Simple Steps of Company Registration in Dubai

Company Registration in Dubai

Dubai is the biggest city in the Middle East having a lot of opportunities to permit overseas business people to establish various forms of companies. Dubai has extended its possibilities to make sure that there is continued growth. So, if you are wondering about Company registration in Dubai then consult with the Start Any Business consultants who will definitely help and provide guidance during the entire process and make it reliable, efficient, and trouble-free. Below we mentioned a little guide about the company registration process in Dubai.

In Dubai, there is a designated spot to carry various forms of registration tasks related to adherence. This location is recognized as the Dubai International Financial Center. Not just in Dubai, but across the Middle East there are various forms of financial hubs that permit ease of holding various activities in Dubai. Over the years registration of companies in Dubai has transformed to be one of the amazing places for startup entities, set up companies, and even certain goods-based manufacturing centers.

Many of the businesses drop the concepts of business extension only with a sight of the long and cumbersome company incorporation procedure, but not anymore. Start Any Business (SAB) gives the simple and quick procedure of company establishment in Dubai. Whether you want to register a new company in Dubai or you wish to set up a branch office or an entirely-owned subsidiary. SAB is the best services provider who will help you completely throughout the process.

The Process of Company registration in Dubai

In order to start company in Dubai, you need to comply with some simple steps that given below :-

  • Choose the Name of Your Company 

In the first stage of your company formation, you will have to select the most suitable and right name for your venture. You have to make the necessary research to be sure that the name you choose for your company is not registered already. You have to present your company name and the company registration application to the Department of Economic Development.

  • Choose the Business Activity 

When choosing a business activity for your entrepreneurial entity, remember the practicality of the selected activity according to the market of the UAE. Prior to you start a company in Dubai, do meticulous research on the profitability and viability of the activity. Then choose when to begin a business or company in Dubai.

  • Choose the Jurisdiction  

Dubai market is classified into various economic zones – free zone, mainland, and offshore. These economic regions are also known as Jurisdiction. Every region has its own rules book about business formation. They cater to various requirements of the business as well. Choosing a jurisdiction for your business based on the business needs and the activity of the business.

  • Finalize the Company Framework 

Selecting the legal form for your business is a critical; decision when beginning a business in Dubai. This setup the tone and framework for dealing with pros and cons and how you must organize your assets and resources. Decide the company framework throughout the starting phases of planning. It would give a layout for your enterprise. You can’t apply for your trade license unless you choose the legal form of your company.

  • Get Approval for Your Company Name and Activity 

Dubai DED should sanction the company name prior to you can go forward and begin the procedure of your company setup in Dubai. With your company name, your chosen business activity goes through a sanction process throughout the phase as well. After getting the approvals, you would require to present all the documents to apply for your business license and start the procedure of company formation in Dubai.

  • Apply for your Trade License 

There are many kinds of business license in Dubai, but the four are major kinds of business license that includes – commercial license, professional license, industrial license, and tourism license. It all depends on the type of business activity you choose to carry. You can apply for any of these business licenses if you planning to begin a business in the mainland of the UAE.

  • Register Your Company 

Registration of a company and the licensing procedure are contemporary. Although, the whole procedure of paperwork and approvals goes through different steps. In this stage, you would need to obtain all the approvals from concerned government officials as requested by the DED. The documents needed are various for every company activity and type.

  • Find a Local Agent

Earlier, open a company in Dubai, needed to mandate to locate a reliable local partner. A local sponsor should be only a citizen of the UAE. Locating a reliable local partner can sound tiring, particularly for an aspiring businessman who wants to business setup in Dubai. A business formation consultant can join you with companies that give corporate sponsorship where you would be provided documented official and 100% ownership of your company.

  • Get Your External Approvals

Department of Economic Development can request extra approvals from the other non-government and government entities, based on the activity of your business. For example, certain businesses can be sought to obtain approvals from the Municipality, embassies, specific banks, and more.

  • Prepare Your Memorandum of Association 

This is vital to understand the complications of an MOA to begin a business or company in Dubai. Hence, prior to drafting the MOA, ensure to take the professional suggestion. The Memorandum of Association must be drafted as per the guidelines of the UAE government. This must also take into consideration your business interest prior to begins a company in Dubai.

  • Rent an Office 

Based on the requirements of your company, you can select the shared workplace or choose to rent an office space in a business center. Office space can determine how many visas you may obtain from the DED as well.

  • Get the Tenancy Contract and EJARI 

When you begin your company in Dubai, you may require an EJARI. The tenancy agreement between applicant and real estate agency whose office space you choose to rent. EJARI is an online method governed by the RERA. This makes sure transparency and fairness between applicants and real estate agencies.

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