Simple Tips to Get Relief from Back Pain

back Pain issue

Our back helps in keeping our body posture straight and helps us in walking, bending, sitting, running and various other compound movements. Our back consists of our spine which is very much vital for us to move around and also protects our medulla oblongata (a long stem-like structure that makes up the lower part of the brainstem) that runs through our spine and makes up our human nervous system. Any sort of injury either acute or chronic turns out to become fatal in nature as it will directly impact our nervous system, our skeletal system and our movements too.

Causes of back pain

Some of the reasons are discussed below:

Muscle or a ligament injury: Spontaneous lifting of a certain amount of heavyweight or any sudden improper movement can cause and put a lot of strain on our back muscles and ligaments of our spinal column. Being in a constant poor physical situation that puts a constant strain on our back causes painful muscle spasms and muscular pain.

Bulging or ruptured disks: There are soft cartilages disks that act as cushions in between the bones of our spine. This soft material can tend to bulge or even get ruptured and put constant pressure on a certain nerve. However, there are cases with a bulging and/or a ruptured disk but without any sort of back pain.

Arthritis:  Arthritis or even Osteoarthritis and Osteomyelitis affect our lower back region. There are several cases of arthritis in which the spine due to various medical conditions can cause our spinal column to narrow down this is a medical condition which is professionally called spinal stenosis.

Nerve problem: nerve issues can lead to severe body pain; nerves are the main transitioning system of every sensation in the body if any nerve gets damaged then the pain will become more of a chronic nature.

Injury: any injury to the body if not treated in time properly will go on to become a major of long-term pain, which may remain for a long term giving continuous stress to the person.

Muscle tear: a severe injury that causes muscle tear is also a reason for severe pain in the body, muscle tears can become severely fatal if not treated in time.

Stress: too much stress on the body also puts the muscles under stress, this makes the muscle twitch in pain and this can last for a long period unless proper massage and rest are provided.

Insufficient diet: improper diet will make the body weak as it would get deprived of the essential nutrients and minerals that help cope with body pain.

Excess medication: too many medicines will ultimately put the body into pain, the immune system will become weak due to excessive use of a specific medicine.

Natural Remedies to Treat of Back pain

Back pain can be treated via medication but some prefer doing it the natural way, arthritis when treated naturally can have better prolonged and proven effects.

Some natural ways of treating back pain are:

  • Manage your weight: Overweight puts undue pressure and weight on our body, making our bones bent and putting them under tension which could also lead to breaking of bones
  • Get enough exercise: Lack of exercise is what leads to bone-related problems, adding a sufficient amount of exercise will help fight the problem.
  • Use heat and cold therapy: Application of heat and cold over the area of pain will help provide more blood flow, hence helping to reduce the pain.
  • Acupuncture: Trying acupuncture is really a great alternative available to treat arthritis, it focuses on the point of pain hence giving more relief.
  • Follow a healthy diet: A healthy diet is a key to a healthy life, a healthy diet includes all the necessary and required nutrients and vitamins.
  • Add turmeric to diet: Turmeric reduces the pain and inflammation as it acts as an antioxidant.
  • Get a massage: A light massage every day will obviously grant small relief to the body from the pain.
  • Consider herbal supplements: Adding more Ayurvedic or herbal additives to diet and drinks will make a better and a prolonged effect on the pain.
  • Increase muscle strength and body flexibility: Performing regular various abdominal and back muscle exercises can help condition our back muscles so that they work together in a proper manner.
  • Stand in a proper stance: Avoid slouching; try to maintain a neutral pelvic position; having a good posture can help reduce the stress from our back muscles.

Medical Treatment For Back Pain

Tapentadol is a pain relief drug. It is an opioid pain relief drug. It is used to treat acute as well as chronic pain symptoms and regular body aches complaints. Order Tapentadol 100mg online at low price from online if you have a valid prescription.

Suitability of Tapentadol

It is suitable for everyone; it can be taken by people of age above 16 years. It does not have any direct side effects due to the prescribed intake. However, it must not be broken into pieces or crushed before being eaten.

Dosage of Tapentadol

It can be taken with regular water; however, it must not be taken with any other beverage or alcohol as it can cause a reaction. It comes in the form of tablets that must not be crushed or broken. It must be taken only with the doctor’s advice and as per the prescription.

The initial dose of Tapentadol is as per the following: 50 to 100 mg orally every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. The drug must be taken only according to the doctor’s advice, overdose must be avoided at all costs. It must be taken care of that before eating the medicine one must have a clean bowel.

Precautions to be used while using Tapentadol

The person using Tapentadol for getting relief from body pain must be cautious about its dosage; he must avoid any sort of over dosage. Over dosing on the drug can lead to various side effects such as feeling dizzy, having nausea, having headache, having fever, vomiting, hallucinations, can give an upset stomach, can give you digestive problems, etc.

Note: – All the pain killers in the market are not recommended by doctor, so always use their precautions before taking any pain killers. People are also taking alternative of tapentadol like Soma 350 mg and Tramadol. As per the latest report, Tramadol online is banned and not available in the market.


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