams. Practising CBSE Sample papers will help you improve your preparation for the board examination and get a good mark. It will also eliminate the risk of losing marks with small mistakes. We wish you all the best for the CBSE Term 2 Examination.

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Question 1: Does CBSE Board give marks for attempting questions?

Answer- Yes, CBSE Board gives some marks to attempt a question in the annual examination. It should also be noted that your answer should be relevant to the question’s subject matter. In general, the copy checkers are generous polite and give marks easily till your written answer is relevant to the question.

Question 2: Which are the best books for CBSE Class 10 mathematics?

Answer- NCERT is one of the best books for class 10 maths. NCERT, RS Agrawal, and RD Sharma are the best books for CBSE Class 10 mathematics.

Question 3: What type of questions are asked in CBSE Board Exam?

Answer- According to the CBSE Board Class 10 exam pattern  2021, the questions that are asked in the examination are Very Short Answer (VSA) Types, Short Answer (SA) Types, and Long Answer (LA) Types. CBSE internal degrees will be for the Class of 2022, with 10 out of 20 degrees each semester.


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